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A Wizards Beginning: Part Two

by sirussblack


The Statement

After the War, Wizards needed recruits after their tremendous losses. They then started to investigate "Neopets" and choose select ones to become Wizards, who would receive the Manual and-

     Ramek stopped reading, staring at the text in front of him. Wizard? Him? No, that can't be possible. The same him who gets beat up by bullies almost daily and is picked on in school for reading. No, that couldn't be right. But...he had found the Manual and...was he a Wizard? Now, he was interested. He felt something real. Something...some feeling that was real. His eyes gazed down on the book and he started to read yet again, now more intrigued than ever.

      -be able to practice the Art and the Language. From their Manual, they learn both practices and are usually greeted by a Counselor who would then let them work on the Art in their home and guide them with any advice needed to further their Wizardry.

     When the "Standard Spells" are learned, the Wizard trainee is sent on what is called an Initial Journey (also see Initial Quest and Initial Step in Glossary). This Journey proves that they have the power to further their practices. If they complete the Journey, they get to continue learning the Art and Language. If they do not, they will forget all aspects of Wizardry learned and return to their normal lives as if nothing had ever happened.

     Before these events take place, the owner of the Manual has a choice. They can choose to ignore the book until it disappears and they forget about it (which should occur in three months to one year) or they can take the Statement. The Statement is a series of words that they must say aloud to instate themselves and a practicing Wizard. From there, the other steps go on. Below is a copy of the Statement in its entirety. The must say it without stuttering, or the spell is broken and they must start over again until they get it perfectly right. This Statement will not work if the readers heart is not in it and they are just doing this to "see what happens". Make the choice now.

     The yellow Draik sat bat on his headboard to his bed, thinking. Was it speaking to him personally? It didn't sound like the rest of the text in the book. The majority of the history sounded official but...that. The phrase seemed out of place. And Ramek was right for when he looked back at the book, the sentence had disappeared. Make the choice now.

     Ramek didn't know what to do. His brain screamed for him to do it and, instinctively, he felt obligated to do it. But...another part of him that he had never heard before spoke out in a deafening voice. DON'T DO IT! The thoughts zoomed through his head, confusing him. Then, he looked down from the book and read the next passage, hoping to clear him mind. It was the Statement.

     I swear from that this point on I will practice the Art of Wizardry and learn the Language that goes with it. From the Initial Journey to the End, I will protect the universe and many others for the greater good. I understand that, if I give up this Art, I will not remember about the Art and only die peacefully. I swear that I will not give up no matter what case may come my way.

     Ramek stared over the words over and over, the Statement echoing in his mind. He had to admit, it sounded strange and awkward. What would happen if he said it? Would he immediately change? Would he vanish and be transported into his Initial Journey? No, the Manual said that he would train and then start the Journey. What could it hurt? They may only be a few senseless words that would do nothing more than waste a few breaths.

     He read over the Statement a few times, pronouncing words that he thought he may mess up on and reading it in sentence fragments to get certain phrases down. And, after only a few minutes, he was ready to begin. His fingers gripped the book as he began to speak. "I swear from that this point on I will practice the Art of Wizardry and learn the Language that goes with it," he paused to take a short breath before continuing on. "From the Initial Journey to the End, I will protect the universe and many others for the greater good. I understand that, if I give up this Art, I will not remember about the Art and only..." his voice trailed off for a moment as he read the next to words. Then he started up again after another deep breath. "...die peacefully. I swear that I will not give up no matter what case may come my way."

     He finished the Statement and sat there, still staring at the words in front of him. Was that it? That was all too it? He didn't feel any different...just...there was a feeling lingering inside of him. Power. He felt powerful. That was different. Then, as he sat there he looked up at the ceiling in wonder. And what he saw shocked him.

     A swirl of colors appeared, dancing around the ceiling and traveling to each corner. The colors expanded and even more shades of the rainbow could be seen. Blue, green, yellow, black, white, indigo, and many other colors fused together, creating a rainbow. And then, it slowly disappeared and the rainbow was replaced with the dull white ceiling once again.

     It was real. The Wizardry was real. And that made Ramek even more intrigued. The Statement had worked and he was a Wizard. He quickly looked back at the book and turned the next page and started off on a new chapter and a new viewpoint. Standard Spells. Now, he was to practice...but with what? He'd have to find out.

     Spells are powerful forces that activate when you say a series of words, usually in the Language (see chapter three). When said, they activate an event or multiple events that end up finishing. This finish is called the Cessation. In this chapter, you will learn and practice various spells to improve your Wizardry and start the study of the Art.

     And Ramek turned a page and saw his first spell, boldly titled Retrieve Spell. Underneath the title name was the "Wizard term". This one in particular was called Ursurpo Elementum. Rameks' eyes scrolled across the page yet again, continuing to try to absorb any of this information.

      URSURPO ELEMENTUM is a spell in which you point your finger at something, say the incantation (called the Verse), and the item disappears from the first place and reappears in your hand. Besides pointing at the item, your eyes must be focused on it and your brain must think of it. In this spell, only things in sight will be able to be retrieved but in more complicated variations (found later in this book) you will be able to picture something in your mind and have it appear right after saying the Verse.

     The Verse to the Retrieve Spell is as follows: "Exorior appear". The first word is part of the Language and means "to come forth" and the last word simply states it again for the item may not understand the first section of the Verse. This Verse is rather short but others go on in which you could be speaking for over an our.

     The Retrieve Spell has the ability to be a Stored Spell (see below). You can do this spell as much as you would like and, thankfully, no Magic Incantation effects take place except a slight dizziness in some occasions. This spell is not tiring and can be repeated many times in a day before losing it's desired effect. Please practice this spell with precaution as it does have the power to rip whole walls out if need be.

     Ramek looked at the words. Two simple words that apparently would make something appear in his hands just by pointing, looking, and thinking about it. This was his chance to prove to himself whether this Wizardry was real or nonsense and made up words. He pointed his finger towards a book laying on his wooden desk across from his bed. He looked down at the two words again, making sure he could pronounce them. Then he stared at the book and thought about it. Thought about it hard and formed a picture in his mind as well as it reflecting in his eyes. "Exorior appear," came his muttering voice.

     Before his eyes, he saw the book disappear from the table and a second later he felt something being jerked into his hand. His claws touched the cool hard cover that bound the green book together. It was real. Wizardry was real.

     Ramek stared at the book that he had gotten from the Retrieval Spell, studying it closely, making sure it was real and not just a hallucination. But, no, it was definitely in his hand and the Verse had actually worked. And he was now a Wizard.

To be continued...

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