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Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Butterfly


by shamaela
Mr. Slug vs Dr. Sloth 8

For an evil genius, he's not all that bright.

by supercheezee
Gaming Gone Wrong: Feed Florg

He's on a strict diet, you know

Idea by mikh26

by leedom111

Mr. Invisible #2 - ULTIMATE HUNGER!

So that's why!!! O_O

by deathnote
Battle for the Keys! - Part 1

Part 1 of the Battle for the Keys series.

by zemutt
Don't Think Twice: Chomby

He's a Chomby?

by heathersis
Sassi Comics: Business Deals


by seiya_from_ashes
Jhudora Dilemmas: "Love means sharing"

Jhudora has some typical dilemmas on her life, and this week is learning how to share with other ones.

Idea by shobe277

by laura_ow08

Home Life

Who could be the new roommate? Stay tuned to find out!

by nickypanda
Be Grown Up

I really want to grow up, but not so quickly!

by evecat05
Anthology of Neopian Literature: Poems and Rhymes 2

"Baby Pteri"

Art by deadzzi

by seraphicbrie

You Can Talk?


Idea by reayla

by cuppatee

The Problem with Neopian Standard Time

It's 10 am NST. Go to bed.

by churo7
Azzle Coffee

I wonder what its owner must be like...

Idea by manforgot

by _hawii_

Never Trust Chias

It's rather suspicious, isn't it?

by yinna65
Choosing the Right One

Which one?

by alyssiechan
Riv: Who Let The Lupes Out?

Meet Xero.

by halloweenkomoris
The Brain Tree

More like the PAINED tree ha ha ha, get it?

by ghostie_of_the_fc

Name clarification?

by l3us
The Shoyru Club - Treasure Of The Black Pawkeet

Do Pawkeets even come in black?!

by the_shoyru_gal
Fiz-Bits- Wheel of Knowledge

Books aren't always used for raising intelligence.

by lutaripride
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"The Fluffmeyer Chronicles: Fortune's Hostage" by redoakcove
It's been a part of our routine for as long as I've been a Neopian: every day one of my pets and I stop by the Island Mystic's Hut to get our daily fortune. When I began visiting, it was in hopes of hearing a fortune that...

Other Stories


Unlikely Encounters
"I'm sorry, Nitri, but I doubt you'll ever be able to play yooyuball again."

by partigirl2


The Finals of Altador Cup 20
We're glad you could join us today folks! After many days and many games, we're finally at the finals of the Altador Cup 20!

by dr_tomoe


Adjusting to Life on the Small Side
There are a number of things to keep in mind after your beloved pet becomes a baby again.

by marauder_on_da_loose


On Turning 11 Neo Years Old
I've been looking back at all the things I've seen and done in and around Neopia.

by evile_princess


Kings and Curses: Part Three
Nabile asked, "Has something gone wrong, milady?"

Fyora closed her violet eyes briefly. "I've received word that the tomb of Aurajar the Cruel has been rediscovered."

by saphira_27


The Game of Master Hog: Part Six
Standing atop the westernmost tower of the Citadel, Lord Quai stared out into the gloomy barrier obscuring their path. His scouts were out there somewhere...

by d_morton

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