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If You Could Talk To Your Newbie Self...

What sort of advice would you give him or her? Intrigued by this idea, I stalked the Neoboards and recorded what they'd love to have known as newbies!

by indulgences
5 Steps to Perfecting Your Pet’s Style

As someone who has spent an embarrassingly huge amount of time customizing my pets, I'd like to think I've become something of an expert on the topic.

by pizzanoodles2
The Other Way to Creatively Write on Neopets

Two words: Story Telling!

by jarjarhead989
Top 10 Ice Creams and Ice Lollies

Mmmmm.... ice cream. Loved by all, hated by none. And ice lollies! They're on a STICK! Oh my gosh, STICKS!

by fairygold
5 Tips to Build a Spotlight-Worthy Gallery

Now is your chance to learn all about what it takes to design, build, collect, and grow a spotlight-worthy gallery.

by desirae336
Profiting on Impatience

Reselling is growing in popularity as a means of making large amounts of NP in weeks or even days.

by tashni
The Quick and Easy BC Guide

So you want to earn sparkly trophies for your beloved pet's lookup? Entering the Beauty Contest is one way to accumulate a few shiny pet medals.

by _koolness_
Sniff That! 9 Scents You DON'T Want To Wear

For every delicious fragrance, there is at least one other that is disgusting in smell.

by schoolwars
Grarrl Day Festivities!

Ways to celebrate your Grarrl on Grarrl Day!

by mreilynne
Regulations for the Spooky Food Eating Contest

This is the first year they're putting on the Spooky Food Eating Contest, which has quickly become a huge hit. But it seems they're particularly strict about their regulations.

by moonandflowers
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Scents You DON'T Want To Wear

For every delicious fragrance, there is at least one other that is disgusting in smell. With this article, I am hoping to help steer you AWAY from such aromas, to BANISH those offensive colognes, and to STOP you making stinky mistakes. So here is an essential list of seven perfumes that you definitely want to avoid!

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The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step: Part Three
"Actually, I heard you talking about a viola. If you play, it would be nice if you could perform at the Lunar Festival next week." The Princess handed him a piece of paper...

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Faerie Tales
So THAT'S why neoschool's been delayed...

by _defenestrate_


(IN)SANE- Spooky Food Eating Contest
Kiwi thought it was spooky food, not GROSS food.

by rocksockgirl95

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