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Three's an Evil Crowd

by cookgal8000178


In life, there are many threes. The Three Little Pigs, the Three Blind Mice, and everything else all come in threes. So in honor of the tremendous number, we’re going to take a look at some of the not-so-good threes of Neopia.

Here’s how it’s going to work. There are three final groups. You will get to look at a brief paragraph about them. Then they will be asked some questions. Whoever answers the most evil choice will be crowned the most evil three in the whole world of Neopia. Alright, now let’s begin.


Now these three villains really are a terrible trio. They have done terrible things and it’s all thanks to the ones who become full of greed. For those people are The Three’s strength. This trio is like an evil conscience who tells you that by doing something evil, you can have power. Unfortunately, that is not true.


Not much is known about these three. One of the only things we know is that they love to shop after torturing some poor little Neopet. Some people believe that these three are minions of the Darkest Faerie and have always tried to free her. If this is true, then their plans are obviously not working out. Other than this not much is known about these faeries except that they are evil.


Unlike other water faeries, these three are evil and bring bad luck. Although not much people have heard about the trio, those who have believe that they helped the pirates destroy Maraqua. Now that Maraqua is rebuilt, they could be planning to destroy it once again. They also bring bad luck to those who they wish to torture. Another thing that some people believe is that these faeries cursed Caylis so she could only foresee bad things that were to happen.

Now that you know about the three final trios, it’s time to see which group is the most evil. But before we do that, you can vote for your favorite villains. As you know the choices are The Three, The Dark Faerie Sisters, and The Drenched. Now let’s get started with the questions and see who wins the Most Evil Trio Award.

Question 1

What is the most evil thing you’ve done?

The Three: The most evil thing that we have done was helping Kass defeat Meridell.

The Dark Faerie Sisters: We once kicked three Neopets’ butts before going shopping.

The Drenched: We were the ones who first told the pirates about Maraqua.

The winner of that round was The Three. The Drenched came close to winning but lost because as judge, I thought that the Battle for Meridell was more important than Maraqua. I’m not saying that I don’t like Maraqua; I just think that what The Three did was a little more evil.

Question 2

If there was a small happy Neopet skipping along the side of the road and you were walking by them, what would you do?

The Three: We would tell them that they could be rich and powerful if they listened to us.

The Dark Faerie Sisters: We would walk up to them and look at them with a menacing face. Then when they least expected it we would hurt him beyond imagination. We might go shopping after that.

The Drenched: We don’t walk, but if we could, we would put a terrible curse upon the poor little Neopet.

The winner of that round was The Drenched. Even though they can’t really walk, anyone putting a curse on anything is evil. Congratulations, Drenched and your slippery fins.

Question 3

Who is your role model?

The Three: It would probably be Lord Kass. Even though he failed us, he proved to us that he was truly powerful. If only there were more greedy people like him, then we’d rule Neopia.

The Dark Faerie Sisters: Our role model would be the Darkest Faerie, Jemmunara. She totally rules and also has a great fashion sense. What she did before she was turned to stone was awesome. If we were like as powerful as she was, we would have destroyed some place like Talador too.

The Drenched: All of those who are evil are our role models. Whether it is a small little pet or a powerful faerie, all of the villains of Neopia are our favorite people. One of our personal favorites though is Jhudora. She is thought of as part evil, but that’s not true. She is all evil.

This round’s winner is quite interesting. It’s actually the Dark Faerie Sisters. Now I did not mean to tie up the score just now; I really think that that was the best choice, so congrats to you three.

Question 4

Who is your worst enemy?

The Three: We absolutely hate Jeran, Skarl, and all the other little pests that got in the way of our grand scheme.

The Dark Faerie Sisters: We really don’t have any real enemies. We might say that Fyora and Jerdana are our most hated people only because they banished the Darkest Faerie.

The Drenched: We really don’t like that Isca and all that she’s done. We don’t know why, but we don’t like her one bit.

This time the decision was tough. I have to narrow it down to The Three and The Dark Faerie Sisters. I think that I’m going to have to pick The Dark Faerie Sisters. It takes a lot of guts to say that you don’t like Fyora, and they’ve got those guts.

Now let’s review; The Three have one point, the Dark Faerie Sisters have two, and the Drenched have one. Now you still have to vote for the same group. Let’s see who wins.

Question 5

Did you always want to be evil?

The Three: We never wanted to be evil really. But we soon died because of greed. After that day we sore that we would get revenge by saying that we could help any greedy person even though we really weren’t going to.

The Dark Faerie Sisters: We always wanted to be fashion designers, but when we heard about the Darkest Faerie, we wanted to be just like her.

The Drenched: Before, we were just normal Water Faeries, until Nereid came along. Then she took all the glory. Ever since then we were evil.

These all sound very interesting, but I’m going to have to say that The Three have the best past and therefore they win round five.

Question 6

If you could have revenge on one person, who would it be and what would you do?

The Three: We would get revenge on Darigan by getting him to make us the new rulers of the Citadel. Then we would get rid of him once and for all so he could never stop us.

The Dark Faerie Sisters: We would probably want to get revenge on Fyora for getting rid of the Darkest Faerie. We don’t exactly know how, but we would.

The Drenched: We would get rid of that nasty little Isca and all of her friends by plopping them in the Lost Desert.

I’m not meaning to once again tie up the score, but I think that The Drenched should win the round. Once again congratulations.

Question 7

If you could have one wish, what would that wish be?

The Three: We would wish that everyone in the world was greedy.

The Dark Faerie Sisters: We would like it if the Darkest Faerie was released and never could be turned back into stone.

The Drenched: We would want Maraqua to be destroyed so badly that it could never be rebuilt.

Alright, now this is the last question. Each terrible trio has two points. The winner of this round wins the whole thing. And now, without further ado, the winner is…… The Dark Faerie Sisters!! Even though not much is really known about them, they proved that they had a truly evil spirit. Congrats to you three.

Well, this about wraps up the show. But before you leave, remember who you voted for. If you guessed wrong then oh well, but if you guessed right then congratulations. Well, that’s all for now. See you soon!

Author’s Note: Just to let you know not all of the facts are true. I sort of made them up to make the article more interesting, so sorry for any of the confusion. Anyway, I’m cookgal8000178, and I am the author of the story. Other stories include Faerie Dust: From Peasant to Princess, The Littlest Defenders, and all of the Forgotten Kingdom series. If you ever see any of those stories in the Neopian Times, they were all written by me. Feel free to visit my account and check out some more of who I am. Well, see ya later!

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