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Attack of the Revenge! ArRrRr!!

by dejiablos


Aye there matey! This is Targan, the treasure keeper. I see you be comin 'ere for some advice to keep them plundering pirates off your ship! Well, I can help ye out..but its cost ya! I charge everyone the same price: just to pay attention. The unfortunate souls who haven't listened are those who have hooks for hands and pegs for legs!

Level 1: This is where you have some time to test Garin's blade out against those scurvy dogs. They will always appear in one of four places: left, mid-left, mid-right or right. Garin has to be close to the railing to swipe at them, but 25 points isn't too much to worry about. In the early stages you'll be able to take your time to practice moving him around your ship. At first, you should just get one pirate at a time to deal with, yet in case ye get two..go after the one that appeared first. A couple of funny messages will appear at the bottom to encourage you and Garin on! You have 5 lives at stake, and you'll be needin' each and every one of em ArrRr!

You want to keep all those pirates off yer ship, but here's a breakdown of how much they're worth:

Nathan: Blumaroo - 2pts

Fred: Tuskaninny - 2pts

Swabby: Krawk - 3pts (ArRr! You be seein' him in Black Pawkeet Slots, too!)

Benny the Blade: Bruce - 3pts Scar's right hand.

Captain Scarblade: - 5pts The boss likes to have fun, too.

Level 2: You'll need 75 points to get past this one. That may seem a lot more, yet there's two more elements to help you now! A pile of cannon balls to your left and a water bucket to your far right. Start off picking up a cannon ball with the space bar; you'll be using those the most! It may look like you only have two left, but after you throw it you'll realize you have a barrage of them!

Find a pirate and remember to be in front so you can hit him. A cannon ball hit is worth double the points! Make sure if you see the captain to use it on 'im for a big 10 points! If you release it in back, you'll just waste a good shot. Now just go back to the pile and repeat this.

After a few tries, you may be wondering what that bucket of water is for! Avast, there be two purposes! It can be used to put out fires(which I'll talk about in Level 3) or drench a dirty pirate..aye they all be dirty except me! It will score twice the points the same as a cannonball. Move Garin to the far right to pick it up. Walk up to an invading pirate and KERSPLASH! it works just like a Gormball! The only problem is once ye pick it up, you won't be able to get rid of it unless you douse it out front, on a pirate or a fire. You can still use Garin's sword, but as long as you have the time..toss these items to get more points and to end the stage faster.

Level 3: Here's where it gets a little tricky ! There are now three cannons which Garin has to load! You'd think he would have some deckhands to help out (maybe they're prisoners on Scarblade's ship?!). Anyway, pick up a cannon ball, and load each of the cannons (you will be running back and forth between them). At least Garin has help to fire them: Jacques will swing down on a rope, and ignite one of the three cannons. The good news is for each cannon burst, you'll get 12 points! That's great because you'll need 150pts to pass the level.

The bad news: You have to move around each cannon: no more running up front, ya matey! If Jacques puts a match to a empty cannon, then it will be set ablaze! Like a pirate, it's now a danger to you unless it's put out with that bucket of water. If you fail, then you will be out one cannon and one life! While it wastes time putting out a flame, on the bright side you will get 5 points for your trouble. Also, you never know which fuse Jacques will light, matey, until he swings down that rope! So you must move fast to keep all three loaded while fending off the vermin trying to capture your ship! With some time and practice, you'll get the hang of it!

Advanced Tips(Levels 4+): You may be noticing the score you'll need goes up and the pirates are starting to get faster! I guess all that Bomberry Grog they drank is wearing off. Here's some advice:

* Always load your cannons: They give you the most points. The round will end sooner so you can take a break too. Don't lose one, because that means Jacques has fewer to light and you'll be working overtime! Try to load the right cannon first before the enemy appears.

* Stay in the Middle: If all your cannons are filled, and you picked up a cannon ball your best bet is to stay in the center. You can take care of any enemies from either side. The same holds true for loading the cannons. Next best place is by the pile.

* Using Water: I only recommend picking up the bucket for fires and enemies that appear next to it. It saves walking back towards the cannonballs on the left and walking back to the enemy on the right

* Timing is Critical: Make a judgment. If you have time to pick up a cannon ball or bucket of water to use on a pirate go for it! Yet if you have a cannon that needs to be loaded, and pirates are appearing...just swipe them with your sword to save time.

* Pirates first: While you should always have the cannon Jacques is about to ignite loaded, it's best to deal with the enemy first. You can always put out a cannon on fire, but you can't gain a life back.

* Free Cannon Ball: Whatever position you're in when you finish a stage, is where you'll be when the next one starts. If you finish one with a cannon ball in your hand, then you'll have it there for the next round! If you can, try to time it so this happens so you load the right cannon far away from the ball pile and save time.

* Relax: This game is different for each person. Like some other games, it's not for the slow of fingers. Yet taking a small break at the end of the stage helps. Don't worry if you lose a life, or you may be overwhelmed and lose more.

Well, that's it! or is it?! ...There be two final secrets I can tell ye if your tongue is not loose. At the title screen, you can click on Benny the Blade's eye to see a picture of my hero - the Orange T-shirt Guy! He be brandishin' two jagged swords ArrrR! I don't know if this does anything, who knows?! I know that very rarely he can appear in the game. And he's worth more points than the captain if you manage to hit him; I believe 10, or 20 with a cannon ball!

If you still need help during the game, check out the instructions...they can assist you well. They were also kind enough to let you turn them off, once you get better. Now I'm off to find this lass named Hannah..I hear she be pocketing some of the gold I left in my caves...grrrr!!

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