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A Gaggle of Gobblers: Hopso

With its huge sticky feet and incredible sense of balance the Hopso can leap from anywhere and land on anything.

by fireandice92
Flapjacks - Chocolate

Bad Hissi! BAD!

by geckobubbles
As You Were - Part 05

They can't help it!

They're pirates!

by crainwater

Just Plain Crazy

Look at what my Blobikins can do!

by saiyukii
Xweetok Family - Wings

Llois tries out Day's sugar cookie wings.

by 5966001
Recipe for Disaster: The Visitor (part 2)


by prismfire
Just Sit

No cause for concern...

by katopia12
Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ

How can it disappear so quickly?

by adventure21

Rock has many different meanings.

by nightmare_reborn
Bloom: Splat-A-Sloth

Those darn sock puppets! :(

by floret
7 Wonders of Neopets World

Edition #1 - Terror Mountain

Also by sue_mhilka

by c4774r3



by tooxie
Reality Strikes - Discarding Dilemma

Where do those items go?

by _fluffyfeathers_
HELP! I'm trapped!

While my customers fear the Babaa, they have no problem coming in every five minutes to check the flowers!

by dark_lady_gray
The 4th Wall Crumbles #2

Cup... cakes?

by okami_ginhane
Sit, Slorg!

My Slorg can do tricks!

by iggy_b_puff
Edible Nonsense~ 3

Something special.

by tic2tac

You know it's coming...

by snowstorm4444
JurVal Adventures

#1- If the look doesn't suit you, you've got to suit the look~

by naorui

Quite a prize!

by ghostkomorichu
Habi Hurts


Idea by mochicoconut

by beekles

How Nifty~

Mallow roasting is serious business.

by kirimiso
Living with a Zombie!

Cremano is great inspiration!

by tweakley
The Goofers - Baby Problem, part 5

That's life...

by lintsuf
Shallow Mallow

Are you new?

by purplebee2000
Ventures #3

Intro Part 3. Featuring a slightly villainous Yurble who this happens to all the time.

by neo_coaster363
Tomato Omelettes: Manly

Test is MANLY.

by skyward_rush
The Off Season: Demands

"Listen 'ere, governor, do ye know how many trophies were in there? A lot."

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Comic Name 2

Why is the Soup Faerie in the game 'Snowball Fight' and why is she so good at it?

by white_draigon
Edna's Quest #12 - The End

I hope you enjoyed my first comic series! Remember questers, it's about the journey, not the destination!

by toffeedatepudding
Anchor Puzzlement

Man, I wanted a Pirate Paint Brush instead.

by remansi
The BGC Eater - Chocolate Edition!

Hello, buddy!

Idea by joohn_again

by rafizi

Saly's Club: Legs

Fashion is... uhm, complex.

by djudju22_8
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"Real Freedom" by ketchup547
So I was getting the boot. Seeming to sense my realization, Lila, my owner, pushed her thin glasses up, a look of satisfaction on her pale face. "Leave your scarf here." A cold fire started inside me as I took off the thin brown scarf she'd given me, placing it beside my bed---oh, sorry, section of ground. I also removed that astronomy club thing she'd given me so she could use me to get the avatar. I stood up, looked her square in the eye, and said: "You're a terrible owner."

Other Stories


Looks Can Be Deceiving - A Plushie Poogle Story
Plushie Poogles are different than Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushies.... right?

by nighters


The Chocolate Statue
"They say if you make a wish in front of it, it might come true..."

by dudeiloled


10 Things Your Poogle Will Appreciate
A special Poogle Day edition!

by girlpower836


Mallow Grundos – Do Not Eat!
On behalf of all Mallow Grundos, I thought it would be a good idea to give Mallow owners some tips on how to care for such a special type of Neopet.

Also by silly_mistake

by fallingfaries


Better than Scones: Return of the Black Pawkeet - Part Two
"Take hold of the adventure that's been thrown in yer face! Whether you like it or not, we're in the middle of it!"

by scribe1020


Torch in the Darkness: Part Six
My thoughts were interrupted by a raspy "Help... me..." from behind me.

Art by ellbot1998

by ellbot1998

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