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Gourmet Club Bowls Game Guide

by panophobia


GAMES ROOM - Well, you may have tried and tried, and tried and tried, and tried and tried, etc., to get the Gourmet Club Bowls avatar. The Gourmet Club Bowls avatar is a spiff avatar to show off to everybody when you get 900+ on Gourmet Club Bowls. You may have never been able to get it, and may believe you are a failure to life, but that all changes now. I have made a guide for you to stop your sorrows and get that spiff avatar. (Yes, I said spiff, not spiffy. It's a new word of mine. Use it, or I shall have my ebil monkeys chop your head off.)

 First. Let's go over the basics of the game.


"In this game, you play against a variety of opponents. You each get to roll one of your bowls (yours are red, your opponents are blue) down the green and get it closest to the jack (the white ball). You may knock your opponent's bowls out of play, and he may do the same to you, but if the jack goes out of play your opponent gets 2 points."

"At the end of each round, points are awarded depending on the number of bowls in play that you have nearest to the jack. If there are two blue balls closest, that means you score two points. The first to 7 wins the match, and moves on to play a harder opponent! Lastly, watch out, in later levels there may be hazards on the green that will hinder your play.

^Those are the rules/instructions given with the game. Personally, I think they are too confusing and boggle my mind on what to do. Let me explain it in my own words:

Each level, you get a new opponent to go against. You have to roll your red ball closest to the little white ball. If you get closest to the little white ball, you get points. If the opponent gets closest to the little white ball, they get points. It gets harder and harder and you must avoid the banana peels, black holes, and a whole bunch of other junkitty doo daa. You can hit your opponent's balls out of play, (sounds wrong, eh?) but if you hit the little white ball out of play, they get points. Bad bad thing to do.

I'm not sure if my rules make any more sense than TNT's, but anyways. Let's continue.

As in all games, there are cheats to use to help you throughout the game. There are 2 cheat codes for this game. The first one gets you double points. I ALWAYS use this. You will probably not be able to get the avatar without this. When you first load the pop-up box for the game, do NOT click anything. I repeat, do NOT click anything. When the main page loads, type 'shepherd'. The game should automatically start. If it doesn't, you most likely spelled it wrong.

Another cheat is typing in 'superbowl' on any level to skip it. You can do this any time during the game, but I don't recommend it because it will just be a waste of valuable points.

Now. We are ready to start. Open your window, use your 'shepherd' cheat code, and let's get this party started.

Our first opponent is Sir Hefferton, and we must score 7 points to win. We have 4 balls to get to the little white ball.

Sir Hefferton is pretty easy once you get better at this. If you are a very first time player, I have some tips:

-Use a piece of paper to line up your ball with the little white ball. Place a straight piece of white paper on your computer screen, and line up where the best place is to shoot your ball.

-Don't rush. If you rush, you are bound to lose. You must take your time and be relaxed.

Back to playing. Press continue, and it says "To release the bowl, you have to click on it, hold the mouse button down and drag it to the right. Control the side spin of the ball with the right and left arrow keys. Release the mouse button to roll the bowl"

These instructions are pretty clear. Don't pay attention to the sidespin part, you will never need to use that. It just makes the game harder.

Click continue. We are now finally ready to play.

If you want to use the piece of paper, go ahead. Line up your position.

As for shooting, you have to get used to it. Press the mouse down, drag it to the right just a little, and you will a red line come out of the Cybunny's head. Make sure this is STRAIGHT, or else your ball will go to the sides and get all messed up.

If you look down, you will see the power box. Drag your line to the right 'til the red bar it is a little to the right of the center of the power box. This usually is the right spot on the first round.

Make sure it is in the right position, the red line is straight, and etc. Let go of your mouse. And there goes your red ball! See how far it goes. If it goes too far, lower your power. If it doesn't to far enough, strengthen your power. Only lower and raise your power a little bit, though.

Do this with all 4 balls. Sir Hefferton usually aims way off of where the ball is, so he should be not really much trouble. Get 7 points, and move on to the next level.

I currently have 480 points. See? Already past half way to the avatar.

Our next opponent is Lord Briar Tree. Isn't that a weird name? He also is starry and pretty ugly to me.

We still have the same goal, 4 balls, and you need 7 points to win. But in this round, we have banana peels. At all costs, avoid those. Those bounce your ball off and make them go to the sides. Usually, you just go right above or below the banana. This usually calls for the almighty paper! Go ahead and stick that paper on the computer screen.

Lord Briar Tree uses his side spin, but don't even pay attention to him. Just relax, go slow, and bowl.

I now have 620. Wee! I'm on a roll. You should be too. If you lost, that's okay. Just X out the window, and start over. Don't forget to use your shepherd cheat code!

Our next opponent is Dr. Grumps. He is a challenge. But don't fear, the game guide is here! (corny, aren't I? XP)

The same routine, 4 balls 7 points. But this time, we have banana peels AND black holes. Black holes just take your ball and slurp it in. I VERY VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING THE FAMOUS PIECE OF PAPER!!! USE IT! You must get usually in between the banana peels and black holes to get to the little white ball.

If you are on your last point, and think you have it all and are going to win, think again. Dr. Grumps usually finds a way to knock your ball out. Beware!

Boo ya! I have 820 points. You should have 900 by now, but if you don't... let's continue.

Mr. Bluster is very hard.. I can barely beat him. I would suggest just starting over. I am, at least. If you want to try Mr. Bluster, go ahead and be my guest. He uses the side spins, and angles his bowls, so he is very challenging. You are very brave to go against him!

I hope my guide has helped you a lot. :)

The End.

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