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Continued Series

Mystery of the Brightville Vanishing:Part Five

The tunnel was rather standard, as far as tunnels went. Dark, musty, and cold, Orlitz’s flashlight roamed along its earthen walls. Aside from a few wooden support beams (which looked very old and not at all up to code), the passageway was bare.

by josephinefarine
The Book of the Twelve:Part Nine

IX-I. Tradym, the Sailor

by herdygerdy
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"Colourful Opinions" by ikiracake
"Oh Martha, your scones are a delight, as always.” “Why, thank you, Constance,” the Kau said graciously, pouring her guest a cup of tea. One would think it would be difficult to handle a teapot with hooves, but the numerous wrinkles on Martha’s face hinted to her many years of practice to master the art. “I tried adding a bit of almond extract this time to give them a little pep.” “It worked,” said the third guest at the table, a diminutive and greying Bruce, adjusted the hat on her head, before selecting another scone from the tray for her plate. “I do declare, you must give us the recipe!” Martha simply laughed and shook her head. “Once I’ve perfected it, Agnes, and not a moment before!” “I doubt you can make them any better than this,” Constance the Yurble scoffed. She gave Martha a dry look over her thick glasses. “Unless you start using magic, that is.” Immediately all three elderly ladies started to titter and laugh as if Constance had made a very funny joke. “Oh Constance, you are so cheeky!” Martha chortled, wiping a tear from her eye with her hoof. “Magic! For baking! Could you imagine?” “Such a frivolous waste,” Agnes agreed with an upturned beak. “Magic shouldn’t be used for such things.”

Other Stories


Food Club Shenanigans
Gooblah, Dan, Buck and Squire are competing in the lastest match of food club, but things don't exactly go as expected.

by erliane


Colourful Opinions
I hope this story amuses at least a few people

by ikiracake


Autumntastic: Top Five Autumn Items - Food
Get to know the top five autumn items in Neopia! - Also by imgonnageta

by sosuleaf


Fostering a Love of Learning
Fall is here, meaning class has been in session for several weeks and summer is long gone! The initial hype of returning back to school is often felt by even the laziest Neopet. Who doesn't like seeing their friends after summer vacation and shopping for new clothes?!

by thebiscuitbunch


Something has Happened! - Battledome Baby
Looks like you could use some training!

by _kate_e_did_


20th Anniversary Edition - Interview with Fyora!!
20 years of youth

by devotedly

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