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Three Powers: Fate - Part Three

by humblely


Also by Neox52492

"He's coming. I need to help..." the fire Yurble muttered, rolling over. Her muttering caused Hu, Ashkinzy and 5tari to jump back.

     "Who get you?" 5tari asked, being the bravest of the three.

     The Yurble turned to look up at the trio and with widened eyes, mumbled something that they couldn't comprehend and then said, "You, you...Hurry, leave. He's coming, and he's finding us all..."

     Ashkinzy and 5tari exchanged glances that told the other without moving their lips or thinking a message what had to be done. They had powers beyond their belief and in this short time they had a choice to make: Would they use the powers to help others... or...

     There was no other choice. They had to help the Yurble, and get her home and listen to what she had to say.

     "We're not leaving you," answered Hu with a hardened voice that the twins had never heard.

     "No, leave me, here. He'll not get much out of me. After all I'm only one, but with the twins, who knows what he plans to do with them. If he only knew that they were here..." stammered the Yurble and then collapsed.

     5tari, she knows about us. But, how?

     I don't know, Ashkinzy. We need to talk to her.

     Agreeing that it was the utmost importance for them to bring the Yurble home, they hurried home with the Yurble on Hu's back.

     Dabbing a wet cloth on the fainted Yurble's forehead, Hu sighed. She never knew things would get so complicated. Who was the 'he' that the Yurble was talking about? Were her twins in danger? The twins were currently upstairs, probably talking about the day's events. The Yurble stirred.

     "Ugh, where am I...? He's got me? No! It can't be! I'll never-" with this cry, the Yurble swatted at Hu with a paw.

     "Owe.... I guess you're awake. You're in my house," replied Hu, rubbing her scratched face.

     "Oh, Miss! I'm terribly sorry about that. For a moment, I thought I was..."

     "Pardon me, but can I ask you a few questions?"

     "Oh yes, Miss!"

     "What's your name? Who is 'he'? What is going on? How does this involve my twins?" demanded Hu.

     "I'm Apolla, goddess of the Sun. You see, I used to live on the Sun, itself," started Apolla, brushing a forelock out of her face.

     More goddesses?

     "How on Neopia is that possible?" interjected Hu. Neopets couldn't live in the Sun! They'd burn themselves and die!

     "When you're a goddess, almost anything's possible. You get a lot of special abilities. Sometimes, they're a curse to be with, especially with him around. He's..."


     5tari and Ashkinzy sat on 5tari's bed communicating through their thoughts.

     I think she woke up.

     How do you know? 5tari asked.

     Ashkinzy shrugged, I don't know, I just think she did.

     You don't think that she knew about us because... 5tari's thought trailed off but enough had been said. The same questions flew through the twin's heads. After a few more minutes of silence the two got up, swinging fins and hooves over the side of 5tari's bed and made their way into the living room where Hu and the mysterious Yurble were. Before they could enter the room to see if Apolla was awake, they both stopped abruptly in the same moment. There were many times when the twins' behavior was exactly the same without them conversing. Now, both of the pets stood just outside the doorway as a clear, exhausted voice drifted out of the door.

     "His name is Gozbin. It all started centuries ago, before... well, it happened centuries ago...

     "There was one great power of our world over all pets and humans alike. He wanted it for himself but one being, so he split it, could not contain the power. Though, something went very wrong..."

     The Yurble's smooth voice drifted to the hallway where the twins listened intently.

     "The power split into three parts and they fell to Neopia. Where each touched a pet was affected, I was one of them by the third of the power that powered the sun. Athena and Delxina were obviously affected by the other two thirds."

     "Gozbin immediately set out to find and claim the power split into three starting with me. There have been centuries of Neopets destined to be goddesses, we three happened to be the ones for this century. I fled to the sun where a mere Gelert like Gozbin, no matter how determined, could not follow me there. As Apolla, I am the sun goddess, so I am entitled to the ability to live in extreme hot weather. Hence, I lived in the Sun for many years. He didn't have enough power, power that he desired. I even built a palace for my home. For a time Gozbin was occupied with getting me out of the sun, and as you can see, he has succeeded. He never knew whom exactly who were the other ones who had gotten the powers, but if he finds me, he's sure to find them. He'll be here. He'll be following me. The twins aren't safe, and neither am I but I have more experience with him, I can hold him off for a while but Athena and Delxia must be prepared for the time when he defeats me and comes after them if not - they must be ready."

     "They must be ready... they must be ready." These words repeated themselves in Ashkinzy's and 5tari's minds. Gozbin? Power? They were in danger? All of them? Defeat? Lost in thought, the twins didn't notice the outside door opening.

     "I'm surprised that you would leave the door open, but you are all too stupid. She's here, isn't she? Where is she?" demanded the intruder.

     "Bu-What?" cried a surprised Ixi. The intruder had clenched an arm around the Ixi's neck. All she saw was a shadowed arm and she could not identify her attacker.

     "Put my sister down," order 5tari. The intruder, who was a shadow Gelert, just cackled.

     "Why should I?"

     "Because I just happen to be a star battledomer."

     "Hahah. Sure. Like a puny little Ko-" the Gelert gagged and released his grip on Ashkinzy. 5tari had lashed her tail at the intruder.

     During all this, Hu and Apolla had heard the crash.

     "I... I foresaw this happening. Please, go run. Leave me here. It's all my fault," stuttered Apolla.

     "No, Apolla. You, hide. I'll go help." With this, Hu left the kitchen ignoring Apolla's pleas.

     5tari, a highly skilled battledomer, had managed to be in a wrestling position with the shadow Gelert.

     "Gozbin?" wondered Hu. The Gelert grinned. It was an evil grin that could chill even the most hardened Neopian Defender down to the bone. His sharp white teeth gleamed in the evening light and his dark steel eyes showed no sign of mirth as they overlooked the red haired girl.

     "So she told you who I was? Where is she?" with this, he managed to shove the Koi to the side.

     "Why should I tell you?" answered in a high obnoxious voice of Hu's.

     "I can give you great powers, beyond your belief. Power, and you could even rule the Neopia!"

     "Psht, another power crazed villain," thought Hu to herself. Talking out loud, Hu answered, "I'm not telling. My lips are zipped up, and locked up with the key thrown away."

     "Perhaps you will change your mind," the Gelert answered, grabbing 5tari in an unbreakable grasp. The Koi struggled, and struggled, but could not manage to lose the grip he had on her. Ashkinzy's face paled, then reddened in anger.

     "5tari!" yelled Hu.

     "How dare you take my sister? How dare you enter my home, uninvited? How dare you, you scraggly pile of ashes!" shrieked Ashkinzy as she took a large bite out of the Gelert's arm. Scowling in pain, the Gelert let go.

     "You were looking for me?" a voice stabbed through the cries. The Gelert grinned even more.

     "Yes, yes. Now, if you would come willingly with me, I'll try to do it as least painful as I can," answered Gozbin.

     "I'll never come willingly. I have come to fight you, and dispense you of your evil."

     "Very well then, if you want it that way..." with this sentence, Gozbin threw a round object that smelled great maybe like Doughnut fruit and other tropical Neopian fruits, then the scent faded and the magic of the gas had worked. Everyone slumped over, unconscious. Examining at his work, and carefully covering his nose, Gozbin beamed. "Good work, Gozbin, future ruler of Neopia, good work..."

     Rubbing their heads, the family groaned.

     "Ugh, I have such a horrible headache."

     "What happened?'

     "Why are we in the hallway?"


     Apolla stretched, and rubbed her eyes. Where was she? She felt the cold metal on the ground, and she saw bars of iron. It was a cage. She had failed her task to defeat Gozbin. He had captured her after all. Neopia would be in ruins.

     "I'm glad that you have awakened..."

To be continued...

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