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The Plushie Collector's Guide

by anaillig


The Avid Plushie Collector’s Guide to Plushies

Everyone loves to collect plushies. :sighs: I do! But everyone is wondering the same question – How do I get every one of those plushies? I’ll give you a lot of hints and tips in this guide. First I’d like to kick things off with a few questions & answers.

Why should you collect plushies?

Because it’s fun. They’re cute. Everyone loves cute things. No one really has a reason for collecting plushies. It’s just that they like having a collection of things.

Where should you put all those plushies you collected?

Where else – but your Safety Deposit Box! As soon as you get a plushie, send it into your SDB and those random events won’t ever touch your sweet little toys.

How can you get your hands on the rare plushies?

There are plenty of ways to grab those elusive plushies. The Advent Calendar in the month of Celebrating gives out special plushies. The Trading Post and Auctions are great ways to get them, also. Maybe you can make a guild where you trade plushies every once and a while. That way, you get rid of multiple plushies in your Safety Deposit box and you get a brand new plushie.

How many plushies are there?

Hundreds! It could take years of collecting to get them all. I like to think of that as my reachable goal.


Now, if you really want to collect all of those plushies, you have to realize that they cost Neopoints and items. You might have enough points to buy every plushie in the store twice, but it’s better to save it than to waste it. I suggest taking out one thousand Neopoints from the bank, buying a few plushies that you don’t have, and then earn back all of those points and put the amount you withdrew back in the bank. Then you’ll have some spending money left over. That way, you’ll be saving points and adding to your collection at the same time.


Uh-oh! Did you buy two of the same plushie? Don’t worry – There’s no need to discard it. Just save it. You can sell it when it goes up in value, or you can just have two Uggsul Plushies. If you really want to get rid of it, don’t just give it away! You’re going to need lots of points if you’re going to continue collecting. If your plushies are rare, sell one right now for around a thousand points. If it’s retired, you can sell it for anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000! Or if it’s just a Yellow Kougra Plushie, maybe it will be retired soon... Hold onto it for a little while longer. You never know when you’re sitting on a gold mine!

Don’t Empty it Yet!

Do your friends think your plushie collecting is silly? Or do you hate how your plushies stare at you with evil eyes as you enter your SDB? Well, whatever the problem is – Don’t sell your plushies until you’re absolutely sure! Many users have thrown out their plushie collections and regret it later. If you really hate their beady little eyes, then wait a while before you sell them. As said above, they could be worth millions one day...

Games For Points

The game that gives you the most points each day is the Featured Game. You can play it three times each day. Even if you aren't good at it, try playing it. If it's something like, "Hannah and the Ice Caves," don't do it. That game only gives you 3 points for every 100 you score. It's a waste of time when you could easily playing the big things, like, "Meerca Chase II." If you only play the games you're good at each day, you could be well on your way of Plushie fame.

Have You Gone Crazy?

Many users have fallen under the plushie spell. Many go crazy and waste all of their Neopoints Some spend it wisely. And if you don’t know which one you are, take this quiz to find out. Grab a pencil and paper and note your score.

1. You see a plushie lying in the middle of the road. You already have that one, but you still love it. Do you...

A. Grab it and yell, “No, my love! I’ve missed you so much!!”

B. Think about it and leave, while saying, “Well, I already have that one...”

C. Walk away and step on it as you do.

2. You hear of a sale in someone’s shop on plushies. When you get there, all of the plushies are 2,000 Neopoints Do you...

A. Leave the shop, but as you do, throw most of the plushies on the floor

B. Buy them. Buy them all! All twenty-two of them!

C. Look through the stock and buy just one that you don’t have

3. When talking with a friend through Neomail, you....

A. Only talk about plushies and write a 30,000 character message about your latest plushie

B. Talk nothing of plushies

C. You talk about a plushie you bought, and then talk about something else

4. You have four Neopets. They are each painted...

A. Plushie, every one of them

B. One is plushie, the rest are normal colors

C. None of them are painted plushie

Now that you’ve finished that, add up your score.

1: A=3 B=2 C=1

2: A=1 B=3 C=2

3: A=3 B=1 C=2

4: A=3 B=2 C=1

12 points or more: You most likely have gone crazy. Period.

6 – 11 points: You love plushies, but you are not crazy. Be thankful.

5 points or less: You hate plushies. Are you sure you’re a collector...?

You may not find every plushie there is, but if you keep your hopes up, maybe, just maybe you’ll complete your collection. Some plushies just appear with random events. You could get them from the various wheels, trades, auctions, etc. Or you can get them by visiting certain places. Sometimes they are from random events. Just by entering a certain area, you can find a Bringer Plushie on the floor!

So now you’ve finished reading. Did you like it? Did it help you get more plushies? Good! I’m glad.

Oh, my goodness! I just found an MSP Plushie! Isn't it cute? Aww, - Um, why is it staring at me like that...?

Minutes later....


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