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A Wizards Beginning: Part Three

by sirussblack


Image by cosmicfire918

The Counselor

Ramek went to sleep that night with the words of the Statement ringing in his ears, echoing throughout the night. I swear from that this point on I will practice the Art of Wizardry and learn the Language that goes with it. From the Initial Journey to the End, I will protect the universe and many others for the greater good. I understand that, if I give up this Art, I will not remember about the Art and only die peacefully. I swear that I will not give up no matter what case may come my way. The Statement had so much meaning to Wizardry. It was the beginning of the Art. Proclaiming that you would follow it was a challenge. And, if you didn't follow it, then you would forget about the Art and Wizardry and go back to a normal life. There was always an escape plan.

     The Yellow Draik tossed and turned in his bed, dreaming about everything that had happened the past night. The Manual, the Spell...and...he wasn't sure exactly what to make of it. Was it real or was it just a very detailed and realistic dream? A smash on the window woke Ramek up and answered his question once and for all. It wasn't a dream.

     Ramek jumped out of bed and ran over to his window, his claws clanging on the hardwood floor. He opened the window and stuck his head outside, peering from left to right. There was a small shadow in the corner of his house, shivering and hiding. "Who are you?" Ramek whispered, hoping his owner wouldn't hear him.

     There was no answer from the other end at first. Then, a buzzing sound started that filled the night air. From the dark corner emerged a Ruki, large in size with a green coating. "I am Tyvek, Counselor for the East of West during--"

     "Come in, come in," Ramek said, moving away from the window so the bedraggled Counselor could enter. Ramek had read about the Counselor. He was there to help Ramek while he learned both the Spells and the Language.

     In the light of his room, Ramek saw exactly what the Ruki looked like. He had a black bowler hat hanging askew on the top of his head. He was dressed in a ragged black tuxedo with a bright red tie. His legs were covered by a long and baggy pair of dress pants. On his face were a pair of glasses, drifting on the bridge of his nose. "Hello, Ramek," he said in a now calm and cool voice, soothing to the ear. "I-I see you have found the Manual safe and sound. Have you read anything out of it, besides the Statement?"

     Ramek nodded while closing his window and pulling the curtains back. "Yes, I've read the introduction of Spells and practiced the Retrieve Spell."

     "Oh, very good!" Tyvek exclaimed, sounding delighted. "Now, did you say the Verse correctly and get the Consummation?"

     The Draik stared at him for a moment. "The what?"

     Tyvek looked bewildered for a moment and then quickly spat out an answer. "Oh, you wouldn't know what the Consummation is. It's later in the Manual. The end result. Did you get the end result?"

     Ramek nodded. "Right, yes, of course."

     "Okay, then," Tyvek quieted and looked at the strewn covers on the bed. "Oh..." he muttered in a despondent way. "You were sleeping. I'm terribly sorry. I'll...I'll come back tomorrow."

     "No, stay," Ramek said. He wanted to ask a few questions before the night was over. "I don't mind. I have a few questions to ask you, anyway."

     Tyvek looked at him closely. "Oh...okay then. I'll just - Is it okay to sit on your bed?" After a quick nod from Ramek, the Ruki placed himself down on the covers and waited to speak until Ramek took a seat next to him. "What kind of questions do you have?"

     Ramek thought for a moment. He had many questions but couldn't differ between questions that were common sense and questions he needed to know the answers for. He sat for quite a few minutes, watching Tyvek wait patiently. Finally, his voice piped up with his first question. "Why...why was I chosen to do this? Why do they want me to be a Wizard?"

     "I thought you'd ask that," Tyvek said, turning his head to look at Ramek on the bed. "You possess certain qualities that are deemed 'good' in a Wizards standpoint. I cannot tell you exactly why you were chosen but most people are chosen because of their loyalty and bravery, which I can plainly see with barely knowing you. There is also the factor of knowledge. You must be interested in the world and in learning new things constantly. I'm assuming you like to read, eh?" A quick nod from Ramek answered his question. "There you go. Reading possess more power than imaginable. The feeling you get when reading a new and enjoyable book in only a fraction of the feeling you get when practicing Wizardry. Now, I will never say Wizardry is easy. It is the hardest thing you could ever do. has benefits as well as cons, as does everything else. And the Power thinks you have the qualities needed to be a Wizard." Tyvek had gotten up while he was speaking and now was pacing around the room, his hands folded in front of him.

     Ramek took a few moments to absorb the information before answering his next question. He was special. Somehow, he had something that others didn't and he had an opportunity at something that not many people had. For once in his life, he felt he had something that no one else had. And he deserved it. "What's the Language?"

     "Ah, the Language is a certain dialect that Wizards use. The Language has the ability to describe things better than the Normal language can," Tyvek started, continuing to walk around the room. "The Language is hard to learn at first but once the words and principles are picked up and understood, you usually store it inside your mind very easily. A Wizard normally doesn't communicate with other Wizards through the Language due to the sheer magic ability that the Language has. Though not spoken to one another through tongue, many Wizards choose to speak the Language in their mind so they can transmit thoughts clearer to both themselves and other Wizards."

     "Okay..." Ramek nodded and sat there for a moment. The information was coming in too fast. It was too much for him. But, his Counselor was there now and... Rameks thoughts were interrupted by another question. "Why were you appointed to be my Counselor?"

     A chuckle emitted from Tyveks' mouth but he quickly quieted and started answering the question. "There are over a thousand different Counselors. Each is assigned a separate perimeter to monitor. I, for example, control all the Wizards that come up to be from Market Street to Aisha Avenue. Then, another Wizard takes over the uncovered areas. Because there aren't many new Wizards in this area a year, I'll also take shifts in other locations if the amount of Wizards in another area in overwhelming for the Active Counselor. So, I'm assigned to you now and I hope that you're the only Wizard that needs training as...I want a vacation." He ended the speech with a cheerful tone while examining something that lay on Rameks' desk.

     "How long does all this training take?" Ramek asked, watching Tyvek examine the toy.

     Tyvek quickly put it down on the desk with a bang when he heard the next question. "Training takes only a few days, depending on the person. I've had a Wizard who was able to complete training in only twelve hours and get out of the training and onto his Initial Journey." His voice saddened when he talked about the Initial Journey and Ramek started to wonder if it was more than he expected. "Generally, I am usually a very quick Counselor and go through the training sessions fast as, when I was a new Wizard, I was assigned one of the worst Counselors there was at that time. His training took several weeks and by the time I was out of the training, it felt as if my Initial Journey had already passed. So, I've learned from that and try to keep my lessons short and precise, so you know what you need to without a load of useless background information. And, judging by what I see in you, you have the ability to beat even the student that completed my course in twelve hours. You special, Ramek. I have to tell you that much. Best Wizard qualities I've seen in ages."

     Ramek smiled at this thought. The best he's ever had? That was amazing. At that moment, he felt as if he was on top of a cloud. He was the best. He was the ultimate. Pass through the training and then onto the Initial Journey. Wait...the Journey. He had to ask. "What are Initial Journeys like?"

     Tyvek turned to Ramek and smiled. "Usually not horrible. Initial Journeys usually consist of a small task that needs to be done in order to keep the Wizard world stable and trouble free. Of course, there is the odd Wizard who has to complete a deadly Journey but that rarely happens. And, just to tell you, the Wizard world is completely stable so don't expect one of those deadly Initial Journeys that you probably wouldn't come out of in one piece."

     Ramek let out a sigh of relief. He then yawned and covered his mouth with his claw. He was tired and, though he didn't want to admit it, needed a good nights sleep. "I think you should go for tonight," Ramek said in between yawns.

     Tyvek nodded. "I can see you're tired. I'll let you wake up by yourself. I'll know you're awake. See you tomorrow..." he glanced at a watch that was placed on his wrist. "Or, later today."

     Ramek smiled and opened the window and watched Tyvek flutter through the air, eventually going out of sight. The Draik then closed the window and jumped into bed, falling asleep almost instantly. He was gearing up for the training day ahead.

To be continued...

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