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What They Don't Tell You About Usuki Frenzy...

by x_rooster_x


GAMES ROOM - You look at the bottom of that screen trying to see which Usukis to gather, but you can’t seem to get the right ones in a good enough time to get a trophy! Frustrated, right? Fortunately, I’ve put together this trusty guide to help. Usuki Frenzy isn’t at all one of those games you play to get a truckload of Neopoints with! I’m not going to lie. I think that Meerca Chase II or Turmac Roll is far better- if all you want is Neopoints! Although the Neopoint ratio for Usuki Frenzy is nothing to be happy about (150 NP per 100 pts scored), you CAN get a cool trophy from it! All it requires is some skill and a bit of luck.

Before we get into all the details, we should skim over the rules first.


With her parents screaming at her to leave, Sally the Usul has two minutes to run about her house and pick up her ten favourite Usuki sets to dress her Usuki Dolls. Are you up to the challenge?

Use the Arrow Keys to move Sally through all 5 rooms of her Neohome. If you pick up a wrong set, quickly place it back on the shelf before you continue.


That seems simple enough. Now let’s get that trophy- Nope, not quite yet! There are a few things you should know before you skip into the games section. Let’s get into the skills needed to do well in this game. Shall we?


Do you ever find yourself staring at the bottom of the screen looking at the Usukis you need as if it’s a checklist? If you were thinking that is the only way to do it, think again! You don’t even need that “checklist”! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain. Sally the Usul (the main character) ALWAYS wants the same Usukis! When I play, I just find myself searching for the same things over and over. They may appear in a different order but they will always be the same items. You might as well memorize or familiarize yourself with what she wants. Looking at the bottom of the screen as if it’s a checklist surely won’t get you a trophy! I took a snapshot of the items she always asks for. Why not take a look below?

Take your time to get those pictures in your mind. You don’t have to be able to perfectly memorize them, but you should be able to pick these Usukis out from a pile of other ones.

Now that you know that you must remember those images, let’s get to the other half of the part about the skill required to win at this game. You must know shortcuts. You can’t take the long way to get the item you’re walking to. Remember that whichever route you take, do not travel numerous times into the same room. Always gather whatever you need from one room and then leave for another. Here are the two routes that work well. It’s your decision which one you would like to use.

Route #1- From the bedroom, go into the bathroom by going right. From there, travel up into the dining room. Go left into the kitchen, and end by going further left into the living room.

Route #2- From the bedroom, go up into the kitchen. Make a left into the living room. Turn right back into the kitchen. Keep going right until you reach the dining room. From there, go south to the bathroom.

Don’t forget all the little routes you take without thinking, like swerving in one direction just a tiny bit when going to your destination. Remember, everything counts; it always pays to take the shorter route. You may think it’s not important, but it is! It makes you take less time, helping you get a better score.

(NOTE: When going into the living room, do not think that you can access it from all directions. You can only access it from the middle and not the top or bottom. Remember this when going into the living room. It can save you some time!)


Scoring is a little complicated. Let’s say you get 187 as your total score. You collected all ten items in 35 seconds. You get 10 points for each of the items but you lose 3 points for each of the wrong items you got. The items points were 100 points in that case and your Time Bonus was 87. You had 1:27 left when you won. So I’m guessing that the 1:27 is added up to get 87 seconds. Therefore, your total is 187. If you aren’t interested in processing in your brain what I just wrote, don’t worry. It’s not extremely important, though it’s a good thing to know if you want to know when to stop playing. Don’t hesitate to click that X in the corner if you know you don’t have enough points to meet your goal.


Although you do need skills for Usuki Frenzy, you will also need a little bit of luck. Here’s why: When you start playing, the places where the Usukis are at are totally random. That means that you might find the Usuki you need stuck in the middle of two you don’t need. If you ever find yourself in a situation in which it’s impossible to avoid a Usuki you don’t need, then just click out of the game and restart it. Just hope that you won’t get bad luck again!

There is also something else to watch out for when playing. When you go left into the living room from the kitchen or go right into the dining room from the kitchen, there may be a Usuki that you will walk into right when you reach that room! If that happens, just click out of the game and restart it. Never keep playing if you find you picked up the wrong Usuki. That subtracts 3 points from your point total and also takes up a lot of time! Be cautious when walking into another room (especially the living room and the dining room) and be a little slow, just so you don’t run into a random Usuki. Then, once that’s out of the way, go as fast as you can! Time is money, or should I say “Time is Neopoints!”

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