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Blossoms~ Retry Part 5

Marketable magic comes from the object. Natural magic comes from the person. Some have it, some don't.

by twillieblossom
You Break It, You Buy It

He seems so nice, until...

Also by azienskieth

by roxanna203

Edible Escapades: Part Two

Comparing these cakes is like apples to oranges!

Also by priscent

by msjanny

An Unsootable Pair

Oh no...

by khanhm666
Scorto's Adventures: Blumarescue, Part 3

After a very long absence, Scorto's Adventures returns with a new friend and a new "solution" to Blumu's problem!

by john3637881
It's a Hard Summer for a Brucicle

Why can't it always be cold?

by jhudora96
Edible Sand

Some things you just don't learn in Neoschool...

by goodsigns
Island Mystic

1.. 2.. 3!

by fourin
The Rickety Ship: Gone Fishing

Get a new hobby.

by dimartedi
Zeesh: Kacheek Seek

You guys are just jealous of my seeking skills!

by the_princess_z
The Age Old Question

Which is it?

Also by 69uglygreenwhale

by sarah2396

A New Weapon in the Battledome

They really solve everything...

by vesus10
A Surprise Gift? More Like A Scary One!

Wha-What? Why?!

by kjjdavid
Gears for Fears

He'll make a great heavy metal vocalist, though.

by kreaturepheture
Snazzy-ish: Haven't Seen Her Around...

Is anyone else guilty of always forgetting their petpet in Grave Danger?

by volx
The Knight Shift - Adorable Edition

Drawn by Preshus_8 the baby kougra for her big sister the "Bestest knight ever!"

by shakespeareghurl
Why Kadoaties Make Bad Goalies

Maybe we should fine a different goalie next year...

Also by industrial

by praline01

I Didn't Mean That, Fires!

I just wanted to... Nevermind!

by gold_23771__95

It's a crazy Neopian world out there.

by globetrekker
Just Let Him Be

He can't, but he wishes he could.

by supertualet
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Extreme Potato Counter

While walking around Meri Acres Farm, a Yellow Wocky with a stylish mohawk approaches you and asks for your help counting potatoes. You figure, how hard can that be? Little do you know that this particular Wocky likes to count potatoes in a rather extreme fashion. At this point you may start to worry just a little bit, but no need to fear! It just so happens you have stumbled across some Extreme Potato Counter professionals. Our goal here is to help make counting these potatoes as painless and easy as possible.

Other Stories


Princesses, Palaces and Pranks
Cadria was not your average Aisha. Born into one of Neopia’s most powerful families, Cadria was the heiress to a small fortune, and the hefty expectations accompanying such wealth. Yet, Cadria was not your average rich Aisha either. Cadria, much to the exasperation of her high-flying parents, was rather, well… difficult.

by pepper_imp


More Important Things...
Three Neopets were in their home, relaxing. It was still early in the morning, so none of them would go out to the beach yet. A red Zafara was whistling as she bustled about the house, searching endlessly for any Neopoints that their owner might have dropped in the couch or in one of the armchairs. Another pet, a green Eyrie was following her around with a frown on his face.

by olivia_lucien


A Thrifty Guide to Paint Brush Mimicry
What if I told you having the beautiful neopet of your dreams didn’t have to mean smashing your virtual piggy bank or spending all your time gaming? With this article, I’m going to show you how you can achieve lovely painted pets without sinking millions of your hard-earned neopoints!

by bizniscorg


Petpets in Peril: Part One
Many 'pets in Neopia take on the responsibility of caring for their very own petpet, but did you know that these miniature beasts also appear in a number of games? This two-part article will list some of the games currently available that feature petpets, and give each a peril rating

by ratty170170


Faerie Wings III: The Nightmare of Dreamland: Part Eleven
“This place is amazing!” Illere gasped as she gazed at the breathtaking scenery. She looked up at the bright blue sky and the puffy white clouds. The sight of daisies blooming on the vast green meadow made her smile, and yet she couldn’t help feeling a chill go down her spine.

by downrightdude


Hannah's Untimely Dawn: Part Two
Hannah almost didn’t realize she was being carried through the forests of Krawk Island, so dazed was she with her own thoughts and her grandfather’s condition. One of his arms was around her, and the other held the box containing the Mermaid’s Tear. He’s strong. He can protect me—and that bit of Grandma in the tear, too. she thought.

Art by Twillieblossom

by flufflepuff

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