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Greyscale: Gruel

Common puns find their way into Neopia. It's classic! It's monochromatic!

by toffeedatepudding
Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P

Mo is quite the seasonal dresser...

by shamaela
4 - Dinner Disaster

T.H. is good at his job... except when he's not.

by supercheezee
Like Clockwork - Part Seven

He really couldn't have chosen a more convenient simile.

by keshia_songwings
Rainbow Confusion


Also by daughters_ofthe_moon

by roxanna203

Plushie Difficulties

No one tells you how hard it is to be a plushie! We're NOT toys!

Concept by buri_guri

by hideri

I Challenge You!

... Greedy Kadoatie!

Idea by magnetismo

by cevierakasky

Peppered Reality: New Guy part 6

Ty to the rescue! (sorta)

by rivliex
Ventures #25

Operation T.R.E.K. Finale (2/2). A good plan will always end the way it started. Usually.

by neo_coaster363
Mishaps & Mayhem - Kadoatie Troll

It's all fun and games until someone breaks out a slingshot...

by drackonwood
Faerie Tails

Fyora really should set up a faerie university....

by _defenestrate_
Use Your Imagination

Idea by issue #561's editorial! ...sort of.

by shadowstrand
Infinite Laughs (Volume 4)


by _x_bjork_x_
Point of Life

Not so simple, not so complicated.

by chiruza_sama
A Shoyru's Observations 1

What an odd Meerca...

by kerningcity
The Zany Jelly! : Petpet Problems

He asked for it...

by adrian13_56
The Comic comic

A background story

by caterait
Journey of a Woodland Spirit Part II

I had to find a new home.

by paws265
The Little Immortals: Adventure to Happy Valley

Sometimes one should obey the signs.

by actinia
Random Oddness

She's a nightmare before Christmas.

by mistyqee
Unlikeable Sort

In relation to the Games Master Challenge!

by keese_bat
Quest for the Dung Scarab: Issue 3 (part 2)

Issue 3 (part 2): Explaining

by cardquestmanager
Trust in Master

A pink Usul's dream of meeting the Fountain Faerie is granted!

by fatefulwings
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"No Cure For Homesickness" by blueys45
Three years of living in Moltara and the Draik from Neopia Central still had to remind himself that many of the things he used to live with on a daily basis on the surface were completely absent in the Moltarans' lives. Dimitri straightened himself up from leaning against the tunnel wall and scratched his shaggy red hair as he began to piece together a description. He was in the middle of a break from working...

Other Stories


The Lab Ray Experience
"Please," the yellow Zafara said calmly, "I'm just getting zapped by the lab ray."

by boscoemax


The World Outside
"MOM! The television isn't turning on! Can you please turn it on for me?" Ari yelled to the other room.

by sugargirl_kitty


Tasting Bankruptcy: Overcoming Stamp Addiction
There is yet another dangerous popular trend going on right now. It's called... *whispers* Stamp Collecting.

by incheesuswetrust


10 Things you didn’t know about Pirates and Ninjas before Games Master Challenge, Year 14
#1: A dedicated Ninja starts each day when the clock strikes 12...

by yukitora_exe


Temptation: Part Three
It was Monday morning and Kayli was catching up on some much needed sleep in her Magic History class.

by april_pumpkin


The Golden Elephante: Part Six
"It's dangerous down there, though," she said, a crease of worry on her forehead. "The upper tunnels and those closest to the Undercity are fine, but further down the miners set many traps..."

by rachelindea

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