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How Illusen Celebrates Jhudora Day

Jhudora Day. Fourth day of the month of Awakening. Dark purple. Dark green. Evil cackle. Just pure, pure evil.

by theyellowrose
Seasonal Avatar Calender

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, readers everywhere are going to want to take notes to make sure they don’t miss out on these time sensitive annual avatars. Make sure you mark these dates on your calendar, they only come once a year

Also by djleclair

by blackroseofwisdom

Who is the Zafara Double Agent?

We need to know exactly who the Zafara Double Agent is.

Also by Erai

by alienigenosidad

Why You Should Step Up To The Shy

So what makes Coconut Shy worth it to be a daily you might ask?

by hey_choking_hazard
Beating Nigel at the NeoDAQ

The NeoDAQ Stock Market has existed since the earliest days of Neopia, and today we're going to delve in deep. First, I'll be giving you my guide full of tips that'll help you out-sell the most notorious stockbroking Chia there is, Nigel.

Also by miss_cinny

by alyseth

In Defense of Plain Pets

My fellow Neopians, I write this article with the hopes of changing the general attitude that is held towards plain colored pets around our lands.

by filmlit
A Beginners Guide to Restocking at Kayla’s Potions

So you’ve read through countless restocking guides and you understand the system, but you still do not know where to start. Some guides have told you to start at the Book Store, others tell you to try the pharmacy. Maybe you were even told to try Fresh Food and Toy Shop. While these are all decent options, I am an advocate for Kayla’s potions.

by hectic_haley
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Zafara Double Agent

We need to know exactly who the Zafara Double Agent is. Let's start with what we do know for sure. This cunning master spy first surfaced 13 years ago, on the 6th day of Awakening. Since that day she has gained so much fame and adoration from Neopets far and wide. She has plushies in her honor that reward avatars, trading cards, collectable cards, even an Usuki was designed to resemble her.

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I Wanna Be MSP
The story of my Poogle, Varicose, who almost gave up on his dream to be MSP until...

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Nonlinear Companions: Post Meridiem: Part Two
A shiver ran down my spine. This place. I just wanted to go home. Why would anyone ever want to come here?

by _starryeyedsurprise_


Welcome to White River
Portia Provoskia swept the dust from her skirt with a calculated flourish as she exited the small carriage. Her driver, a young Shoyru who talked with a thick Meridellian accent, handed the Halloween Ixi the small case that contained the few possessions she owned. "Welcome to White River, Miss."

by hzoo_26


Trilo bite
A Trilo Bite a day keeps the doctor away.

by vortext


A Royal Joke
Why does King Skarl go to the dentists?

by myriadz

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