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Fuzzles of Doom

by environment312


Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars

You probably played it once or twice before, earning around 30 points a level, dying at level 3 or 4, right? Well, this will help a lot! You will earn around 90 points per level, more in those high levels. If you play this 3 times a day when mastered, you can earn 3000 NP per day! It makes it easier to earn NP and to get the trophy. This game requires patience, aiming skills and practise. I practised many times before finally getting to level 20. Yep, level 20. Unbelievable? Well play now before reading the guide and play after reading the guide. You will see a big difference, even after the first level!

Before you play, I ask you to set your game window to Large or X-Large (better than Large). You will have more control and you will see better. If you can’t close the window afterwards or if it is too big, press F4 and try Large. You can select Window Size by the lower left of the game launching area (before Click to Play). Next, don’t choose low quality, it is VERY distracting. Finally, take this level by level not by reading the whole thing at once. Good Luck!

Lower Levels Guide

Level 1 – Click on every fuzzle that appears. Don’t miss any. Also remember to blast the “attacking” bombs. Attacking bombs are bombs that come down the middle of the screen. Other bombs don’t “attack”. If you do miss any, restart the game. Click the bonus button when the screen says Approaching Station! After that message, click the gold bonus button every 2 fuzzles. You should end up with a total of 90-105 VirtuCreds. What to buy: the MegaGun 2, radar. You should also consider purchasing 2 or 3 stun bombs but don’t use it yet.

Level 2 – Click on every fuzzle on the screen again. Don’t miss any attacking bombs. If you are afraid you will miss any, click the gold button every 10 fuzzles. Every time you click it you will get 30 points (every 10 fuzzles) Do not let attacking bombs attack you. After the Approaching Station message, click the button every 2 fuzzles. This rule will be used until the higher levels. You should have 85-100 VirtuCreds. What to buy: MegaGun 3, 2 to 3 stun bombs (you can only have 5!); also if you have any remaining VirtuCreds, buy 1 or 2 shields.

Level 3 – Click on every fuzzle on the screen or if you don’t have a steady hand, click the gold button every 15 fuzzles. Fuzzles will come in from the side; use your radar to find out which side. The red lights indicate fuzzles from left or right side. Sometimes you will see them coming, sometimes they come from a 180 degree angle. You will notice that the fuzzles are a darker colour. They are more powerful, that’s why you need the MegaGuns. You should have 90-110 VirtuCreds. What to buy: MegaGun 4 (if you have enough), If not, buy the repair droid and buy as many stun bombs and shields as possible

Level 4 – If you did not buy MegaGun 4, click the gold button every 10 fuzzles! The grey fuzzles need 2 clicks and the pink ones need 1 click. Don’t let attacking bombs attack you. Fuzzles might blast your “hull” a little bit but you should be fine. If you bought the repair droid, you will notice your hull integrity increasing. That what repair droids do, they repair your hull every 100 meters (up to 100). This is your security; if your hull reaches 0 then you have lost! What to buy next: MegaGun 4 if necessary. DO NOT BUY MegaGun 5; the powerful fuzzles need 2 shots, regardless of gun level. Stock up on stun bombs and shields. Do not buy smart bombs.

Higher Levels Guide

Level 5 – Dark fuzzles need 2 shots, grey ones need 1 shot. Shoot bombs and fuzzles accordingly. Remember to shoot black ones first before grey ones, they damage more. What to buy: Repair droid. If you didn’t buy the repair droid on level 3, buy 2 repair droids if possible. You will notice bombs and shields increase to 20 VirtuCreds.

Level 6 – All fuzzles need 2 shots now. Shoot bombs first. Use 1 stun bomb if necessary. What to buy: Repair Droid, stun bomb (if 1 was used)

Level 7 – Same as level 6. Use 2 stun bombs. Do not use any stun bombs if you are 200 metres close to the next station. These are the most powerful fuzzles. Click the gold button every 10 fuzzles. What to buy: Stun bombs, if you have enough VirtuCreds buy the repair droid.

Level 8 – This, I find is easier than level 7. Learn to shoot at the side. If the radar says fuzzle at the right but you don’t see one coming, it must be coming to you at a 180 degree angle. Shoot left of the Shields (20 max) number and right of your viewable area. It may take a couple of tries to get this right. On the left side, shoot 1.5 to 2 cm from the top of you’re your viewable area. You can shoot off your viewable area. Most fuzzles are coming to you at a 180 degree direction. This is an essential skill if you want to beat level 9. Click the gold button every 11 fuzzles. Buy the remaining repair droid and stun bombs.

Level 9 – Use 4 or 5 stun bombs. Replenish the stun bomb supply at the end. Stuff costs 40 VirtuCreds now.

Level 10 – Use the shields. They protect you from the fuzzles. Use stun bombs as necessary. 1 shield can protect you from 4 fuzzles. Try to keep your shield there for as long as you can. When the shield has been blasted through, it will say Shield Down! Unlike stun bombs, shields can carry through to the next station. Do not use more than 2 shields for this level. From now on, only buy stun bombs and shields.

Level 11 – Use stun bombs and shields accordingly. Click the gold button every 2 fuzzles. If you can’t click it, don’t worry. It is important to keep your hull integrity up than to have more VirtuCreds.

Level 12 and 13 – In either of these levels, bombs and shields increase to 80 VirtuCreds. Buy whatever you think is helpful.

After level 13, I can no longer help you. Distances from a station to another increases and so does the price of the stuff there. The one thing you shouldn’t do is buy MegaGun 5 and 6. You shouldn’t buy Smart Bombs. They only clear 2 fuzzles per use. Do not panic when there is a Hull Breach. Aim for the bombs first. Your repair droids will increase 8 units of hull integrity for every 100 meters.

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