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New Neopia, New Pets?

by tambourine_chimp


TC: With the quickly increasing rate of new Neopets species appearing, who knows what could be next? The next Neopet isn't too far away, that's for sure, but what will it be, what can we expect?

Listed here is a group of possible new species precious_katuch14 and I expect to see milling around Neopia in the none-to-distant future...

Kat: Be careful, some new species can be too surprising for such a sane person like you! But if you're sure that you can handle the suspense and thrill, tambourine_chimp and I will be your guiding hands!

Shall we begin, TC?

TC: Sure, Kat, but let's go easy on them first!

#1) The Werret

This cute little guy may appear adorable during most of the month, but on those fateful full-mooned nights, a terrifying transformation occurs. It’s claws grow, it’s eyes turn dark red and it’s buckteeth sharpen into fangs…perfect if you’re in need of a can-opener!

Just don’t make it angry, let it sense you’re scared and never, I repeat, never, mention the words “bath time” when it is in full transformation.

You have been warned…

#2. The Meewoowoo

You guessed it, this creature has little beady eyes and a chubby little body. It goes, "Woo, woo" when it's happy, contented, excited or can never tell.

But it's so gosh darn conceited. All it thinks about is "ME, ME, ME!!!"...Be prepared for a temper tantrum machine when you try to impose your authoritarian measures on it.

And it's crafty...will do anything to get what it wants.

#3) The Fuzz

Quite like a Buzz, except if extremely furry which becomes fuzzy whenever it tries to use electricity attacks, or touchs anything electrical.

Cute, but certainly dangerous to be around.

#4 Blurble

It's soft, furry, cute and really loveable. Problem is, it speaks in a language only other Blurbles can before you get one of these, either learn their language, or grab some phrase book.

And don't think about teaching them English. They are stubborn and waaaaayyyyyyy too proud of their dialect.

4) Georges

Best friends to Lennies, which really aren't all that bright. This is one straight-thinking, cool-headed critter and would be an asset to any family.

#5 Swanky

A cool, stylish pet who loves leafing through fashion magazines and getting new outfits. It has no interest in books or toys...just grooming and glamour. Sure, it can keep a cool head in the midst of danger, but when it's fur gets messed up even a little bit...I suggest you get out while you can.

Trust me, they're even more vain than Unis, and I've heard that a Swanky can fall in love with its own reflection in a mirror.

#6 Blockhead

A horrible creature that has one of the worst powers in the writers the dreaded writer's block. Authors, poets and the like almost never keep one, as whenever a Blockhead is frustrated, depressed or infuriated, it unleashes a very terrible mind-numbing bolt into one's imagination.

The last time an NT author poked it in the back, he ended up not writing a single thing for nearly three years. Very hard to keep in captivity, even if you have not a single ounce of imagination in your body.

#7) The Rocky

Not to be mistaken with Wockies, this little fella eats soo much that he's permanently weighted at his short stubby feet! He'll wibble, he'll wobble, but he'll never fall down! Just when it looks like he's going to hit the dirt, he'll swing back up again!

Here's a piece of advice; build up the defence your Rocky until it can't take any damage from your other pets, then let you other pets use the Rocky as a punching bag! Perfect for ducking and dodging as some more heavy blows will cause the Rocky to rock back at you!

#8 Luckless

These little guys are really cute, their cheeks are fun to pinch, their fur is soft and always clean, and they love to play with you.

But whatever you do, NEVER take them along with you when you try a game of chance, or spin a wheel. Because when you do, not only will you not get anything good, but you may end up getting something even worse. I've heard of a person who had a Luckless and took him to the Wheel of Excitement one day.

They went home with the Neoflu.

#9 The Coco

That's right, following in the trend of the Grundo, you may well soon be able to adopt a cute little Coco from the tribe on Mystery Island. These guys have their own language, weaponry and way of life...which totally contradicts yours! Have fun trying to modernise them!

WARNING: If you get a Coco, be sure to take immediate action next time one of your pets say they're thirsty...

#10 Pakra

Sort of kind of a bit like the Acara, it loves treasure hunting, and will dive for it, even. Yes, it can breathe in water as well as in land, got any problems?

However, there IS one shortcoming to this particularly handy pet. It loves to hoard stuff in all sorts of places, whether it's food, weapons or plushies, so don't be surprised when you find several omelettes under your bed tonight!

#11 The Mimik

No one knows the real appearance of this pet as it changes it's appearance to that of any of the other type of pets once a day. Is it a Jetsam? Is it a Nimmo? Who knows?

Many owners have been confused and aghast when they believed they managed to create a rare pet, only for their Krawk to change to a Grarrl the next day!

#12 Shnipper

Honestly, many people are afraid of its huge claws and sharp pincers. However, what they don't know is that a Shnipper will never hurt its owner, as long as you give it enough love and care.

Do watch out for your household items though. This crazy creature loves tearing up things for fun...gnawing, clawing, biting and cutting are its favorite pastimes. Be sure you're ready to sacrifice your best rug or your expensive curtains.


TC: Well, there's a dozen or so (will remove if you don't want to add another pet) new Neopets we predict may be seen around Neopia in the years to come!

Of course, we may be totally wrong, or we may be bang on target...heck, we may even have missed just one or two little details (the Shnipper may enjoy nothing better then to maul it's owner, for example, we're not entirely sure). What's important is that you are now aware of what to look forward to, and what to dread seeing. To us, that's a job well done.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unfortunately, neither TC or Kat are staff at Neopets and therefore have no actual say in what any of the future's new pets will look like. You may want a Coco, but right now they're staying in their mud huts on Mystery Island...sorry, but that's the way it goes.

Kat: Yes, these are just predictions. Don't start messaging us with random "wre can i find a blokhd so i can anoy my sistr" Neomails. We really don't know what lies ahead, what the REAL staff has in store for us. So don't pester me OR TC.

TC: All other kinds of messages are greatly appreciated, however! See you all around!

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