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Mystery Island Party

Why codestones shake and paintbrushes hum!

by stunningful
Petpet Show-and-Tell

What an uncanny resemblance!

by sgerbwd
I didn't come to talk... I came to fight!!!


Also by mortalia_da_noite_11

by naama_mikeas

Captcha Woes

Sometimes being a blumaroo can be hard...or weird

by neopiantownsman
How to make: Chokato crepes

Now you can cook delicious crepes with some ingredients that you have surely have in your Safety Deposite Box :D

by neko_purrr
A Lesson on Ghosts

Whatever you give them goes right through 'em!

by fluffy91614

Still not sure how to pronounce Weewoo..

by draggi_pi2
This Is Snow Fun

Where'd you go?

Also by_interrupted_

by she_chose_love

To Please my Master part 1

The Swamp Ghoul is given a task...

by krabbox
Dice-a-WHO? #3

So have you adopted a Blumaroo pet yet?

Also by forever_be_us

by rayoceanweaver

Conspiracy Fire-ist

Normal faerie by day, ardent theorist by night.

by tellmock
Not For Everyone - Dramatic

I mean, how dramatic could a banjo be?

by asyanica
That's not exactly what I meant...

Taking Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies to a whole nother level...

by khanhm666
Petition against petitions

There is always something to complain about *complains*

by paperjeans

When are we having dinner?

by ssjelitegirl
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"Dawn and Dusk vs the Bounty Hunter" by cyber1ofkakoradesert
I've had a lot of people ask me what it was like hanging out with Balthazar during our assignment on Famous Haunted Woods citizens, last year. Our fourth grade teacher Mr. Knack had even asked Mina and me about it when we started our History of Neopia’s heroes unit. (We were going to be required to do assignments on famous heroes this year!). I didn’t think an assignment we did in third grade would suddenly become so popular, but I guess I have a story to tell! It all started….. * * * It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. Mina was still in class taking the makeup math test we both had missed last week. I took mine an hour before final bell and Mina was taking her test now. Our teacher thought it would prevent cheating or us switching places. Our babysitter had been informed and was going to pick her up in an hour while I got to hang out and study with Balthazar the bounty hunter. He was the subject of our assignment for Famous people in the Haunted Woods. Our friend Mordred was doing his on Magax. The teacher had let Mina and I do this as a group project because there weren’t that many famous people in the Haunted woods who were considered nice enough to be around. Sophie and Bruno had reluctantly agreed to participate in it, where the ghost of Hubrid Nox was more than thrilled to be even considered as a mentor. The faerie Ilere had even been asked, but she turned it down.

Other Stories


Winter's Wings
It was a cold day in Neopia Central, or so Winter supposed. The shops were decorated with a thin dusting of snow that only grew larger as more flakes continued falling.

by cruthmac


Are All People Deserving of Success?
The six, intimidating words hung in the air, heavy and overcast. Krell looked around the room, a sea of nameless faces appearing to be just as unsure as he felt.

by butterflybandage


Top 3 Underrated Dailies
These dailies are left in the dark to those few who know about their greatness.

by fairygal626


Kauvara: The Untold Story
Kauvara is one of the most well respected potion masters in all of Neopia, which isn’t really surprising considering her skill in producing such amazing handmade potions. However, even with as many visitors as she gets a day, how many Neopians truly know Neopia’s most famous Kau?

Also by Iljanmw

by klutzygirl1


Hitomi the Witch:Part Six

by downrightdude


Lucci, The Moon Spirit:Part Three
It was then, that night at dinner that Lucci would learn so much about herself. She would learn she was still tied to the moon; she was still the Moon Spirit.

by _the_spardel_queen_

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