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Randomness Avatarness

by faeriegurl4lyfe


NEW FEATURES: The first place you go when you go on Neopets to check up on new games, items, shopkeepers and several more new additions to the world of Neopia. And amongst all those 'several more' there are those sneaky secret Avatars. Some you acquire by going to certain places (a.k.a easy-to-get), some you need to achieve a certain score in so and so game, and for some you even need to own certain pets or petpets for a number of days. Also, lets not forget those vicious random Avatars we need to refresh ages for, play aimlessly or just stare at the ceiling and wait for one of them to drop from the sky right into our lap. So why am I rambling on about these secret Avatars where there are so many more articles about this subject its not too surprising to wander off into the Neopian Times and discover at least a piece about them? Well, fellow Neopian, I am happy to declare this article is yet another one of those, so you can go right ahead and add it to the SAF (Secret Avatars File) and get back to it later, or read along and hope you won't be bored to tears. But enough of this endless introduction paragraph *insert a very final intro paragraph dot here*

Random Events

Lets explore the RE world first, shall we?

1. Tooth Faerie – One of the latest additions to the RA world. To get this avatar you must wait for the one of your teeth to fall and then for the Tooth Faerie to appear and reward you with an avatar for it.


A) One of the old (less-enjoyable) tricks is to tie your tooth to a piece of string and then to a doorknob – slamming the door as hard as you can. While it might be quick and efficient – its also very painful.

B) Now here is the nicer trick to achieve this avatar. You like candies don’t you? Of course you do. What sane Neopian wouldn't like candies *winks* So from here on them – start lurking in the Chocolate Factory, Slushie Shop, Pizzaroo, Hubert's Hotdogs and any other place you can think of that sells junk food that can rotten your teeth.

2. Sloth! – To get this avatar Dr. Frank Sloth himself must deem you worthy of using it. It's a tough cookie to crack as the doctor is very busy nowadays with conquering the Neopets headquarters as a revenge for deleting/postponing his plot line for some Usul. Tsk,, tsk.


A) Well, one of Sloth's favorite places to hang around nowadays is most probably Kreludor (otherwise known as Neopia's new-found moon). So you can always lurk around there and see if he will pay you a visit. However there is an equal chance of him demanding you to pay rent for visiting 'his' moon, since we all know how possessive Sloth can be...

B) –crossed out for safety reasons-

Summary: No need to spend NP like crazy, but the wait can make you insane.


Now, this is where the NP spending comes to action.

1. Wheel of Monotony – Spinning just until your head starts to feel numb and your find yourself on the Tyrannian ground feasting on dirt (and perhaps even a lot later also). And then – just when it finished spinning – you find out your pet got hit by a rock instead of getting an Avatar. Imagine the frustration (or perhaps experience over and over and over again)


A) You know that rock your pet just banged its head on? Throw it on the Quiggle Host (along with the rest of the Wheel if your pet is powerful enough) and there we go – you might not get the avatar – but at least it will retire which means others wont be able to get it to. Horahh!

B) While you wait, to keep yourself from falling asleep start counting the number of times it passes the '?'. Unless there's hidden sheep under it everything should be O.K by the time it stops.

2. Wheel of Mediocrity – Well, this wheel isn't that bad as you only need to spend about 50 NP on each spin, but the odds of getting something bad are much higher. Between the fireballs, beasts and black goo it doesn't turn out to be the finest wheel around. Though if you're lucky, you might hit the 1k Jackpot. Wow! The excitement!


A) Having fire painted pets can come in handy if you hit the fireballs – they won't be effected from them which is always better than having to pay a visit to the Healing Springs later (thanks fippeh for that info xD).

B) Make the fireballs hit the Grarrl in the face – you get 2 less bad stuff to worry about – and more room for the lovely 1 with 4 zeros after it.

3. Wheel of Excitement – The oldest wheel avatar. In the spirit of Faerieland – it can be rather generous at times also, and if a bump comes up – the Healing Springs isn't too far away.


A) Bake Fyora some yummy cookies to bribe her and work the wheel to your advantage.

B) –insert a random idea to get avatar here-

4. Wheel of Knowledge – The newest addition to the Avatar Wheels… Or, rather, Wheel Avatars. But anyhow this is most probably the most annoying WA there is. Not only do you have to pay a lot more then the average prize – mostly the only thing you get is some random game tip or a quote from King Hagan. Not that it's that much useless, but an avatar would be a lot nicer.


A) Kidnap King Hagan and force the Brightvalers to give you the WOK avatar in exchange for their king.

B) Photograph the star picture from the Brightvale flag and whatever spot your wheel lands on – tape the picture on it. You go an Avatar :o!

Summary: Very very expensive, very very useless (mostly), very very annoying (usually).


Here comes the 3d section…

1. Buzzin' – To get this avatar you have to get a Fountain Faerie quest and then paint your Buzz in any color. It's very rare, and very random – but if you like Buzz' its also worth while :)


A) Move to the Rainbow Fountain and stare at the FF until she will cave in and give you the avatar just to get rid of you.

B) Bribe her with the leftover cookies you baked from the WOE – there is nothing tastier than leftover cookies :D

2. Edna – Cackle! – Not only does most of the quests she gives can be quite over priced – the rewards aren't all that either (unless you own a Spooky Food gallery). People have done over 200 of her quest and still got nothing. Frustrating? – Defiantly.


A) Help Edna get back to her witchy self (remember those times when she wasn't a Zafara?) – Perhaps as a reward she'll give you the avatar!

B) Do 1,000,000,000 of her quests each day – might be a wasteful but you'll get the avatar quickly… Hopefully that is.

Summary: Characters in Neopia that give out Avatars get more attention.


Spending or earning?

1. Bilge Dice – Yay! Puuuurfect score!! This was usually enough to get a nice new avatar, but ever since TNT changed the rules a few months ago it is now also RANDOM while getting a perfect score. Where's the fun in that? Just until you finally get a perfect score… *sigh*


A) Tell Monty, Grimtooth and Deadeye they have some bony lasses waiting for them at the Fungus Cave. While they figure out they've been tricked and are now stuck in a smelly cave you can use their turns to try and get the avatar sooner rather then later!

B) Paint extra black dots on the dices, and erase when you don't need them. As simple as that XD

2. Snowager – Roar! – When blasting is a good thing. Mostly, anyways.


A) Threaten the Snowager with a cup of hot coffee. Its either Waterwager or you get an avatar!

B) Dress up as a Snowickle and ask for it. After all, you're somewhat related, right?

3. Buried Treasure – 300 NP every 3 hours x a lot of days = a lot of NP gone wasted. You'd think until finally you win something you'll get an avatar, but noooo -__-;


A) Apologize to Monty for fooling him and asking if he could help you out (he is a pirate, after all).

B) If Monty isn't in a forgiveness mood – there's always Deadeye and Grimtooth!

4. King Skarl (Moody and Jester) – It's either really funny, or really stupid.


A) Be very funny.

B) Be very stupid.

Summary: too much Random Game Avatars (and Game Avatars in general).

So, although this is probably not even half of the random avatars around – I hope this article helped you (even just a little a bit) in getting them, or just taking some load off in being really, really annoyed or staring at the ceiling. Good luck being Random and hopefully it will pay off for you ;D

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