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A Wacky Interview with a Light Faerie

by hottamale0774


Two Neopians hopped off their Unis onto the cloud of Faerieland. One, a red haired girl named Hu, started marching in the direction of Fyora's castle.

     "Can we play the Wheel of Excitement first?" pleaded the other, a brown-haired girl named Rachel.

     "We've got to interview Fyora! That's what we're here for!" Hu snapped.

     "Please? It will only take a minute! Pretty please with sugar on top?"

     "Fine, fine..."

     The two Neopians started walking towards the magnificent Wheel of Excitement.

     "I bet the light faerie that runs the wheel has an interesting life. Much more interesting than Fyora," commented Rachel.

     "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

     "Um, yes?"

     "That's a great idea!"

     "It is? I mean, it is!"

     "Let's go!" Running towards the famous Wheel of Excitement, the two were headed for a long day.

     "Rachel, you're being so SLOW! Any slower, and people are going to think that you're a Slorg!" complained Hu.

     "Why are we in such a hurry anyways?" was the questioning reply of Rachel.

     The two finally reached their destination: the Wheel of Excitement. Sitting at a shaggy creamy white cloud, a light faerie sighed of boredom. Scratching her platinum blonde hair with her pale, long, thin hands, she turned her head and saw the two dashing towards her. She quickly smoothed out her gold gown and gave a big smile.

     "Hello there and welcome to the Wheel of Excitement. Are you here to try your luck on the wheel?" asked the light faerie in a sweet monotonous voice that she used for everyone who came.

     "Ye-" started Rachel.

     "Not today," interjected the red head. The brown haired girl gasped. Weren't they here for a spin?

     "What do you mean we're not? I have one hundred and fifty Neopoints!" To prove her point, Rachel opened the gold clasp on her trendy emerald green purse.

     Ignoring her companion's outburst, Hu calmly stated, "We're here to interview you, Ms. Faerie."

     "But I want to spin th-" grumbled Rachel.

     "Hush, the light faerie speaks," murmured Hu.

     "Interview me? I'm just an ordinary faerie. Go interview someone else, like Fyora. People will want to read about her than little old me," answered the light faerie with a puzzled face.

     "But, but, everyone's heard things about Fyora. We need someone who's never been talked about. Even your neighbor, the Water Faerie, has gotten things written about her," protested Hu with her hands up in exasperation.

     "Fine," with this, the faerie stretched and yawned.

     "I'm going to do the first question! Yay! I have to think of one first, though…" exclaimed Rachel.

     "I'll just do it. Why do you run the Wheel of Excitement?" responded Hu.

     "Hey! That was MY question! You stole it! I demand a lawsuit!" retorted Rachel. She glared at her partner. How dare she…

     "Woah, chill! How could I have stolen it if you never said it out loud?" wondered Hu.

     "Maybe it's because… you read my mind!"

     "You don't have a mind to read…"

     "Oh, right."

     "Would you like me to answer your question?" The faerie looked blandly at the two.

     "You mean MY question. Go ahead and answer MY question." Rachel said this and leered at Hu who just sighed and took out a pen and pencil to record everything.

     "I love watching the wheel spin all day. It's bright and shiny and colorful! Also, I love to see the Neopians go home happy, even if it's just with a few Neopoints." The faerie beamed.

     "JUST a few?" repeated Hu as she scribbled down the interview.

     "Someone's being a bit stingy..." muttered Rachel.

     "But the price used to be 100 Neopoints! Now it's 150... why did you raise the price of spinning the wheel?" demanded Hu. She nearly dropped her pencil in fury.

     "Well, my toenail was chipped that day. So, I just needed some quick Neopoints to get a manicure. Then, I saw those really cute hair accessories and those pretty pants. Oh and I also saw a nice hat..." longingly sighed the faerie.

     "... oh I see. [Muttered under her breath] This is what our society has gone to. [Coughed and spoke in normal voice] Next question... why didn't-"

     "-Why didn't you lower the prices back down?" Rachel finished Hu's question.

     "Bu- WHAT? HEY! You stole my question!" yelled Hu.

     "How could I possibly steal it if you never said it?" asked Rachel in an insincere sweet voice as she hid a Mind-Reading-Ray-Gun, from the space station, behind her back.

     "I don't know!" Hu looked suspiciously at Rachel who just grins more. The light faerie started to laugh. The two, quickly forgetting their dispute, looked bewildered at the faerie.

     "You two are hilarious! I never lowered the price because I found these other cute jeans and five shirts. Then I found out about gourmet food. That stuff is good! Then I found out about galleries. If I didn't keep the price up I would never be able to get these things!"

     Rachel walked up to the wheel and stared at it admiringly. "Can I spin the wheel because I'm interviewing you?" Rachel pleaded.

     "No; besides Hu is mostly interviewing me."

     "If I asked the rest of the questions will you let me spin it?"

     "No," said the faerie at the same time Hu said, "There is no way you're asking the questions!"

     Rachel shrugged and walked away from the wheel. "It was worth a try," she muttered to herself.

     Hu searched her brain for the next question. While she was thinking she realized something. They had never learned the faerie's name!

     "Miss, what is your name?" Hu asked politely.

     "Ooh I know this one! Lightie, Sparkie, Glowie, or Rex!" Rachel shouted.

     "Shut up; those aren't even real names. Let the faerie speak!" yelled Hu at her annoying partner.

     "Thanks for getting her to be quiet. My name is Rebecca," the faerie stated.

     "WHAT?!" Hu and Rachel screeched at the same time.

     "Rebecca, but don't faeries have unique names that aren't common human names?" Hu asked, appalled.

     "Well..." the faerie started.

     "Well... what?" Hu questioned.

     "I used to have a unique faerie name."

     "What happened?"

     "It's a rather long story that's too depressing for me to tell you."

     "Aww, come on..." Rachel pushed.

     "Fine, fine, if you insist." The faerie paused for a moment to take a deep breath.

     "One day I saw the grey faerie, in a cage. She was caught by the darkest darkness faerie. The only way I could get her out was to.. to.. give up my faerie name. She looked so sad; I had to do something for her." The faerie stopped for a moment to wipe some tears from her eyes. Hu and Rachel felt tears in their eyes, too.

     "I gave up my faerie name in exchange for her freedom. Queen Fyora was shocked at what I did because the number one rule for a faerie is to NEVER give your name out. She took pity on me because I was trying to save the grey faerie..."

     "Wait a minute," Hu pondered, "Who's the darkest dark faerie? Isn't that Jhudora?"

     "No one has ever met the darkest dark faerie. Jhudora is her sister. Jhudora has never seen her sister in centuries," the light faerie replied.

     "Wow. What about the Grey Faerie? Can't she tell you what happened and what the faerie looks like?" Hu asked.

     "She's cursed. You see, when you tell someone your name, you give all your faerie power to them."

     "But didn't you give up your name to save the grey faerie?" Hu questioned.

     "As I said, Fyora took pity on me because I was trying to fulfill my duties as a light faerie. She couldn't give me another faerie name, but she could give me a human name which prevented me from becoming a grey faerie myself."

     "Do you become a grey faerie if you don't have a name?" Hu asked.


     Hu quickly wrote down everything the faerie had said while the light faerie, Rebecca, dabbed at her eyes with a Neopkin. Rachel hopped around like a Blumaroo.

     "That's a great story, but sad about what happened to your name. Do you like your new name?" Rachel asked, breaking the silence.

     "It's pretty, I guess. Rebecca. Has a nice ring," Rebecca replied.

     "Hey, and it rhymes with Rachel!"

     "No, it doesn't!" Hu retorted.

     "Yes, it does!" Rachel hollered back.

     "No, it doesn't!"

     "Yes, it does!"

     "No, it doesn't!"

     "Yes, it does!"

     Rebecca settled the matter by grabbing a hand of each of the fighting Neopians. She first dragged Hu to the left side of the wheel, and then Rachel to the right.

     "Now, what is the next question?" Rebecca asked, standing in the middle of the two.

     "Why did you want to run the Wheel of Excitement?" Hu asked.

     "Well, seeing how I lost most of my powers..." Rebecca started, but Hu cut her off.

     "Woah, so you can't do ANY faerie magic?" Hu asked.

     "Mostly. The most I can do is fly or teleport myself."

     "So you can't do anything like... turn Rachel into a Moehog?" Hu pointed to the brown haired girl who had taken up gnawing on the cloud ground.

     "No, but that would be against the Faerie laws anyways."

     "What are faerie laws?" Hu questioned.

     "You can't change humans into Neopets or Neopets into humans is the biggest one," Rebecca replied.

     Rachel, finally deciding to help in the interview, spit out a piece of cloud and asked, "What happens if you break one?"

     "For small ones, like accidentally doing magic in front of Neopians, you are just locked into a cavern for a few days. For big ones, like the one I said, your wings are taken off and you are changed into a wingless faerie."

     "Is that a bad thing?" Rachel asked.

     "Of course it is. Being WINGLESS? That's...that's a disgrace!"

     Hu snickered. "You might as well be human. You don't have much magic and are..."

     Rebecca's face turned a deep shade of red. She pointed her finger at Hu. Neither Rachel or Rebecca noticed a thin strand of golden light shot out of Rebecca's finger. Hu stopped moving and breathing. "You say more word and..."

     "Um... isn't that against faerie rules?" Rachel questioned nervously.

     "Oh yeah; you're right." Rebecca lowered her finger as her face slowly turned back to its normal creamy color. "You are so lucky." She snapped at Hu.

     Hu didn't say anything in her defense, which was highly unlike her. Rachel scurried over to her.

      Hu?" Rachel screamed in Hu's ear. Hu didn't do anything to indicate that she had heard her.

     "HU!" Rachel shrieked again. She then turned to the light faerie who was staring at her feet. "What did you do to her?" Rachel cried in her panic.

     "I think I accidentally froze her brain when I pointed my finger at her. I better get her back to normal before Fyora hears or I'll be turned human!" Rebecca said.

     "Don't you care about Hu, yourself?" Rachel demanded with tears in her eyes.

     "Who's Hu?"

     "Never mind."

     "Don't worry; she'll be fixed in a second." Rebecca waved her finger and muttered a few words Rachel couldn't hear. Hu suddenly started blinking rapidly.

     "Guess what, the other day I saw this piece of cardboard on the ground and named it Bob. He's my best friend in the world now and I love him. But I left him on the ground to be someone else's best friend in the world. And then...." Hu rambled.

     Rachel covered her ears as the rambling continued. "Maybe you should have left her that way!" Rachel shouted as a thought dawned on her. "Wait a minute," she said, "I thought you said you had no faerie powers because you gave up your name. You lied to us!"

     "I didn't lie, it's just um... Look a flying Mynci!" Rebecca pointed to behind Rachel. Rachel turned around to search for the elusive Mynci.

     "Where? Where?" she pondered.

     As the girl continued looking Rebecca turned to flee. She only made it two steps before Hu, who had gotten back to normal, grabbed her shoulder.

     "Not so fast. I would like an explanation of why you lied to us!" Hu announced.

     Rebecca sighed. "Ok, basically nobody is supposed to know faeries can do the kind of magic witches and wizards can. If people find out a faerie's magic is taken away."

     "Well, that doesn't explain why you lied to us! You said you lost it honorably by rescuing the grey faerie!"

     At that point Rachel turned around. "I don't see the flyin..." she then saw Hu holding onto a trembling light faerie. "Hey! That's not nice to be mean to the poor light faerie!" she yelled.

     Hu sighed. "Rachel, are you really that dense? You were the one who figured out the faerie was lying! I'm trying to get a real explanation now!"

     "I already told you; nobody is supposed to..."

     "Is that the only reason?" Rachel asked.

     Rebecca nodded sadly.

     "Then...Fyora!" Rachel shouted.

     "Fyora can't hear us from down here!" Hu said.

     "Guess again," Rachel whispered excitedly.

     Hu looked into the sky to see a pink and purple cloud descending onto the spot the three stood. Fyora sat on it, looking as radiant as ever with a hazy light surrounding her.

     "Rosteamy dunga, you know well that lying is worse than showing your magic. Faeries are supposed to be perfect; lying is not in the description of perfection!" Fyora said in a calm and soft voice.

     "Rosteamy dunga?" Hu asked.

     "That's her real name," Fyora replied.

     "I'm sorry, my queen," the light faerie whispered while bowing on the ground.

     "I believed you were sorry the first time you lied, and the second time. This time you are I cannot believe you. Come onto my cloud; you are going to my castle where I can find a suitable punishment for you."

     Hu and Rachel watched as the light faerie/ Rebecca/ Rosteamy dunga dejectedly flew to the cloud. As she passed the two human girls, she bitterly whispered, "I will get you for this!"

     "Today was fun!" Rachel commented as the purple cloud drifted away.

     "It was, especially when I got my brain frozen," sarcastically snickered Hu.

     "I bet I can fly home!" Rachel chirped.

     Before Hu could stop her, Rachel jumped off the cloud. With another deep sigh, Hu sprinted over to her Uni to chase Rachel before she hit the ground.

The End


Hu: Neomail us with your comments/ criticism. No hate mail or else I'll unleash Rachel on you.

Rachel: Wh- WHAT? GET BACK HERE!*grabs a spoon and chases Hu*

Hu: This is Hu and Rachel, signing off....*runs away*

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