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How to Play NQI and NQII Without Losing Your Mind

A list of tips to prevent you from becoming as crazy as Mr. Insane while adventuring in the Neoquest world.

by bha288
Trophies FAQ

I've seen a lot of people asking about the same thing in the games board so I decided to take note of the most frequently asked questions about trophies.

by nicanorduarte
Winning the Game: A Guide to Key Quest Mini Games

Mini games are an incredibly important factor in the outcome of any Key Quest game...

by finally_kitkat
Neopia's Spiciest Foods

Almost all food shops and restaurants in Neopia offer spicy food for those gourmet eaters willing enough to try some tongue burners...

by darkobsession
10 Tips on How to Properly Customize Your Neopets!

Customizing your Neopets can be a daunting task. There are so many wearable items out there!

by jmt_1992
What is the Plural Form of Mootix, Anyway?

"A Habitarium? But I don't own one of those. Don't they require petpetpets? Those are expensive!"

by pancakesatthedisco
Towards an Ethical Neopian Diet

I'm a pet just like you, and I want to talk to you about what's on your plate.

by gyda37
A Guide for Effective Neomail Applications

Keeping it brief is the name of the game when it comes to neomail applications.

by paws265
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Neopia's Spiciest Foods

Some of us can't stand it and get an upset stomach the moment it is mentioned; others don't seem to have enough of it, and the spicier the better, they say. Almost all food shops and restaurants in Neopia offer spicy food for those gourmet eaters willing enough to try some tongue burners (along with a huge glass of water to go with it...)

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Wentworth's Festival
Sweet music flooded in through the windows of the nearly deserted coffee shop.

by encroached


An Ogrin's Wild Life
Og didn't object when Lofty took the lead off the trail. The Ogrin's biggest fear was of getting lost but he was currently with the one Neopet who never did.

by 77thbigby


Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part Seven
With the smugglers a good way ahead of them, Iskeen—followed by Orlitz, Almos, Vin, and Sparta—raced up a trail...

by josephinefarine


Agent of the Sway: Isolation - Part Ten
Clayton materialised within the bowels of the Citadel - Zylphia's device had at least performed better that time.

by herdygerdy


Glumpkin is in Grave Danger!
Which one of you is the REAL Glumpkin?!

by ragecandybar


Kadoatery Issues
Who knew that feeding Kadoaties was difficult?

by nightwish_faerie

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