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The Pant Devil Attacks

Crime doesn't pay

collab with sessduh

by kieselcamper

Random Oddess

Better to be safe than sorry?

by mistyqee
The Purrfect Cookie Household

Who is the scariest Neopian?

by purrfect_cookie
TV Show

Had to check the calendar twice.

by hamster_z
Legends and... Letters? (Part 03 - Dr. Sloth)

This time Dr. Sloth receives an interesting message...

In collaboration with _kathy_2004_

by _annefrank_

Royal Pain

Gonna need a lot of Itchy Scratchy Cream

by winner19955

There's always room for dessert!

Idea by Malphd

by linnipooh

Collaborative Confusion #1: This is "fine"

Neopia's hottest real estate market

In collaboration with Chao_of_the_chaos

by 1337_masta

Dinner with the Scarlets: Marble Madness

Do you realize how rare they are?!

by june_scarlet
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"Harker's Story" by tanikagillam
So. You want to know how this story began. Of course you do. I’d want to know too, if I were sitting on your side of the table. Of course – there aren’t really two sides of the table. We’re on the same side, you and I. The table is just a metaphor for our positions. I mean yes, we are sitting at a literal table. Me on this side, you on the other. In a rather uncomfortable chair, might I add. But it’s what that table stands for that matters, wouldn’t you agree? Oh, yes, alright. I’ll start at the beginning. Although, actually – I might skip forward a little, if that’s okay with you. You see, there are a lot of details involved – and they aren’t all relevant. For example, the true beginning of any story which incurs my involvement would include my birth and the subsequent twenty-something years thereafter. I say twenty-something and not a specific number simply because I’d like to maintain some air of mystery (and perhaps dignity), even as you’re pulling up my file on your database. Naturally, my birth itself is irrelevant in relation to tonight’s events on the whole, excluding the events that led up to me being in that alleyway in the first place. Perhaps that’s where I ought to start this story – with the alleyway. It’s fitting, because that’s where you come into the story, sir. Do you recall the first time you met me in that alleyway? Of course only the one crime had been committed at that time, and we met purely by accidental chance. That was last night. You know most of what happened that night – I assume that’s why you were in that alleyway in the first place. Alright then, Defender, I’ll tell you my story. But remember – we’re on the same side here. Can you loosen these handcuffs a little, please? I’m cramping slightly. Thank you.

Other Stories


Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
Are you sure about this, Cornelia?” Shara sighed, looking across at her sister as they walked down the dark, damp corridor.

by kiaxxl


But I'm Just a Grape
I’m sharing this story because I think that there are probably plenty of Neopets out there, or even their owners, who experience something similar.

by amsurito


Vegan on a Budget: Gourmet Vegan
Yes, vegan food can be decadent enough for even the most refined palate. And for those with a gourmet food budget, it is possible!

in collaboration with purest_pink

by _ahre_


Surviving the Lost Desert: Flora!
Today we’re going to talk about 4 fruits that naturally grow in these conditions, and how they might make or break you trip!

by _kyndle


The River that Flows Eternal
If there had been any mages walking the Wide Plains that morning, they would have felt the wave of energy in their very bones.

by movie138music


Harker's Story
So. You want to know how this story began. Of course you do. I’d want to know too, if I were sitting on your side of the table.

by tanikagillam

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