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Neopets Kart Racing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see all of Neopia’s most important personalities compete in go-kart racing?

by abc94abc
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

I think dumplings are wonderful because of their variety and versatility, and I hope to share my love for dumplings with you!

by lionzoo
Music Without Flash: Interview With A Twisted Rose

Catching up with a musician from one of Netopia's top bands!

by peacelovebliss
New Hobbies to Explore on Neopets

Now is the time to take the plunge and explore your untapped potential, cultivate new hobbies, and engage in a new community on Neopets!

by petpower14156
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"Catching a Star" by 77thbigby
Faerieland. Before the Fall, it floated in the clouds and is considered to be one of the safest-if not the safest region in Neopia. Built of clouds, pink stone and gold with magic to hold it all together, it was not considered the easiest or cheapest place to reach, unless you were a faerie of course. Yet, it has always been a popular destination, drawing all those with a love of faeries or magic or both. Unfortunately, on this day, it drew someone with a less than friendly intent. A baby Yurble strolled through the clouds without a care in Neopia. His green eyes took in the sights around him with a wonder of a child, a plushie Ona held in his arms. Strangely, he appeared to be alone. The poor innocent baby; he didn’t know what was coming for him. On he strolled, a gleam in his eye, a smile on his face and a spring in his step…but not for long.

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Lebrio's Story.."Change"
A downtrodden fisherman refuses to accept the fate they were dealt...

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Catching a Star
Lofty the baby Yurble has quite the adventure chasing a thief across Faerieland...

by 77thbigby


A Hero's Journey: Masquerade
The thrilling conclusion to A Hero's Journey: Masquerade!

by precious_katuch14


Trouble in Paradise
Will Velm and Mipsy be able to survive their showdown with Carissa?

by parody_ham


Faerie Festival
Stock these cookies! Collab with profebest

by plagne


Gadgads Account Bingo
Challenge yourself this month! Collaboration with Superkathiee and Roxi2rox

by goosesticks

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