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50 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Edna

by xtrat


HAUNTED WOODS - We all have heard of Edna the witch, that crazy hunchbacked old Zafara who dwells deep in the Haunted Woods. Well little old Edna has some secrets she has been keeping from Neopia for quite some time.

1. Edna is scared of ghosts.

2. Edna has a secret crush on Jeran.

3. Edna enjoys picking wildflowers in Meridell.

4. Edna is a vegetarian.

5. That green brew in Edna’s pot is actually pea soup, which gets sent straight to the soup faerie to help feed starving Neopets.

6. The Edna avatar is only given out to people who complete her quest after donating at least 25 items to the Money Tree. It isn’t random!

7. Edna’s castle was originally baby blue before rust kicked in during the last 200 years.

8. Edna wears reading glasses.

9. The reward Edna gives you for completing her quest depends on how well you’ve been looking after your pets.

10. Edna dyes her hair several times a week to keep it that lovely pea-green color.

11. Edna is not in one little tiny bit evil. Would an evil witch address you as “sweetie”?

12. Edna’s autobiography ‘Edna’ sold just 7 copies, 5 of which she bought herself.

13. The cackling noise Edna makes is actually her trying to sing. When you are ‘older than mouldy cheese’ your voice isn’t quite what it used to be.

14. When Edna says she is making a Bubbling Egg of Lenny Transforming she is making a potion to reverse the process that turned your Lenny into a mutant.

15. In fact, any potion of species transforming makes that pet not a mutant.

16. Edna’s Castle was originally designed to be the other way around as it was designed to look like a smiling tree and looks like that when upside-down.

17. Edna cries for several hours in her tower every time she hears someone call her wicked or evil.

18. Edna raises orphaned young Furwitches in her castle until they are old enough to survive on their own.

19. Edna spends most of her spare Neopoints on buying Blue or Yellow PetPet Paint Brushes for her Furwitches.

20. If you take your pet to Edna on his/her special day you will receive a random event, which is actually from Edna but is disguised as a normal Neopets random event.

21. Edna has done one mean thing in her life. Ever heard of the food ‘Hair Stuffed Maggot’? Well Edna was in charge of food for Eliv Thade’s birthday party, and lets just say that Eliv isn’t exactly her friend anymore….

22. That hair isn’t real JubJub hair though, it’s fake. I wish I could say the same about the maggot….

23. Oh, make that two mean things actually… I completely forgot about the Meerca pie incident, though it was an accident…. (See Edna the Witch Neopedia article)

24. Edna didn’t make that Snorkle Pudding though, oh no, Magax put that there! April Fools day in the Haunted Woods is no fun at all!

25. The spell Edna contributed to the book ‘Witchcraft Spells’ was actually a spell that burnt any pages in the book that contained spells that could be used for evil purposes.

26. The Witch Council has banned Edna from contributing to any other collaborative witch spell books.

27. Edna published her own spell book entitled ‘Bound Magic Book’. The pages contain spells to do things from making your pets full up to generating plushies to keep your pets entertained.

28. The Witch Council burnt every published copy of ‘Bound Magic Book’ and has put a curse on Edna so she can no longer publish anything containing magical spells.

29. The ‘Little Witch Usuki’ was designed to resemble Edna.

30. Edna’s famous creation the ‘Mystery Meat Sandwich’ does not contain any meat at all. It’s just designed to look like strange meat so nobody will eat any when they’re on their way to the Soup Kitchen.

31. Edna bakes 3 batches of Cookie Hats for the Soup Kitchen every Sunday.

32. The one spell Edna has managed to master, the ‘Elixir Of Intelligence’, Edna feeds to as many creatures as she can because it makes them well behaved.

33. The tree shaped container Edna distributes the ‘Elixir Of Intelligence’ in is actually parts of evil trees from the Haunted Woods Edna has chopped down.

34. See those tongs Edna is holding? They’re what she uses to serve up food at the Soup Kitchen when the Soup Faerie runs out of soup.

35. It took Edna 6 hours to get ready to get her picture taken for the Edna the Zafara Stamp.

36. It took Edna a further 4 hours to prepare for her second photo held on the same day, which was for her Collectable Card ‘Edna the Witch’.

37. Edna got incredibly annoyed at The Neopets Team after finding out her stamp was worth a mere 5 NP, and proceeded to brew a Hissing Potion of Asparagus Vaporization. It didn’t work, though, so she is still only worth 5 NP.

38. All the other creatures in the Haunted Woods (Magax, Eliv Thade’s Head, The Neopet Masks Grundo) are keeping an eye on Edna’s tower to make sure she doesn’t escape their clutches (go there and see!)

39. Ever noticed that Edna lets you have a lot of time to do her quests? Edna doesn’t like anyone to fail so she makes sure you have a lot of time to retrieve her items.

40. Edna doesn’t actually use the items you retrieve for her to make her potions. In fact, she donates them to poor Neopians.

41. If Edna could swap places with any other creature in Neopia she would swap with Illusen because “She’s just so pretty!”

42. Edna donates any potions she makes to the Money Tree to help poor Neopians.

43. Ever heard of “Edna’s Squishy Brain Wrap”? It’s all a hoax! Edna would never produce anything like that.

44. If Edna were given the chance to go to the lab ray and change her appearance she would go in the hopes of getting zapped pink or becoming a Cybunny.

45. The tree to the left of Edna’s Castle was the only friendly tree in the Haunted Woods and is watching in shock because Edna’s Castle was getting dropped down a well just before they were both frozen still.

46. Edna enjoys investing Neopoints in the Stock Market however has recently stopped investing so much since the company she held the most shares in, Meri Acre Sausages, went bankrupt.

47. Edna is in the Haunted Woods because she moved in before the ghosts.

48. The ghosts are now stopping Edna from leaving the Haunted Woods.

49. Edna is part of the S.P.A.M.N (Society for the Protection of Abused and Mistreated Neopets)

50. Edna’s Hat and Coat are both made of fake leather. Edna wouldn’t dream of wearing anything fashioned from a living creature.

Hopefully my article will make you think differently about Edna. If not, I hope you had fun reading it anyway!

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