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A Wizards Beginning: Part Four

by sirussblack


The Training

Ramek woke up in a daze and saw that Tyvek had arrived early and was peering through a large brown dictionary that Ramek kept by his bed. "Good morning," came the call from the Ruki as he shut the dictionary and took himself off of the stool he sat on. The stool disappeared before Rameks' eyes. "Oh, sorry about that," he said, pointing to the empty area where the stool had been. "A little magic is all."

     The yellow Draik nodded and slowly got out of bed, rubbing his eyes. "Did you have to come so early?" Ramek muttered in a breath. He was tired and was in no mood to train at the moment.

     "Bright and early," Tyvek said. It hadn't answered Rameks question at all, but he figured out what he meant after thinking about it for sometime.

     Ramek got out of bed and walked around his room, his eyes almost closed. "When do we start?" he asked, only half interested.

     "Right now. We have to get to business now. It's almost half past twelve and you're still tired," Tyvek commented and walked over to Ramek. "C'mon. I want to finish this training as soon as possible." He said a few words that Ramek couldn't make out and in his hands appeared a steaming plate of eggs and bacon. "You want something to eat?"

     The smell of food in front of him woke Ramek up slightly and he got to work with his hands, plowing the scrambled eggs into his mouth and savoring the juicy and tender bacon. "How did you make this?"

     Tyvek chuckled. "Magic can be very helpful sometimes, especially when you're hungry."

     Ramek half-smiled and half-sighed. Though the meal had woken him up somewhat, he still wanted to feel the warmth of his red covers on his body. After eating, the plate evaporated and the Draik saw that Tyvek had pointed his finger at the plate as soon as he saw that Ramek was finished.

     "Now, let's get started," Tyvek exclaimed, sounding excited.

     Ramek slowly got up from his bed and stood still near Tyvek, looking at the wall and hoping he could doze off without the Green Ruki noticing.

     "Hey, no sleeping," came the yell from Tyvek and he ran over to Rameks' bedside and grabbed the red covered manual. "Now, find the page after the Retrieval Spell and read it. After you're done, report back to me. I'm going to read that very interesting book I got engrossed in this morning.

     "It's a dictionary," Ramek replied sarcastically.

     "Indeed it is," Tyvek noted and walked happily over to the desk where the large dictionary lay.

     Ramek shook his head and then opened the book, flipping through the pages he had already read. When he got to the Retrieval Spell page, he started to read about his next spell.

      Move Spell

     This Verse is short and to the point. It allows a person to make something to another place within viewing limits. There are some restrictions against this spell but you'll be alerted towards any of these if you do happen to encounter one of them (which is highly unlikely unless you were attempting to move a building or a person besides yourself). This spells Verse is as follows. Please say it clearly and precisely as there is a spell similar to this one later in the book. "Marcio, meklla, whrsoe, ee." The following is all in the Language and you should ask your Counselor to tell you the exactly pronunciation of these.

     This spell has the ability to be a Stored Spell and the incantation for Storage is whatever variable you set it to. There are mild Magic Incantation Effects (now called Effects) that you may run into such as swelling of the finger and mouth numbing. Most things should not be a problem and are extremely rare. There are certain people who have a Reaction to this spell and may not be able to complete this spell without injuring themselves, though this is very unlikely.

     "Okay," Ramek said, after he had finished reading the short passage. Below it was a diagram that he quickly looked over while Tyvek was walking toward him.

     "Good, good," he said and rested his hand on the Draiks shoulder. "Now, I have to teach you the incantation. The first word is 'marcio'. It is pronounced most like how it would sound in the Normal language. Try it."

     "Marcio," Ramek said. It sounded strange as the words rolled off his tongue.

     Tyvek smiled. "You're doing great. The next one is a bit trickier. 'Meklla'. Try saying it exactly how I said it."

     "Mek...meklla," Ramek attempted and eventually came up with the desired result.

     "Good. Now, 'whrsoe'. This one is a bit tricky," Tyvek commented. "Try it."

     Ramek had a great deal of trouble but eventually tackled both 'wrsoe' and the easiest of the four words, EE

     "Great," Tyvek commented. "Now, try it out. Point to that chair over there and then say the first two words of the incantation. After that, point to the place you want it and say the final two."

     The Draik nodded and looked at the wooden chair and concentrated, focusing all his mind onto the chair. Without even thinking the Verse, the slipped out of his mouth. "Marcio meklla." He then moved him finger about twenty feet over to the left and concentrated on an empty area of the room. "Wrsoe EE" The words lingered in the air for a moment and Ramek watched the chair slide across the room, making a slight grinding noise on the floor, and to the spot Ramek had been watching.

     He then heard Tyvek clapping and turned around. "Well done," he said, continuing to smash his hands together. "Best first time I've seen in years. You have it in you, I'll tell you that much." He finished clapping but the smile didn't cease. It remained on his face, almost reaching his eyes.

     "Thanks..." Ramek muttered, feeling proud of himself. He stared at the chair that was now in the middle of the room. He had moved it. He was starting to feel more and more like a Wizard every time he completed a spell. And then the thought hit him. He was becoming a Wizard.

     "Onto the next spell," Tyvek said. "Read the Manual for the next spell while I go back to reading the...dictionary. It's very intriguing."

     Ramek smiled. "Yeah, I bet it is." He then flipped to the next page and his stomach flipped. Transportation Spell. It sounded advanced but was relieved when below it was only a few paragraphs of text. Maybe it was a basic one. His eyes than started to scroll across the page in a frenzy, eager to learn more.

      The Transportation Spell is rather easy though consists of a lot of mind power. What you must do is concentrate on a place in view and then say the incantation. There are other more advanced spells than this that send you anywhere with the right coordinates, but this one is very basic. You must look at a place wherever and then say the Verse while concentrating on your destination point.

     The Verse for this is in the Normal language due to the spells simplicity. This spell was updated recently to include an even shorter version of the Verse (the original was over three and a half lines). "Move me over there." The Verse is simple enough but does not always give the desired result and sometimes may send you to another area or not move you at all.

     "I'm done," came the words from Rameks mouth and Tyvek rushed over and smiled. "Okay, we're going to go from inside this room to outside your window. Now, come over here to the window and look outside on the sidewalk." Tyvek ushered the Draik near the window and let him peer outside.

     "What if someone sees us?" Ramek questioned, continuing to look outside.

     "Good thinking," Tyvek said and after that said a few words that didn't appear to do anything. When the Ruki saw the puzzlement on Rameks face, he explained. "I just cast a cloaking spell so that anyone who isn't a wizard cannot see us." Ramek nodded and then went back to his position at the window. "Okay, say the Verse."

     Ramek took a deep breath and concentrated on one spot outside. He wasn't ready to say the Verse but a strange notion forced the words out. The Wizardry was working its course. "Move me over there." Ramek closed his eyes and felt a strong breeze. When he opened them, he was traveling through a black void. Did he do the spell wrong? No. His eyes were still closed. He opened them again and saw green leaves floating through the air and large trees towering up above him. He could see some pets off in the distance playing ball. And he looked behind him and saw Tyvek, jumping up and down and smiling.

     "I DID IT!" Ramek shouted and knelt on the ground. He had completed the Transportation Spell and was now outside in the cool breeze. He was a Wizard. He was actually a Wizard.

To be continued...(in issue 193)

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