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What's Your Favorite Neopet?: Survey Results.

"Neopia is a very diverse world; it's chock full of up to 55 species of Neopets! With diversity such as this, I began to wonder what the most popular Neopet was. So, I took to the streets to ask people personally what they thought. It was essentially, a survey."

by stars4ever33
Tyrannia in Modern Neopia

"Although still adorned with the prehistoric markers of a time long forgotten, Tyrannia has barely maintained it’s tough exterior through the ages and it begs the question - what does it mean to be Tyrannian in modern Neopia?"

by gloomrain
Reyah’s Guide to Snow Wars II

"Many times over the years I have heard how difficult people find Snow Wars II and how challenging it is to achieve the Grundo – Snowthrow avatar. Well, I am here to help! " collab with snorkle_a25

by _reyah_
Moo-vers And Shakers; The Top 5 Kaus of Neopia

"Kaus. Introduced to Neopia in the twenty-sixth day of Swimming, Year Two, and beloved by all who meet them, except maybe a few rude Buzz, ever since."

by spidey897
The AC: A Wealth of Inexperience

"This year marks the 17th year of the Altador Cup since the kingdom was awoken from its long slumber. That’s 17 years of Yooyu Ball and with it some truly remarkable careers from senior players - such as Krell Vitor of the Haunted Woods, who guided his team to victory the first year of the cup, to Captain Foltaggio, who after many hard-fought years, finally brought his team together to win one for the home team."

by keng200
Interview With Imperial Exam Students

"Stutters, sweating, and salty tears. This scene isn’t your typical workout, nor is it the Coffee Cave during the morning rush. We’re in Shenkuu outside the Imperial Exam, where these young Neopians are lining up for a test that could change their lives forever."

by groundedcoffee
Some Wacky Ways To Improve The Altador Cup!

"The Altador Cup is in full swing as I’m writing this article, and the players are grinding away at the games! We’re playing Yooyuball, slinging slushies, making tons of noise, and shooting Yooyus past Jelly Chia goalies!"

by indulgences
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Moo-vers And Shakers; The Top 5 Kaus of Neopia

Kaus. Introduced to Neopia on the twenty-sixth day of Swimming, Year Two, and beloved by all who meet them, except maybe a few rude Buzz, ever since. There's nothing quite like watching a good old-fashioned fencing throw-down between two Kaus of equal Horn Level. Or maybe you've heard a Kau at karaoke, earnest and beautiful and only jumbling a few of the words up. There's over five million Kaus and counting in Neopia, but we're narrowing it down to the stars that shine the brightest, the pinnacles of Kau performance, the top five Kaus of Neopia!

Other Stories


The Grey Reporter: Crazed Neopians Flock to Dump
"Following reports of treasure at the Rubbish Dump, thousands of Neopians hoping to strike it rich have descended on the dump. While most left smelly, pockets full of gravel and old croutons, others claim to have found petpets, bottled faeries, paint brushes, and even the fabled dung catapult. Is there truth to these claims? If so, can the average Neopian hope to find success?"

by stellajoy_


Castle Planners Journal: The Buried Medallion
"Gaius the Bori climbed up the tall pile of dirt that he had created, and wiped some of the mud off his claws. Up a couple of feet higher on the dirt pile, he could get a slightly better view of the floor plan he had made so far."

by ferretboy85


The Return of Destiny
Chapter 7: "From afar, eyes turn black" collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused


Tyrannian Concert Hall Bands: An Origin Story
the penultimate chapter!

by honorrolle


Grad School Grundo
The Grundo's name is Green!

by kaitlinhoneybee


Is This How Training Works?
I lift things up and put them down. collab with azizara and bittersweet52

by conveyance

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