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Surreal Estate Agents!

Tired of your boring old Neohome?

by andypopo
What time is it?

It is time for surreal puns!

by chlo26
The Struggle is Surreal

Those everyday Apple Bobbing problems

by mousebroker
A Lenny Conundrum

A desert lenny finds herself in over her head. Collab with thabos and ghatna

by rawbeee
The Son of Kyrii

The things we do for fame... Collab with use darkobsession

by ohsnap_syndrome
Parallel Neo-verses

Why does everyone have a different magma time? Collab with friends_rock2135

by roxanna203
Pile O' Bones: The Meaning

What's the meaning of life?

by cassanthia
T3h Praedius

Two dimensions is plenty!

by arttimo
The Chazz - Rumour

SURELY these beings don't exist right..?

by shellshocks
Topsi's SURREAL dream

Oh no!

by whitezea
Why Do We Have Hands?

There are many reasons... Collab with mikurubeam297

by riparu
The Treachery of Pipes

Caution: Do NOT play Sewage Surfer here Collab with andymanak

by silakbo
Royal Pain: Space Soda

Now in [REDACTED] flavour

by winner19955
The Surreal Exhibition

Have you ever felt that your painting was staring back at you? No? Well, now you have! Collab with fishmas and sunbathr

by acara_575
Surreal Sickness

You've gotta be pulling my leg... Collab with t0tor0.

by truebrony
Two Conflicting Worlds~

Made to help celebrate the Surreal NT Collaboration~

by praline01
A Big Misunderstanding

He misheard but still did his best!

by pequepanda
Down the Cybunny Hole

What lies beyond the mysterious entrance? Collab with theofloppy4135 and timothy1692

by verna_
PrePAWSterous: Surreal Idea

How do baby pteris even eat?

by pau_meow
Le fils de le Ghost Lupe

Everyone knows how much the Ghost Lupe likes Chias... Collab with cisko116

by baiuki
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An Interview with Darrel Latch

Thank you for joining us for another installment on our ongoing interview series. The Eyes on Central has selected and spoken to a wide variety of figures within Neopia dubbed culturally important, many of whom are paramount to the furthered development of the arts. Our writing team, overseen by Senior Editor Von Smubenduffle, ensures you the highest of quality and only the best in our guests. Please enjoy our latest entry to the interviewer series, with acclaimed art filmmaker, Darrel Latch. Darrel Latch is a filmmaker who grew up in Neopia Central. His career in the realm of film launched after 7 years of painting related projects around Haunted Woods. The series that launched him into the realm of cinema specifically was the paint-based animations called, “The Sick Cries of Several Sick Painted Pets”, a macabre surrealist piece where various paintings move in animated sequence while a distant alarm sounds in the background.

Other Stories


Mel the pink Xweetok wakes up to find a very different Neopia than the one she remembers...

by bex2633


When Tomato Plants Attack
A mage on a farm? Guess agriculture must be their chosen…field.

by precious_katuch14


Top 14 Surreal Items to Kickstart Your Collection
Luckily for all you intrepid collectors of the inexplicable, I’ve combed through the deepest databases of the Space Station, spelunked into the most ancient of slimy tombs, and poured through endless sandy scroll tombs to compile a handy starter list of some of the most surreal artifacts in the land.

by yellowflower7


An Interview with Darrel Latch
Please enjoy our latest entry to the Eyes on Central interviewer series, with acclaimed art filmmaker, Darrel Latch.

by homsar_eggplant


The Adventures of Fanny in the Land of the Bizarre
Today was the day Fanny would find an Aquaberry. She breathed in and could taste hopeful anticipation in the dry, dusty air – an air just waiting to be filled with the joyful tribulation of finding a fruit of such precipitous precipitation.

by rielcz


A Hero's Ballad: The Knightmare
“I swear it was an accident,” Kayla began again, her voice shaking, “I didn’t mean to trap Rohane in a dream!”

by parody_ham

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