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Negg Sweeper - The Game You Didn’t Know About

by cyanamide


GAMES ROOM - Whenever you ask a fellow Neopian what games they play to make Neopoints quickly, you always hear the same things: Meerca Chase, Turmac Roll, Ultimate Bullseye, Destruct-O-Match, and Bouncy Supreme. What would you say if I told you that another game that can give you just as many Neopoints in an equal amount of time just as easily was Negg Sweeper? I bet most Neopians wouldn’t believe me. You may even be laughing at me now, but the joke is on you! Just to prove to all of you cynical Neopians out there that I’m right, I wrote this article.


The first thing to being able to make Neopoints while playing a game is to understand its concept. You don’t play Turmac Roll thinking that you’re supposed to roll into the tree trunks, do you? Negg Sweeper seems to be complicated, but it’s actually very simple. The idea of the game is to identify all of the neggs within the puzzle, and identifying all of the bombs.

The neggs in the game, once clicked on, are represented by numbers. Those numbers indicate how many bombs surround them. For example, if your click on a box and it reveals an eight, it means that there are 8 bombs surrounding that box. If you click on a box and it reveals a three, that means that there are three bombs surrounding it. Simple enough, right? The number means that it is in direct contact with however many bombs shown, which means that there are no other neggs to be found in between of the bombs and itself. There are eight (with exceptions to corners) surrounding boxes to each negg; there is one on top, one on bottom, one to the right, one to the left, and four that touch each negg diagonally. These are all counted as spaces that the number could indicate hold a bomb.

But how do you know which box is a bomb, and which is a negg? It’s actually very simple. You should always start off in a corner, which automatically eliminates five spaces that a bomb could have potentially been hidden. Yes, sometimes you may be a little unlucky and the corner could turn out to be a bomb, but it is very rare. Once you’ve clicked the corner box, a number will appear. If it’s a three, you know right away that every box in contact with it is a bomb. If it’s a one or two, you need to take a guess and click on the box you think is not the bomb. I usually will take the boxes to the right or left (depending on which corner you choose to begin at) instead of top or bottom. Just remember that the first few boxes are always the trickiest, and they are the ones that require the most luck. Once you’ve found where you think a bomb will go, hold down the control key and click on the box. An X will appear over the negg, and you won’t be able to click on it until you ‘unflag’ it by holding down control and clicking on it again.

With all that knowledge, you should be able to open up a fairly large portion of the puzzle. As you reveal more and more spaces, the easier it should be for you to continue on. Just remember that if the number is a one, there can only be one bomb in contact with it, no more. The same goes with all the numbers, there must be the exact amount of bombs in contact with it as the number shows.

Special Moves

The Secret Negg- There are numerous spots where you can encounter a “secret” negg. These are random neggs that hold Neopoints to add to your jackpot. There are purple neggs, rainbow neggs, blue neggs, and various other neggs as well. They all add a certain amount of Neopoints to the jackpot when you find them by clicking on them.

The special clearing- Whenever you clear a large portion of neggs at one time by clicking on a negg which turns out to be a blank space, it opens up the surrounding neggs, and the game gives you Neopoints to add to your jackpot. You usually need to clear over 30 neggs to get this bonus, which gives you 30 points added to your jackpot. If you open up 39 spaces, then you get 39 Neopoints added to your jackpot. So basically you are rewarded one Neopoint to each box that you uncover.

Winning the Game

When you clear out all of the spaces and have identified all of the bombs, you win the game, giving you your score of the jackpot in Neopoints. If you play in hard mode, the average score is usually about 800-1000 Neopoints, on medium it’s usually 400-800 Neopoints and easy is usually 300-500 Neopoints. A game in hard mode should only take you about 15 minutes to solve correctly, medium should take about 10 minutes, and easy should take roughly 5 minutes.

As you can see, three games in hard mode will give you a total of 3,000 Neopoints each day, which can help you achieve your goal much more quickly. I encourage every Neopian to give Negg Sweeper a shot, as it truly is a fantastic game that can earn you quite a lot of Neopoints in a small amount of time. Of course, you should always remain patient, and a little bit of luck on your side couldn’t hurt either.

As with all games, practice makes perfect. You cannot expect to win every game that you play, or get onto the high scores right off the bat. Just like most of the other chance and puzzle games, you can only continue playing for prizes until you’ve won 3,000 Neopoints. After that you can continue playing for free, but you will not receive any prizes. Negg Sweeper also costs 30 Neopoints to play, but when you think about it, it’s a really good trade; 30 Neopoints for up to 1000 Neopoints. That’s pretty fair, wouldn’t you say?

So now I bid you farewell and good luck, and hopefully my article made a small impact on your busy, Neopian lives. If you still don’t believe it’s not just as good as any other flash game, you obviously haven’t tried playing yet.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about Negg Sweeper, or this article, I’d love to help you out. Feel free to Neomail me and ask, I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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