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Kreludor: Safe, Or Dangerous?

by __wolf__raven__


KRELUDOR: Although discovered quite a while ago, not much is known about Neopia's moon Kreludor. So far, it is known as a tourist attraction, scientific site, and even as a marketplace. However, the next time you read a Booktastic Book really think to yourself. Is it just an illusion, this place is shrouded in mysteries, or is it real? Perhaps it is on purpose, maybe just a coincidence. Just one of the many clues that are begging to be solved. Though it may seem normal, even the Kreludor Homes shop could be hiding something. Something amazing, something unseen, and even something deadly. The whole fate of Neopia could rest there but we would have no idea what was happening.

Good, now that I've got you hooked, I must say I've explored most of Kreludor and found almost squat. There are only a few places on this barren planet but so far, nothing strange. Oh yes, the Kreludan Mining Corp and Neocola Machine.. Well, I'll explain that later before you take me TOO seriously and start forming armies against the lovely moon. If you've never been to Kreludor you simply must take a vacation. It may be the last you have- I mean, it's a completely safe place for the family (at least inside the mini space station). Here's a basic tour of the safe places anyhow, to encourage you to go even if it's for restocking.

Cafe Kreludor: Many whom have visited Grundo Cafe may cringe at the sight of another space food restaurant. However, don't fret any longer victims of food poisoning! Though you may not believe it, the delectable dumplings here are even better than those of Faerieland. Here, instead of making your stomach, the food makes your taste buds explode. This tiny Cafe provides an assortment of food from a Kreludan Rocket Cookie to the contagiously famous Kreludan Grunpop. You name it and they’ll make it! A simple warning however, if you go to Café Kreludor, I’d advise not going into Grundo Café - it’s very competitive. And Gargarox (owner of Grundo Café) is very big..

Kreludan Homes: Is your pet a Grundo? Or perhaps simply a Kreludor obsessed neopet? Then why not decorate its Neohome room with Kreludan furniture! Furniture is lovingly carved and accurately crafted. It's stock is 100% unique and has a wide variety. Nothing will be missing if you buy from here and your space themed room will be complete without long-term searching! All in one place, Orange Kreludan Bean Bags, Beds, tables, and more! Unlike certain furniture, this set is completely free! You may decide to decorate your room this way too, why should your neopet get all of the good stuff?

Booktastic Books: Lost Desert books are boring. Who wants to learn to make a papyrus anyways? And as for the average book, Feed Koi, how ELSE would you feed it- it's a neopet like all the others! As you can see, all of the book types are scattered throughout Neopia. If you want to find a certain type of book you'll need to go place to place. Not anymore! Read how to bake Kreludan cookies, explore the world of stargazing, and read Kreludan history, such as this one. It even has its own book club, so quit dreaming award dreamers and get a head start!

Under the Moon: Admit it, when looking at Kreludor or the “moon” on the virtual human site, www.earthpets.com, you’ve wondered what it would be like to stand upside down without drilling your head into concrete. Well, this is a perfectly harmless way to do so! Just keep walking and stand under it, kind of like a ball! Fun yes? Nothing is there so if you want to dance like a maniac, no one will see. Except for the hundred people who will try it after reading this article of course.

And there you have it, all of the safe places in Kreludor's mini space station! (Okay, technically under the moon isn’t but who cares - it’s fun?) Oh yes, there are two others of course... *sigh* This is where the mysteries and rumors come up. The doom outside, The section that is entwined with my over dramatic beginning. Let's just say Dr. Sloth has been making some visits..

Neocola Machine: It has doom written all over it and I mean literally. There have been many mysterious reports about this machine. Some go there without the required tokens and bad things happened. According to Jenny Kyrii, one day her friend decided to check it out. Jenny tried to earnestly warn her friend that she'd need the tokens but the girl wouldn't listen. Hours passed and her friend did not return. That's not the only strange thing that's been circulating around. Drinkers of the liquid claim there was something strange about it. Right after the finished, they felt different for the worst.

Kreludor Mining Corp: While striding up to this odd place you find a couple things.

1) An evil robot about to blast you into molecules

2) A required activation code

3) Keep away signs

Nothing really suspicious, eh? Rumors have been spreading and I have an itching feeling that our old friend Dr. Sloth has been up to something. After all, evil can only be good for so long. I tried to get some information out of the robot but ended up getting my orange JubJub cap shriveled into ashes. Trust me, there’s nothing to find there other than destruction, so stay away from it before you become moon dirt…

Additional Kreludor Tidbits:

Native Population: Orange Grundos

Closest World: Virtupets Space Station

Status: Neopia’s only moon

Myths: Lupes howl at Kreludor

KRELUDOR: It's fun, dangerous, or anything else you pulled away from this article. It has been a fun five minutes of obsessive advertising but now it is the end of the article. *ignores cheering reader* Hopefully this educated you about Kreludor and all that jazz. I hope I'll see you there! And remember, stay away from the Neocola Machine and Kreludor Mining Corp... or else.

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