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The Trials of Neopia's #1 Gamer: Part IV

I hate you ...

Also by artemislknight

by bha288


Also by o_babypet4me_o

by truebrony


I have many questions about Neopets...

by xsugarush
Megalodon Lurking Below

I think that something is right below us...

by jmo7692
Playing Tangram

A Nimmo that is not so good at guessing.

by keruza
Goodbye, Lucye ~ Part 1

The history of a loyal Petpet

by arijuka
After Charity Corner...


by anne77777
Never Insult the Obvious


by littlegirlydude
Made by Slorg?

The new trend...

by janderson_lee
Gardener Trouble

Watch who you're trimming there, buddy!

by dirigibleplums
Chocolate Chia Problems

Its a valid question!

by my_bento_box
Sloth and Juhdora's Valentine Disaster

Wow... That's a bit embarrassing!

by cool_zafara96
Just Peachy


by chakpool
Modern Farmer's Daily Life

Those farming games can be tough...

by fleohr
Uncrowned: Part 1

What do you want?

by mucka33
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Time Sensitive Avatars

Most Neopians are aware of the elusive seasonal avatars only after they pass, causing sadness and tears. Hopefully this guide to different time sensitive avatars can help alleviate some of the heartbreak associated with missing such coveted avatars. There are three main categories of avatars that fall on a shorter cyclical timeline, making them much easier to obtain.

Other Stories


Country Cousin
Reggie had just gotten there and he already wanted to go home. He hadn’t wanted to come to Meridell in the first place but Mother had insisted. So here the orange Gelert was.

by 77thbigby


The Meuke Family Stories
This is the story of a family composed of five young Neopets: Timysh, Ingelen, Mierlyn, Lecolly and Francielli.

by meuke_meuke


Shenkuu River Rush: Rush To The Trophy!
Shenkuu River Rush is one of the 3D games available in Neopia, it's an immersive journey down the wild rivers of Shenkuu. With this guide, you'll become one of the top river surfers in Shenkuu, hopefully earning yourself a shiny new trophy! With this guide, you'll become one of the top river surfers in Shenkuu, hopefully earning yourself a shiny new trophy!

by alyseth


The Conflict On Kreludor
I'm going to be breaking down the multiple sections of history of this planet to give a greater understanding of Neopia's outer world and how it plays into the politics happening down on the ground.

Also by erai

by alienigenosidad


Nonlinear Companions: Post Meridiem: Part Four
What if he had seen that it was Westron who was his assailant? What if he remembered when he came to? But I couldn’t think about that now. There were more urgent matters at hand. We needed to get him to the throne room.

by _starryeyedsurprise_


Return to Lynwood: Part One
Of course Terra was a grown owner, but Isengrim could not help but dote on her. She had saved him from himself, showed him the utmost kindness and patience when he was at his worst, and inspired him to have the strength to change, and for that he owed her the world. But he had yet to figure out a way to obtain the world for her, so for now he would make do with being the best Neopet he could be for her.

by cosmicfire918

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