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Your First Complete Guide to Game: Meepit vs Feepit

by aquariss


Background Information

"Meepit versus Feepit" is an action game. In this game, you control the Blue Feepit throughout the stages. There are 5 stages in all, namely Blue Meepit, Dung Meepit, Faerie Meepit, Tyrannian Meepit and Fire Meepit. The purpose of the game is to beat up the Feepits and score. Also, you can choose the two player mode to challenge a friend. To win a stage, you have to win at least 3 rounds out of the 5 rounds in each stage. The level of difficulty increases as you proceed up the stages.

Configuring the Game to Your Needs

The first thing you should do is to go to "Options" and configure the buttons to your liking. The available moves of the Feepits are Forward, Backwards, Jump, Duck, Defend, Kick and Punch. There are only 2 special combos namely "Kick + Punch + Kick + Punch" and "Punch + Kick + Punch + Kick". No other combos have been found yet.

Beginners' Course

For a start, you should go to the 2-player mode and get use to executing the combos. A lot of people have trouble doing the combos. But all it takes is patience. Taking the "Kick + Punch + Kick + Punch" combo for example, you should press K first, wait for the move to be visible (meaning you see the Feepit actually kicking) before you try and do the Punch. Then you make sure the punch was done by the Feepit before you start to press Kick again. If the Feepit did not show the Kick or Punch, it means you pressed too fast.

A point to take note is that in a combo series, you can press anything else than Kick or Punch (Direction buttons or defend button) in between, but as long as the sequence is right, the combo will execute.

Next you should learn to prepare a combo while in combat. This is a very important skill as the whole game is about the right timing to strike. To prepare combos, you first press "Kick + Punch + Kick" or "Punch + Kick + Punch" in any point of time in the game. You can even prepare these 3 buttons while walking forward or backwards. Other keys will not affect the combo. So when the right timing comes, you press the last button to execute the button.

The scoring system for this game is pretty weird. They do not care how much health you are left with or the amount of time. They calculate the points through the damage you cast upon the Meepits. So do not freak out and press that restart button if the Meepit manages to attack you. There is no bonus for full health. Also, bonus points are given each round won if your final hit was done in a special way. I will elaborate on this special method in the guide.

 Playing for the Avatar

Having done the above courses and preparations, we now go into battle mode. Choose 1-player mode to play for points. This game comes with an Avatar, meaning if you score 3000+ points, you will earn yourself a nice animated "Meepit vs Feepit" avatar.

Here is an easy step by step guide to getting the Avatar. Even if you are playing for the trophy, you should still start with these steps to have a better feel of the game.

Step 1:

First, prepare your combo and move towards the Meepit of a distance at least 1/2 the length of the page in between. Execute any combo once you reach the range to hit the Meepit flying in the air.

Step 2:

While the Meepit is flying in the air, prepare any of your combos AS FAST AS possible. You are recommended to always use one of them to remember the buttons easier.

Step 3:

Wait for the Meepit to land on the ground. You should hear a "thud" sound when this happens. You will also see the Meepit doing a somersault and then lying flat on the ground for a second or two. The minute you see it flat after the "thud" sound, press your final button to execute the combo.

If you had used the "Kick + Punch + Kick" to prepare your combo, press Punch now.

If you had used the "Punch + Kick + Punch" to prepare your combo, press Kick now.

Step 4:

After you hit the Meepit, always move back away from the Meepit for at least 1 cm, or else it may defend against your combo hit.

Step 5:

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for 6 times. Each combo hit is 13 points, and when it lands on the ground, it is 6 points. Thus each combo gives a total of 19 points. The first 5 times of the combo will give you at least 95 points. (Note that sometimes it gives 96 points.) The 6th combo hit will give a bonus point of 15 usually, giving a total of 129 points in one round. The 6th hit is quite varying in the amount of bonus points, but it should at least give 101 points per round won.

Step 6:

Having won a round, proceed to play the 2nd round. To win the avatar, you MUST lose 2 out of the 5 rounds, thus you have to lose 2 out of the first 4 rounds and you must win the 5th round to continue to the next stage. However do not just lose the game anyhow. In the rounds you wish to lose, follow Steps 1-5 as per normal except you only execute 5 times consecutively the combos. Having hit 5 times you can gain 95 points at least for each of the 2 stages you intend to lose. This is the trick to earning enough for the avatar. Continue these 6 steps till the fire Meepit and I guarantee you a safe game throughout and the Meepits will not have a single chance to incur any damage on you. The consecutive combo allows no chance for the Meepits to retaliate, but the timing and distance to maintain needs practice. So you should be able to get the avatar in the first 5 tries of the game.

Aiming for trophies (NOTE: Recommended for advanced players)

The question now is, how did those people get 4000+ in the high score board? I will tell you how to get your points high, but this section will take hours of practice before you can master it. So unless you really want a trophy, or you need a better score to beat whoever, here's the guide for you advanced players out there. The first few steps should be the same as the avatar steps.

Step 1:

Execute the combo 5 times consecutively on the Meepits. This should give you a safe range of 95 points.

Step 2:

Prepare your combo after the 5 hits and wait for the chance to strike the final hit.

Step 3:

For your final hit, you have to do a special combo to hit the highest stage points till now of 196 points. However, I can't do this special move 100% of the times. It takes extreme luck and practice. But the scores should range with an average of 171 points per round for advanced level playing. With an average score of 171 per round won, you'll get an average of 800 points per stage to advance to the 4000+ level.

This special combo, I shall name it "Jump Attack Combo". The steps of this combo are the same as any of the 2 combos named above. But the difference is, it gives about a maximum bonus of 90 points when it is used as the final hit to win the stage.

Jump Attack Combo

To execute this combo, you have to go to a distance about 1/2" away from the Meepit. Once you hit the range, press all 3 buttons "Forward + Jump + The final combo button" to execute this jumping attack combo. Your bonus points should be better now and this works for all 5 of the enemy Meepits.

Calculating scores in the game

Below is the scoring system of the game:

Normal Kick/Punch attack: 6 points

Landing from a fall: 6 points

Combo hit (Comes with landing fall): 13+6 = 19 points

Normal Air Attacks (Comes with landing fall): 6++ = 12 points

Landing on a Combo: 7 points

Stage Bonus: 100 points for winning each stage

Maximizing points (For Professionals)

Now I shall come to the best part of the whole research of this game. Using these moves, I got a highest of 196 points in one round. But they are VERY hard to execute so do not think you will get to have 196 points every round.

1. To maximize your hits before the final hit, the record now is 99 points before the final hit. There are other ways such as using only normal attacks to get about 98 points. But I personally prefer the 99 points guarantee method. To get 99 points, you need to execute these attacks (Order is not important)

1x Normal Attack, 3x Normal Air Attacks and 3x Combo hit

2. The current only way of getting confirmed average points of 178 in my opinion is to close up the gap in between the Meepit and the Feepit. Using this method, I did get a consistent 185 points per level for the first 3 Meepits. This is because the first 3 Meepits are easier to lure for their combo hits of Jumps.

For the final hit, you have to lure the Meepit to corner you at the extreme ends of the page. Wait for the Meepit to finally hit you with a combo. When you land, you will notice that the Meepit is VERY VERY close to your Feepit. Once you regain control of the Dizzy Feepit (Dizzy from combo hit fall), execute your "Jump Attack Combo" to hit the Meepit and you'll get a high bonus point.

Another way I used sometimes to get the average 185 points is by luring the Meepits to jump. Estimating the position the Meepit will land, I close up the gap of the Feepit and the landing point of the Meepit and I execute the special final combo when the Meepit is just touching the ground. I got a max of 97 bonus points using this method. But this method is VERY unstable as the timing is very hard to catch.

3. The current only way of hitting 196 points in my opinion is to first get 99 points as the basic. From here, you execute step 2 in this section for the 97 points bonus and you will obtain the score of 196 points. Note that however step 2 is not applicable with the Tyrannian and Fire Meepit. They either do not jump or they defend too much. For those 2 Meepits, I prefer to use the 1/2" distance method.


I shall end my guide here with my greatest wishes on you obtaining that Gold trophy one day. The final tip of the day: On the 1st of every month, the games scores will reset. A usual gauge of boards resetting is around 0030 to 0130 or later at times. Since scores 3500 and above needs to be reviewed, try to use this time to get a score of 3499 to get a chance for the gold trophy. The time for trophy giving is around 0430 or 0445 so make good use of the time. All times here are noted in NST time. Good Luck and enjoy the game.

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