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The Bunker - The Surprise (Part 9)

"Baubles" is a fun word.

by hubadawaha
3 Royals plus 1 - three

What are you doing, my dear??....

by white_tiger0226
Attention, Neopia!

Wonder what kind of trimmer you could use for that...

by chemoi
Mustache or Toupee?


by 0turtle
Sneezles - Dangerous Avatar?

Please be considerate to the babies. D:

by kittytoes
Battle Potatoes: April Fools!

One of the more dangerous pranks to play...

Idea by __questions__

by ivie_outrage

Talk About Random

Doctor! Doctor!

by buizelmaniac
The Crazy Pets

Who is the cutest of them all... Certainly not Octonary!

by cameron_and_aspen
Hotel Woes

Best find them some real food quick.

Written by wiccan_wolf

by industrial

Insanity Crew

Chias- Even healthy for Vegetarian Lupes

by nadrianathebeast
Best Dressed

...and that Xweetok?

by doomsays_
Defenders of a Feather 2/4

"Evil Genius" and "Creative Genius" are two very different things...

by charybdis7

Something *~Magical~* happens every time a Cybunny wishes you Happy Easter...

by lachtaube
Capsule Relapse

Oh, the joys of going to the NC Mall ~

by inuyashalover363
the dark side

It's a mystery....

by vira8
Usuls Plus One - Vampires


by maraqua_berry
Biscuit Blues

What happened to the new Biscuit Gelert? Poor thing...

by buffylemon
Spotted Issues

It seems as though the real world doesn't necessarily connect with Neopia...

by turtle787
No Sugar

I'll give you a hint.

by pawz11
Murasaki Moments - Item of Doom Pt.1

Hooray for the Art Gallery!

by shmozie
Speak No More

So I guess you could consider it, literally, fish outta water.

by laehlani
Islander Tails ~ Easter Edition

Finders' keepers?

Also by sethcrocodile

by augiboo7

Mud Coffee

Makes me wonder how she got them.

by goron0000
A Neo Look... At Forgetting

What you don't know...

by jewelia52

Shh, I'm in disguise!

by ghostkomorichu
April Fools

Happy birthday?

by allison_kitty11
Neopian Anomaly

That’s what you get for badmouthing your opponent.

by lizica166
One Fish, Two Fish

I can practically smell the testosterone.

by fish_puddle
Chokatotic - Fool Me Once...

Are you calling me a fool??

by lilbluespoons
Land of Pacman

Circular reasoning?

by pacmanite
Snip Snip

Do they even sell these?!

Idea by newmoon653

by _razcalz_


The story started with the Woods.

by tamia_silverwing
Something Smells Fishie

Don't try to take more than one omelette. Sabre-X is scary!

by luckyfishie
The Negg's Chase

Can you find where I've hidden the Red Plastic Negg?

by airlineer
Clashing Colours - Easter Edition

A Cool Negg is worth 450k on the Trading Post.

by ringb
The Happiest Quiggle

No, it's white. And about to start turning red.

by nut862
Cheesy Jokes

Well... my new career as a comic writer...

by cheesetwo__ff
The Nostril

Maybe I'm not the only one who likes Grarrl's Snot Spices! :D

by mudiikip
In the Name of Science

The most villainous of all?

by lombre
Misty Street 41, Shenkuu

The poor Cybunny had no idea about Easter...

by maryboszy
Who's the Boss?


by mhchristine
The Hunt for Glowing Slymook

The last challenge in finding the elusive Glowing Slymook is the toughest of them all...

by pinotes
The Renegade Comic - Roped In

Stranger things have happened in Shenkuu... ;)

by renegade_kitty
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"Magic and Mustaches" by vanessa1357924680
"Mr. Leemer won't know what hit him," the yellow Aisha murmured, squeezing the end of a pipet so that a green droplet of Boiled Baggus dangled from the tip, threatening to fall into the grey concoction boiling in a test tube beneath him. "This will be the last time he tries to take over my company with his snazzy Neohomes 2.0!" With his last exclamation, the drop fell into the bubbling...

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