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Spot the Difference Edition #16

Can you find the 10 differences? collab with chantluigi and sandralala

by not_sporty
Life Of a Neopian 3 of 10

I can't escape these Random Events!

by safemoon
Not Faerie Nice

There's perks to being a shadow pet!

by whirl

At least it beats feeding Kads... collab with the_gecko_dude_ii

by kuroneko_kitty
NeoPizza - Brotherly Bonds - Page 4

In which a discovery is made..

by abby568
Spotting Avatar Collectors in the Wild

One person's treasure is another person's trash- Wait, that's not it.

by woohooloolz
Blumaroo Day! Blumaroos Are Everywhere!

collab with d4nielgr and iam_puma_master

by dollsuki
Brightvale Crossword [Puzzle]

A very royal crossword!

by birdinggal
How fast are you? - Word Search [Puzzle]

Can you find all the hidden words? collab with Krowkano

by romina_r
Kyriffic Crossword Puzzle

Can you figure out the clues and fill in the blanks? ...Are you sure?

by neo_coaster363
Blossoms~ Coming to Light Part 1

It's not about the money! It's about the experience!

by twillieblossom
Ghostkerchief or a handkerchief?

What a mess!

by thebellmaker
A Sweet Faerietale

Think outside the box (of chocolates!)

by queen_potema
A Subtle Touch

It's vogue if the Queen does it.

by fairylilies
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"Looking for Meatballs" by werelupe_king23
It all started when a Steampunk Cybunny, Piper, was exploring Faerieland. She was beginning to feel hungry. Explorers needed all the energy they could get, after all. Piper liked exploring new places, and she had never been to Faerieland before. Stomach growling like an angry Grarrl, Piper thought of a delicious plate of Meatless Meatballs. It was her favourite dish, as she was vegetarian.

Other Stories


Looking for Meatballs
A Cybunny looking for a snack makes another discovery instead.

by werelupe_king23


On Wings of Spring
"You bob and weave on the battlefield, exchanging jabs with a brutal mercenary. You duck a punch, dodge a back fist, and expertly trip your opponent up as she aims a kick in your direction. Another victory!"

by rosesncream


The Non-Pirates of Krawk Island
"From the desk of Hawise Minthamm, Brightvale scholar, folklorist, and journalist."

by hyperspacebeing


Interesting Facts About Usukis & Quigukis
"Usukis have been the collector's craze of Neopia since 2001! While most Usukis are loosely based on existing feminine toys, some are just Usul items with the Usuki name, and some are just pink accessories."

by coolkaius


Castle Planners Journal: The Meridell Day Tragedy - Part 1
"Gaius rubbed his eyes and yawned as he fought off the desire to go to sleep again, but he knew he had to get up early and be prepared for his early meeting with Lazlo."

by ferretboy85


Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land - Part 1
Have you ever wondered how to make the refreshing, summery, healthy salads of Altador, the scrumptious ice cream slushies of Terror Mountain, or how to get Faerieland cuisine to float? Well, look no further! Here are all the secrets to the best food in all our favourite places in Neopia! collab with cutiepie4707

by doglover3662

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