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Playing The Part: Part Nine

by precious_katuch14


"I can't believe it! I can't believe it!" Glitter could barely keep still as her older sister began applying lipstick on her.

     "Hey, you wouldn't want this thing to smudge, don't you?" asked the white Aisha, holding the faerie Acara's shoulders down. "I can't believe it either…the fateful day has finally come!"

     "I KNOWWWWWWWW!" squealed Glitter, examining herself in the mirror and putting on a small medallion with the Meridellian crest emblazoned on it. "This is it…my moment to shine…"

     A striped Kacheek peeked into the girls' dressing room and showed off his knight outfit. "Well, what do you guys think? Do I look cool, or do I look cool?" He swished the pretend sword around and nearly thwacked a nearby white Zafara beside him.

     "Ouch! Sweet, I know you're the general but that doesn't give you liberty to hit your troops around the head!" said Angel.

     "Looking good, Sweet," said Fluffy. "You really were meant to play the part. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some lights to control and some effects to go over." The white Aisha waved again at her three siblings and left the dressing room. As soon as she was out of sight, Glitter stood up from the chair and twirled around, admiring her gown.

     The faerie Acara smiled. "So…we're all ready?" She picked up her sparkling scepter. "Come on, we've got a crowd to please and a play to finish!" Glitter flew off, followed by her two brothers. Angel curiously peeked through the curtains.

     "Lots of audience," he remarked, seeing the massive gathering of some pets and a lot of owners who had come to watch. "I'm nervous." He clung on to his older siblings in trepidation.

     Glitter patted Angel on the shoulder. "It'll be all right," she whispered soothingly.

     "SHHH, it's starting!" said Sweet, holding onto his sword as if it were his life. They heard the commentary of Prancereon, a beautiful faerie Peophin.

     "Owners, teachers, students, guests and guests of honor," she spoke in a clear voice, "we are gathered here today to witness the play that speaks of the life of Queen Allison, a past ruler of Meridell, whose courage and bravery has saved the kingdom. Though she has soldiers to defend her, she has chosen to join the fray and fight for Meridell as well. Today, we witness the spirited performance of Glitter the faerie Acara playing the lead role, and A - "

     Prancereon saw Miss Ford shake her head and gesture towards a striped Kacheek getting ready backstage.

     " - I mean, Sweet the striped Kacheek will be taking the lead male role as General Alphonse, the Queen's most trusted general. Please give a round of applause for the actors, actresses and everyone involved in this fine performance. Once again, good evening to all."

     The faerie Peophin exited the stage, and the curtains slowly went up, revealing a new background showing a lovely rendition of the kingdom of Meridell.

     In the audience, one girl elbowed Kat in the ribs. "My little Flotsam helped paint that backdrop," she whispered.

     A boy on the other side of Kat clapped her hard on the shoulder. "Well, you have nothing on my Danielle. She's going to act in this play as Queen Alison's daughter Alana."

     Smiling, the black-haired girl replied to them, "Get this: Glitter is going to play the lead role. She's none other than Queen Allison. AND Sweet is taking the next most important role."

     "No kidding!" said the girl, tossing her brown hair back. It had streaks of pink running through it. "BOTH your pets are taking the lead parts?"

     "And my Angel is an extra knight, and Fluffy's working the lights," added Kat proudly.

     "You can brag later, missy," said the boy, adjusting his polka-dotted bow tie. "The play's starting!"

     Sure enough, the presentation opened with the sight of what looked like the splitting image of the throne room of Meridell Castle. A faerie Acara was sitting regally on the decorated chair, smiling at all the other actors and actresses in guard costumes.

     After all the guards had walked in and taken their places (apparently some pets had forgotten their parts briefly), Glitter stood up, adjusted her gold-painted crown and said in a loud voice, "Royal subjects, we are gathered here to…to…" Suddenly she bit her lip and paused for a moment.

     Fluffy peeked from backstage, where she was giving one light faerie some orders. "Talk about a kingdom crisis," she mouthed to her sister.

     "…Talk about a kingdom crisis," repeated Glitter, her voice clearer and more confident. "You see, the evil forces of a dark overlord are threatening our land, and we need all the help we can get."

     Sweet perked up at that last word, knowing his cue. "Your Majesty, my army and I are more than willing to fight for you, even if it means giving up our lives. It is for the good of Meridell."

     Back behind the curtains, a white Aisha realized that one light wasn't focused on the striped Kacheek as he delivered his speech. Thinking quickly, she waved over at one of the faeries flashing the lights and hurriedly made sure that they all shone on Sweet's direction.

     On the stage, a particularly eager Zafara was waving his pretend sword around in the air. Sweet shot him a glare that clearly said, "Not yet!" Angel quickly brought it down, blushing. Someone from the audience snickered.

     "Aw, shoot," mumbled Angel. Sweet winked at him and whispered, "Not a problem." The two fell silent as Glitter hopped off her throne and began pacing the aisle between the rows of pets acting as knights.


     The play went on and on, and soon, some impatient pets had fallen asleep in their seats. But many of the owners were at the edge of their seats, especially during the battle scene. Kat, for instance, was staring at the stage so hard that her seatmate waved his hand vigorously in front of her and she barely blinked.

     "Nobody will crush the mighty kingdom of Meridell!" Glitter had proclaimed, raising another pretend sword in the air and adjusting her crown discreetly amidst her fellow actors in knight costumes. The girl in the audience smiled even widely as she took a bow before a very loud and long applause, and stood up, clapping.

     After the curtain call, many of the owners stood up from their chairs and crowded over backstage, where all the pets were cleaning up after the show. Kat pushed her way through and found a faerie Acara in a queen outfit speaking to a white Aisha.

     "Glitter, you rocked. Big time," said the girl, grinning.

     "Thanks," replied the Acara. "But Fluffy was really good with the lights. And with that plan to expose Alisa for the phony she was."

     The white Aisha shook her head. "Glitter was great as the queen of Meridell," she opposed. "Plus, Sweet and Angel made wonderful knights out there. Doing the lights was nothing compared to facing such a full house."

     "If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have spiffy effects during the performance," said Sweet, taking off his armor and waving his sword again in the air.

     "He made a great general!" squealed the Zafara, pointing at the striped Kacheek.

     Sweet clapped Angel on the shoulder. "But you were a cool extra knight. Even if you were just an extra." The two brothers gave each other a high five.

     Kat couldn't help but feel proud for all of her pets. "You guys were great out there. Glitter, your performance as Queen Allison was astounding. Those two I sat with can't believe just how good you were as the lead character. The same goes with you, Sweet. You really were meant to play that part. Angel, extras in a play are important too, and you yourself were. Fluffy, your expertise with the lights was simply smashing. Not literally, of course."

     "And," added the faerie Acara, "Fluffy helped me remember my line when I nearly forgot it…even if it meant staring out into the huge audience."

     "And," piped up the white Aisha, "Glitter was quick to forgive her brother and never let that incident pull her down from the part that was rightfully hers."

     "And," interrupted Angel, "even though Sweet was jealous of Glitter - no offense - he didn't stoop as low as Glitter's friend did."

     "And," said Sweet, "Angel took his little role seriously and made it utterly unique."

     These remarks made their owner even happier. She knelt down to hug the four. "Well, I guess it wasn't just in the play that you were able to play your own special parts. In fact, you all have your own roles here in the real Neopian life."

     "Ooh, ooh!" said the white Zafara, waving his paw wildly. "Kat also had her own part, not just us!"

     Glitter nodded. "She helped keep us all together, especially when Sweet and I got into that stupid fight."

     "She helped me overcome that stage fright," said Fluffy. "I was able to not pass out, no matter how full the auditorium was."

     "Kat really did play her own part - and she continues to," replied Sweet. "And boy, she needs no substitute!"

     "Aw, it was nothing, really," said the girl, blushing with gratitude. She stood up and brushed something off her skirt. "So, I hear that the teachers are talking about another Neoschool presentation. Will you be in this one together, just like in "The Great Queen Of Meridell"?

     Sweet, Glitter, Fluffy and Angel got into a group hug. "You bet your Halo of Devilpuss we will, Kat!" said the striped Kacheek proudly.

The End

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hope you enjoyed reading that particularly long series! Anyway, some pets (Foreon, Raincrystal, Prancereon and Cuddlycoon) are the pets of my good friend Neonightwolf. She allowed me to use them in my story, and for that, I'd like to thank her.

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