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For Faellies

by charmedhorses


Before you begin reading, I would like to warn you that this article was written by a very biased Faellie who you may find has a strong attitude. Take no offense, for Trini means no harm and only wishes to wisen the world with her input. Also consider that as this was written by a petpet, only petpets will be able to read it. Sorry for any inconvenience.


When you think about it, there are a great many stereotypes regarding petpets. For instance, a few of the better known ones are that they don’t talk and all they do is eat and sleep. Rather lazy creatures, apparently. Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that enough is enough. I’m tired of hearing people talk about us, my species in particular. I am proud to be a Faellie, proud of my big ears, small nose, and especially of my testy personality. So I’m going to do something about these detestable rumors. I’m going to let you all in on a little inside scoop and write about Faellies from a Faellie’s point of view.

Setting it Straight

I once looked up ‘Faellie’ in a copy of my baby Gelert, Puppy_Trix’s, encyclopedia. She’s the studious type, always working hard and doing the right thing. Boring, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, upon searching I came across a startling definition: Faellies are rather nervous little things, their over sensitive ears always alert them of the slightest danger long before it arrives. Well, I just about stopped in my tracks when I read that. Whoever had written it had certainly never met a Faellie before. I’m a Faellie, no doubt about it, and I am definitely not a “nervous little thing”. Why, that definition practically labels us all as cowards! On top of that, we have over sensitive ears? What’s that supposed to mean? Is that implying that our species has large ears? Because, excuse me, but I see nothing wrong with my ears.

As may be expected, I shut the encyclopedia with such overwhelming force that the bedroom door flew shut. I then sat down to write my own definition of a Faellie. After all, when you think about it, who is more certified to write an article on Faellies than a pure blooded Faellie? It took hardly any time and when I was done I pasted my own definition over that of the lying encyclopedia. It now read: Faellies are brave creatures that make up for their somewhat lacking size with their immense intelligence. The ears of a Faellie are one of a kind and therefore eyed jealously by all their companions. As for danger, it never has a chance to spook this admirable petpet. I nodded approvingly. I had set the record straight.

Faellie Pride and Publicity

Pride is something that every Neopet should have and everyone who’s met me says that I have an abundance of it. It’s good for petpets to have pride because, as the Faerie Queen knows, we’re all taken for granted. Are we just miniature Neopets bought by owners to keep their Neopets company? I think not. We are much more than that. We are our own beings and should be acknowledged just as much as our Neopet counterparts. Luckily, a few very smart manufacturers have come up with items dedicated to the essence of the Faellie. Were they able to do us justice? Let’s see.

The most important item that could ever have been created is a book on Faellies. Apparently, I’m not the only one who was impressed with it, for there are now at least three Faellie related titles available at your local bookstore. Personally, I am most impressed with Fantastic Faellies. You can tell it’s a winner from the moment you lay eyes on the title. Faellie Tales I’m not so sure about. Can anyone else smell a bad pun? To top it off, a complimentary bookmark shaped like a Faellie tail is included with each copy. Thank you very much, but I already have a tail and I don’t need another. And after all, where did they get all those tails? The whole thing just doesn’t sit well with me. Of course, this is the type of thing that would tickle my Tonu, Ramoose_, silly and I’m sure that it’s an enticement for shoppers. I’ll tell you, sometimes Neopians are just weird. Then, there’s Faellie Handbook, which is quite popular with Faellie owners. It makes sense to want to learn about how to take care of a Faellie, but not everything you read is true, as I hope to prove. Why not just talk to your Faellie? Why do you need a book? Oh, yes, I remember. There’s that annoying language barrier. Well, I always come up with some way to get my point across.

Thus far I’ve only covered the good items, but believe me, they aren’t all good and no matter what Neopians say, not all advertisement is good advertisement. Take Faellie cakes, for example. Faellie cakes are little cupcakes shaped like the head of a Faellie and decorated with frosting. Does anyone else feel a little uncomfortable eating a pastry that’s shaped like a Faellie? I don’t care how good they taste; just the sight of baked Faellie head cakes lined up in the local bakery sends shivers down my spine.

Faellie Maintenance

Faellies aren’t finicky, despite what you may hear. We’re not obsessed with our looks or constantly preening ourselves like some other petpets I know. Nor are we always found asleep or at a food bowl. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, we have wings and they can be a very useful substitute for walking.

Furthermore, Faellies don’t need to be kept on a tight leash, because we’ll always find our way home. It’s one of the benefits of those lovely large ears we have. I’d estimate that we can hear our Neopet call us from as far as twenty miles away. This said, give us a little privacy! I once saw a baby Gelert that wouldn’t let her Faellie get out of sight. If the Faellie flew even a few steps ahead of her she’d come loping after her and scold her for straying. Well, it obviously wasn’t the Faellie’s fault. She was just trying to get away from the baby Gelert’s blabbering over every shop window and its educational value. If I remember correctly, the Faellie had some brilliant name like Trini, or something…

Moving on with my point, it’s very important that Faellies be kept well fed. For instance, if we don’t want to eat something, like a particularly rotten looking portion of carrots or corn or some other vegetable, we shouldn’t have to eat it. If we’d rather have a bowl of ice cream, why stop us? At least we’re eating, right? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Faellie without an appetite, but whatever appetite a Faellie has should be respected.

Recognizing the Charm of a Faellie

Faellies are incredibly imaginative and our unique ideas should be considered with enthusiasm. There’s a lot that we could bring to Neopia. Maybe large ears should become the latest trend among Neopets. And while there may be a lot of books about Faellies, I’ve never seen one written by a Faellie. Perhaps that should be my next endeavor…I wonder who a good publisher is?

Well, I won’t spend any more time lecturing you on how important the Faellie is or why we’re number one among petpets. After all, most of you reading this are probably Faellies yourselves since there’s that little language barrier I keep forgetting about. What more is there to write? I’ve done what I can. I’ve set out to make a better reputation for the Faellie. We’re brave. We’re valiant. We’re admirable. We’re small, but mighty.

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