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The Surreal Recipes of the Cooking Pot

Get your aprons on and mad scientist goggles fastened as we check:The Surreal Recipes of the Cooking Pot!

by pikachu315111
An Eggs-istential Interview with the Giant Omelette

A Surreal Interview with One of the Treasures of Neopia

by fox_confessor
That Surreal Feeling

Something has happened!

by trubiekatie
An Interview with Darrel Latch

Please enjoy our latest entry to the Eyes on Central interviewer series, with acclaimed art filmmaker, Darrel Latch.

by homsar_eggplant
Top 14 Surreal Items to Kickstart Your Collection

Luckily for all you intrepid collectors of the inexplicable, I’ve combed through the deepest databases of the Space Station, spelunked into the most ancient of slimy tombs, and poured through endless sandy scroll tombs to compile a handy starter list of some of the most surreal artifacts in the land.

by yellowflower7
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The Surreal Recipes of the Cooking Pot

Neopia is a world filled with surreal ideas. A city of magical beings that once floated on clouds, haunted woods inhabited by grotesque creatures, cities that are underwater and underground, and in the sky there’s a space station, moon colony, and a satellite that causes random events. But those are some of the more obvious examples; Neopia has plenty of more subtle surrealism. Take for example an unassuming cauldron on a tropical island which possibly has the strangest property of all: fusing objects together. I’m of course talking about Jhuidah’s Cooking Pot on Mystery Island, and I have a list of some of the odder recipes that can be mixed. Get your aprons on and mad scientist goggles fastened as we check: “Mixing with the Cooking Pot takes knowledge and finesse, Who knows if you’ll end up with something surreal or a mess!“ However just mixing the recipes together isn’t enough to satisfy my curiosity...

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