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Three Powers: Fate - Part Two

by humblely


"Anyone want to go for ice cream?" Hu asked coming into the silent room.

     "Yeah, that sounds good," 5tari said hopping off her bed.

     Ashkinzy smiled in response. The truth was she hadn't really ever had ice cream. Somehow the topic came up during the walk to the Food Store and Ashkinzy ended up telling them she wasn't sure she had ever eaten any ice cream before.

     "Never eaten any ice cream?" 5tari and Hu said in shock at the same moment.

     "I don't think so..." Ashkinzy told them.

     "Okay, then, that's reason enough for three scoops instead of just two," Hu announced to the sisters.

     They grinned at each other but still didn't say very much.

     Nine ice cream scoops later the three sat on a bench in the center of Neopia Central. The ice of the morning had melted away and they were growing more comfortable with one another.

     "That's the Rainbow Pool, right?" Ashkinzy asked looking at the colorful pool in the center of the grassy area.

     "Yep, I painted 5tari faerie in that exact pool," Hu informed the Ixi.

     5tari saw bits of the exciting day in her mind before saying, "Yeah, it was great. I was so excited and when I came out it was such a wonderful sensation to know I was painted. It sort of sets you apart, you know?"

     Ashkinzy nodded enthusiastically.

     "It took me a long time to get the paint brush but 5tari's worth it," Hu said with a wink at them both.


     "Can you sleep?" 5tari whispered.

     "No," came her sister's reply from the other bed.

     "Me neither," the Koi said as she sat up.

     Ashkinzy did the same.

     "It feels like I have a new life or something," Ashkinzy told her new sister.

     "I know its... different. A really good different," 5tari said.

     The two bit their lips to keep from saying what both felt. They didn't notice it then but the two-shared characteristics very closely as well as thoughts.

     "And there's also - " Ashkinzy began, stopping in mid-sentence.

     "Go on," 5tari told her.

     Ashkinzy took a deep breath and decided to just get it out in as few words as possible and in one breath she blurted, "I feel like I know you. I'm not sure how. I can't explain it its just... just a really strong feeling."

     5tari's face lit up realizing her new sister felt the same way, "Me too!" she exclaimed. Immediately 5tari realized she had spoken too loud and sort of shrunk back as if that would make her words quiet themselves.

     "I felt it at the pound, too, when I first saw you," Ashkinzy said in a whisper.

     "Yeah, I know. It's weird isn't it?" the Koi asked.

     Neither pet slept a bit that night. They talked about everything and nothing at all. They shared feelings that had been held back for too long and when morning finally came Hu came into find the two pets exhausted, but beaming.

     "Hey you sleepy heads. It's morning. Time to get up," sang Hu as she pulled both of the Neopets out of bed. "Did 5tari's snoring get to you?"

     Both Neopets yawned at the same exact time.

     "Well, not-" started Ashkinzy just as 5tari started protesting, "What snore-"

     They paused, gasping at Hu. Giggling so much that she was almost having her own little earthquake, she paused to catch her breath. Their owner was laughing so hard that she was on the floor, knocking on the smooth pine wood floors.

     "What's so funny?" demanded 5tari, being the impatient of the two, who stood up straight, glaring at her owner. Her sister gave a confused look and shrugged her shoulders.

     "*Pant* Well, I *pant* didn't know that *pant* it was true *pant*, but now that I've seen *pant* yo-" huffed Hu, as she laid on 5tari's unmade bed. A few moments later, after Hu had caught her breath, the trio sat at the kitchen table.

     "You both are sisters. Twins to be exact," announced Hu.

     "So that was what the, the feelings were about!" shouted 5tari.

     "Wow," mumbled Ashkinzy. It all started making since, but how did Hu know that?

     "When I was adopting you, Ash, Dr. Death told me everything that he knew about you. He said that he recognized 5tari's eyes and that led him to believe that you were destined to be with us. Of course, something else was puzzling to me still..."explained Hu

     "Do go on," persuaded Ashkinzy.

     "He said something about twins being brought back together, something about magic, and goddesses. He said that you, Ashkinzy, were the Goddess of Stars, Delxina. He also said that you, 5tari, were the Goddess of War, Athena..." said Hu softly.

     "Goddesses? Us?" wondered the twins in unison.



     This was three weeks ago before everything else happened, when we had that discussion. But now, we've figured things out. We now know that we have a bit of magic, and communicate with one another through telepathy. However, Hu is just a normal human being. It's been a bit hard for her. Sometimes, we have these moments where we- 5tari and me- talk to each other with telepathy, leaving Hu out. She doesn't get mad, but nods wistfully and looks out the window.


     (third person view)

     "Uh, Hu? Do you mind it if you could possibly tell us where you're bringing us?" questioned 5tari. It was three weeks ago since the discussion. So many things were figured out about the twins' past. However, today they had decided to take a break from all the chaos.

     Sis, I sense that Hu's hiding something from us... Ashkinzy forwarded her thought to 5tari. 5tari nodded.

     "We're going on a walk, a uh, stroll. That's it. We're going on a stroll!" decided the reddish brownish haired girl.

     "A stroll? You took us out for a stroll?" 5tari rolled her eyes. Her twin, the Ixi, just raised an eyebrow.

     "Since when?"

     "Yes, and oh, here we are," boomed Hu as she halted for a moment. Ashkinzy whirled around, observing the scenery around her. Something seemed quite familiar about this...

     The POUND?! exclaimed 5tari's thought. This was weird. Was Hu planning on them adopting another sister? There were too much unsettled things, and a sister would just add to them. Unless, they were being abandoned...

     We know Hu too well. She wouldn't do that. She would never do that...

     "Hu, why did you bring us to the pound?" demanded 5tari, pointing a fin at the canvas white building. Hu, who had been busy staring off somewhere, turned to face 5tari.

     "What? The pound? We didn'- oh I see. No, we didn't come to the pound. We came to go paint someone a pretty color..." Hu pointed a finger at the Rainbow Fountain that foamed with crystal blue colored water.

     "Ohh..." 5tari sighed a sigh of relief.

     Wow, we are sure dumb, commented Ashkinzy to 5tari.

     "So what color are we painting 5tari today?" asked Ashkinzy. Hu shook her head.

     "Actually, we're painting you. How about it? I thought a starry paintbrush would be a good color for you, seeing how you're..." answered Hu in her normal chirpy voice.

     Delxina. Don't ever forget your name. It will always be a part of you...

     "Who said that?" wondered Ashkinzy.

     "What? I didn't say anything," replied 5tari in a puzzled voice.

     I gave it to you. Remember to take care of your powers...

     "Huh?" 5tari had heard the voice in Ashkinzy's thoughts.

     Who are you, and what are you doing in my sister's mind?

     You'll find out soon enough...

     Whatever. Ashkinzy. Let's get you into the pool!

     "Oh my gosh! Wow, this is great!" cried Ashkinzy as she swam in the fountain. Dipping the starry paintbrush in the pool, Hu smiled. 5tari watched by, congratulating her. Ashkinzy laughed. It was a sensational feeling, almost like the feeling of knowing that 5tari and her were twins.

     Something was wrong, though. 5tari could sense it too. It was night? The stars glittered like precious gems. They had just gone to the rainbow fountain, and it was morning. How could it have been night already?

     "Wow, it's night. I guess when you're really having a good time, time flies," noted Hu. Ashkinzy stepped out of the pool.

     "You really look good," commented her twin.

     Is it just me, or did something else happen when you stepped into that pool?

     5tari, I don't know what happened. It was really sunny outside, and suddenly it became night.

     Could it have possibly been a power of yours?

     I guess so, but I didn't ask it to be night. I felt so sensational when I was being painted...

     Walking back home, Hu turned to her two Neopets.

     "So what do you want for dinn-" started Hu as a blur of red appeared, as if it came from the sky. Knocking into her, and causing her to fall, the twins looked cautiously.

     "Are you alright, Hu?"

     "I'm fine, but what was that thing?"

     "I think it's a fire Yurble."

     "What was it doing?"

     "I think it woke up."

     Hu took a twig and poked at the creature. The creature squealed. It was awake.

To be continued...

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