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Anniversary- Epilogue

I was wondering where those guys went...

by caylista
Oh No... Robots!!

Idea by ruben160

by tatadsb

When Zombies Attack...and fail.

Not all zombies get the hang of it.

Written by cherishtwilight

by sophieauditore

NeoPaper: No Neoschool?

Should've learned that by now...

by mbredboy31
Potatoes - Loyalty

This is not what I signed up for.

by breaziecat
Paint Brush Woes

Hm, not what I was expecting...

by milestrong
Wishes Can Be Evil

Well this plan backfired.

Also by gypsychic420

by vesus10

Nerkmid Dreams: Unexpected Wall Decorations

Uh, yeah, I totally sold them...

Art by brooklyn3223

by therainbowsheep


What do you mean it's a cheap trick to break the fourth wall?

Also by meowbey

by certifiabletrash

#LDN - Introduction

An introduction to the evil Kiko known as the Dark Lord of Nightmares...

by gorubeza

What is going on!?

Also by spurstrap!

by suixx

Fire VS Ice

And the winner is...?

Idea by coolnish_azn101

by hikariyugi_yamiatemu

Mean Grarrls


by cyallia
Evil-opia: The Plan

I guess height really does matter.

by mucka33
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"Pyramid" by azienskieth
"Are we ready to lock it up, Chief?" Melek asked the soldier in charge of the scene. Chief Lokenus looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "My soldiers will have everything packed within an hour. Why are you so anxious to close it?" "Lokenus, I've been waiting twelve years for this to happen. I'd like to savour it a little, but unfortunately I've got things to do. We need to replace the king, soon." King Ordiph, ruler of Sakhmet, had been found unmoving in his bedroom the day before. After being taken to the medical tent, it was announced that the king had passed away. Worse still, the king had not left an heir - a different family line would have to ascend to the throne. Ordiph had ruled for twelve years, and proved to be a very popular leader among the people of Sakhmet. His chief advisor had been Melek, from the moment he took the throne until the second he lost it.

Other Stories


Just a Grarrl
Memories of Captain Emilia Grarrl

by gooduntill1910


The Bennett Files: The Case of the Faerie Ring
It was a chilly day in Altador, which was why Strai was happy to be working inside for once. As a Maraquan Gelert, he was naturally inclined to be outside, or at least around a body of water. Today, though, he was pretty certain that if he had stayed outside for more than a few hours without an enchantment, he would have shriveled up from the dry air and shrunken into a nice little Brucicle.

by amarettoball


Character(s) Re-Introductions: Taelia & Ember
This time I’m actually interviewing two characters, the two Faerie hosts of Games Master Challenge Y17: Team Fire leader, Ember the Fire Faerie Gormball player, and Team Snow leader, Taelia the Snow Faerie.

by pikachu315111


101 Reasons NOT To Annoy Dr. Sloth
Even if my neck were on the line (which thankfully it isn’t), I’d hope you would be sensible enough not to do anything on that list. But just in case my pleas are not enough, here are some further reasons not to annoy Dr. Sloth…

by debbie1188


Beneath the Haunted Woods: Part Four
Nothing but the sounds of crumbling stones and rock could be heard as Arthur traversed the dark, hollow tunnel, his hand against the wall to keep himself from slipping over the rough, jagged ground beneath him. The red Zafara’s legs ached, his head throbbed and his eyes weary. Small, loose stones that littered the cave floor pinched, stabbed and strained his feet with every step.

by shadowknight_72


Duplicity: Part Five
Each individual’s magical energy was as a river, constantly ebbing and flowing through its owner as it was expended and renewed. The maximum amount of energy anyone could have was fixed at a certain amount, and though there was no real mathematical quantification of it, every trained sorcerer intuitively knew the “correct” value it should have been at.

by likelife96

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