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Continued Series

Viva la Resistance!: Part Four

Fredrick woke to the pleasant experience of discovering that he had not in fact been killed in his sleep.

by herdygerdy
Daylight's Dirge: Part Six

The response was immediate. A heavily guarded shuttle left the Space Station within twelve hours after Kiko Lake was destroyed.

by kittengriffin
Jhudora's Revenge: Part Five

"But your majesties, I fear that the Aisha is in grave danger!"

by ewagon
To the Infamous, We Salute You: Part Five

"I'm sorry," muttered Tally. "It just kind of made sense. New look, new name. You know?"

by water_glass
Unlikely Allies: Part Three

Delma turned to stare as the five Darigan pets filed in, led by their captain, Layton Vickles. Delma couldn't shake the feeling of nervousness as they approached.

by smoothiegrrl
Flowlight: Moon - Eternal Stranger: Part Two

"I never said I was harmless."

by antiaircraft_3
Meepits vs Feepits... Vs Dr. Sloth: Part Two

Everyone, including Sloth, stared at the door silently, temporarily frozen in fear. "Who... who's going to open it?" asked Lily shakily.

Also by shirahli

by orlando_bloom_bigfan

Tracking Down a Bloodline: Part Two

"No, Jacques. There’s far more to it than you could ever imagine."

I knew it, Garin thought.

by medit92

Imaginary Realm: Part Two

"Maybe," Ello half agreed, "but I'm starting to doubt that. Dead witches can't perform spells... unless they're ZOMBIES!"

by luna4400
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"Cellblock" by fiery_sky
They boggle at me. They wonder why I'm under such tight security. I suppose they have a right to wonder; after all, I am but a timid, undersized Korbat. What on Neopia could I do to escape such tight security? No one would expect me to be able to, and yet, here I am, tied up and chained. Security pays attention to me thrice as much as the other prisoners...

Other Stories


Sentinels: A Hyperion Story
"Got a letter from Hyperion today. Thought you'd wanna know."

by micrody


A Slorg in the Bakery!
It was as he bent down to see into one of the lower cupboards that he made eye contact with the Slorg, which was still in hiding behind the measuring cups.

by bashmina_pashmina


Maximizing Your Neopoint Earning Potential
A foolproof way to maximize your time playing flash games, while also having fun in the process.

by terragainsborough


Snowglobes: Winter Wonderland in a Bottle
When you find yourself lounging in the sun on a warm spring day, longing for the winter season, your snow globe will act as a reminder of the charming, frosty conditions to come.

by danceswithpampers



Also by semicutie3

by larkspurlane


Impromptu Shenanigans!
Ferocious neggs are nasty little things, aren't they?

by kittyforte

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