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Continued Series

The Fate of Valeane

the final chapter!

by herdygerdy
The Return of Destiny

"The Enchanted Forest looked dull and sad, even more than usual. The eerie feeling of insecurity that made you move through the trees was gone. All was quiet, as if the allure of the ghosts had disappeared." collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused
Venture Capital: Road to the Neopets Stock Market

the penultimate chapter collaboration with myncithemonkey

by typlohisioh
Tyrannian Concert Hall Bands: An Origin Story

"M*YNCI is by far the most popular boy band around! But, how in the world did they get started?"

by honorrolle
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"Rillien the Terrible Dancer" by rkbear
Crown Prince Rillien of Mini Glen, prince, warrior, and a terrible dancer. Ugh, dancing, what could dancing possibly do to make him a better ruler? He had never once seen his father dance before in his life! His father was a wonderful, kind, fair king and the kingdom was happy under his rule. So why did he have to learn to be a good dancer?

Other Stories


Zix Defends Neopia
"Zix kicked open the front doors of the Defenders HQ and stepped into the entrance with her hands on her hips. Once inside, she announced, 'Defenders of Neopia, say hello to your newest member!'"

by __doctor


Brothers in Stars: Homecoming
"Rain poured from the bleak grey clouds up above, a steady torrent that soaked everything in its path – a large tree, a worn-out picket fence, and even a stone statue of a beautiful Blumaroo with curly hair and a cheery smile that seemed to welcome the rain"

by precious_katuch14


Fill Those Pet Slots: Underappreciated Additions
"In Issue 955 of the Neopian Times, I wrote about filling pet slots on a budget. However, I’m sure that there are many more pet slots to be filled across Neopia, so now I’m back to talk about filling pet slots with underappreciated additions."

by _brainchild_


Carnival of Terror: An Avatar Collector's Guide
"In the past, I've stuck to guides for games that are skill-based, with at most a modest luck component. Carnival of Terror is not like that."

by costumely


RIP: Underwater Reading
It's not as hard as you think!

by peanutbuttermilk


No Comment - Stars
What do you mean you're not supposed to wear sunglasses at night?

by illumith

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