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The Off Season: Interview

"Come on! Don't you know how much these suits cost?"

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Be Careful What You Wish For

I wish...

Idea by axe_raider

by joel_hudson

Neopian Neophyte - Sanitation Situation

You don't want to know.

by leedom111
An Everyday Routine

The ray is fired...

Idea by frankie8492

by lilyed

Phosphofructokinase Diaries: Faeriely Ironic

What would have happened if the bottled faeries had turned to stone?

Idea by black_skull725

by parody_ham

Neon Light

How.... Is that possible.... D:

by kirenaia
Woodland Pteris

Portable nest, pretty useful, eh?

by partner105
To The Tune Of: Wishing Well Panic


Story by metakitsune

by xstarfrost

Back From Hiatus


by azehie
Random Oddness #26

Not into the pit! It buuurns!

by mistyqee
Flapjacks - Evil Plushies


by geckobubbles
The Roleplay Cafe: Picnic

The Money Tree isn't much of a picnicing spot, is it?

by purrfect_cookie

Seriously, man, that was like 80k!

by spoofbuzz
Beautiful Mutation - It's nearly Winter

It's getting colder.

by flares_of_darkness
The Future of Gaming

Hopefully by "soon" they mean "never".

by not_so_shorty_12
Nature's Signals

Weather is easy to predict when you know what to look for.

by greenflavouredink

Sophisticated... fancy.... debonair...

by jecruby
CayCaed! #6

Give a little love.

by kattrish
Lab Uh-Oh

Are you sure?

by remyy
Kougra days

Not for kougras...?

by _sebis_
Blah Blah Christmas - Part Two

On the night of Christmas Eve.....

by highwind20
Scarab - Part 3

Medical Mishaps - Part 3

by cleste33
A Colour-Blind Christmas 1 of 2

Now in frostbite inducing colour!

by subzeroace
Affording Christmas: Part Three

We've sold everything but the kitchen sink!

Story by starluff

by yampuff

New Invention

Ew, Maii... Just ew...

by strawberry_honey
The Hardships of... Habitarium P3s Part 3

It's not easy being a P3 in a Habitarium...

by alagfalaswen
Cloak and Dagger

I called a babysitter.

by laser_fire

Yeah, that was very anti-climatic, Xemuy.

by yumerumenifelheim
Shades and Hues 02

Shadow Battles, Part 2/4

by mstr_dark
Tis The Season - Part 2

The holidays make philosophers of us all.

by saro_the_legendaerie
Not Thought Through

Not only is Xandra evil...

by ilia_twilight
Starry Frowny Comics #2

That's odd... The service always used to be good...

by lutarilovesyou
Simple Demands: Still as Solid as a Stone

Thank you for that panic attack, Advent Calendar.

by warriorsluverdbook
Christmas Day - part 1

It is about no.10 (the Halloween Ixi)'s first Christmas. :)

by chak_chak
Just Cake #7

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

by flameshard
A Curious Texture

That nice, fuzzy holiday feeling.

by spotlightstarzafara

Hanso! No! I L---

by torib1016
Xandra's Good Deed

Isn't Xandra nice?

by bedbugz
Simply Having a Korbatty Christmas Time...

Ornaments are NOT candy.

by halloweenkomoris
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"We Truly Were" by nirette
Felicia collapsed beside me and stroked my hair. "Detective Alpini dug up some news; Dejordanii took himself to the pound. He is, and it's the law, with a new owner now." She sighed loudly. "I scheduled a visit with his new parent. We'll see him tomorrow." A tear fell down my pink fur. "Why did he leave?" I sobbed, tossing the rose petal away. It fluttered to the ground and landed in a pool of water, where it...

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Another Day to Fish
Suddenly the shadow was no longer a shadow, but a titanic giant squid! Its eye came up and looked at me.

Also by icanhaskaila

by midnight_009


Not all Stones are Silent
A thought about what the Darkest Faerie would say if she could see Xandra right now...

by hitsukineko


What to Do With a Pet That Hates Advent
We all either have that pet or know one who does; the pet that hates the month of advent, and more specifically, the day of giving.

by kita271


Peas Don't Hurt Me!
A list of the ten best pea foods out there.

by poogleluver345


Christmas of the Heart: Part One
Karen no longer knew what it was like to own a Neopet. She had nearly forgotten those days...

by puppy_girl252


I'll be Home for Christmas: Part Two
Standing at the base of Terror Mountain and looking up is a daunting sight that can take the wind right out of you and replace your stomach with butterflies. It's even worse when the weather is terrible.

by fuzzymonkey31

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