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Any Job Will Do - Part 10

In which he has ulterior motives.

by crainwater
Saly's Club: Camping

You're doing it wrong, Lacross.

by djudju22_8
Get Rich Quick

Step 1...

Also by riggsy_reborn

by roxanna203

Dinner is Served!

The real reason behind Extreme Herder!

Idea by acara_crystal_kiss

by tuxedobird

Oh dear...

Not the friendliest neighborhood.

by greenflavouredink
M3 2: Stare

There are just some things you cannot win.

by alagfalaswen
Adventures of Wolfy and Sir Meepworth

A hungry Lupe is easily confused...

by irahath_is_oro
Just Don't Ask - Kass Basher (Part 2)

It's long enough! It's high enough! It's... It's... It's...!

by raynbow_light
The Tok of the Town: Direct Marketing

Well... that's one way to sell your band's concert tickets...

Script by rikkiswinginthing

by moonlightfear

Neopian Happenings

Splat a Sloth - Not so exciting.

by saqo
Turn of Events - Lupe Day

It's just a pet day... nothing special!

by francis_neon
Hoopla: Boochi


by _pokemon12_63
Working Hard... Or Hardly Working?

Hey, what are you doing?

by molzypoo
Blumaroo Basher

The perfect revenge-oriented game not only for Kass, but also those who still hold a grudge against Bonju.

by 1992jk1995
The Dark Side


by vira8
Sweet Tea: Koi Customization

Not the greatest idea...

by _kawaiidesu_
Neopian craziness - Crazy Habitarium

P3 life span is toooo short. :p

by petmuju

You sure about that?

by littlepuffypuff
Shades and Hues 20

Meet the Family pt. 1/11 – An Evil Baby Cybunny Appeared!!

by mstr_dark
Some Pets Just Shouldn't Have a Habitat...

Run, pinchits, run!!!

by rythiel
Kougra Days - Superhero

Cool costume.

by _sebis_
King Issues

Be sure you know who you're talking to.

by ertegenaan
Life as a Lupe

Aw, too bad, that fashionable find slipped right through your fingers!

by gingaxena
OTL: Meridell


by kamagirin
The Adventures of RUSTBOY

My name is Rustboy...

by moloko
Bubble Gum


by allison_kitty11
Speak no More

Welcome to your new home, brother.

by laehlani
The Perfect Zap


by bedbugz
Wait, What?

The woes of being milk.

by alwaysmay
Battledome Secrets

Works every time...

by spirit_of_stallion
Peophins & Unis


by replying
Zapped Love

Even lab rats have love...

by maniac_road
Petpet Lab Ray Mishaps

Did I happen to mention...

by kittykat9385
Paws: Petpets


by moosie920
The Life of a P3

Poor little soldier...

by xiceangelzx
Talk About Random

But it prevents scurvy!

by buizelmaniac
Peppered Reality: Boochi

Because it takes muscle to blink.

by rivliex
Neo Events - Egg Festival?

The Egg Festival??

by ilovepuppies31

I found a negg!

by frost_faerie
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"Rebecca's Best Friend" by mannequin_of_jack
We walked to school together today, talking about our expectations for middle school. We first said serious things like good classes and teachers and classes with each other but then we got crazy and decided that it would be perfect if all of the teachers gave out candy and slushies as a first-day-of-school treat...

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My Judge Hog
He had left at 7:38am NST on the 15th day of the Month of Celebrating.

by hersheykis96


The Plushie Intruder
Striki had been charged with watching the garden. It was an odd task for a Darigan Kougra, perhaps, as Darigan Kougras were more often found guarding dark towers than bright flowers.

by lastavenger


Neocash Wearables You Should Own - But Don't
This list is composed entirely of items that are currently obtainable in the mall.

Also by sinistrous

by agedbeauty


Altador Cup VI: The Team Files Part 1
Time to whip out those team jerseys and get supporting!

by zinkidy_dink


Crossed Paths and Blades: Part Four
"Garin?" came a muffled reply. Garin looked up. It sounded like it was coming from the other side of the pile of rocks.

by medit92


The Prophecy Faeries 3: Linisa's Return - Part Eight
This time, the faeries did not have to be shown the hidden tunnel in the mountains that led to the Sun. The memory of its location had been burned into their minds.

by alex313

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