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Is Altruism Alive in the National Neopian?

by orangefizz02_28


NEOPIA CENTRAL - The National Neopian is among the busiest places in the whole of Neopia. People rush in and out of the vicinity twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week including weekends and holidays. Unlike any other bank, it operates round the clock.

Much good can be said about its ambience. It is illuminated with glorious lighting. The fluorescent radiance may be bright but far definitely from blinding. It contributes subtle warmth in the surrounding atmosphere. You could see your reflection on the floor as well as most of the gilded surfaces. You could look at different sculptures and paintings while waiting though there is absolutely no reason to line up. You are served as soon as you enter their glossy wooden doors. For long transactions, however, an electronic key is provided. It includes your account number and description. This is possible through a wonderful staff. They employ only the best clerks and tellers around and focus much attention to a convenient experience.

With top-of-the-line facilities and genuine service, it promises to be nothing less than inviting to industrious citizens of Neopia. No matter what social class, or specie they’re from, citizens from every walk of life enter the building’s wooden doors certain that what they’ve worked hard for will be safe. But the National Neopian not only levitates the good populace it aims to serve. The high concentration of wealth in the establishment makes it practically impossible for the typical felon to resist. Some attempt to be inconspicuous by blending in the crowd. Some are more daring, coming through the front door in striped sweaters and masks. The main point is not their appearance but their actions. They can slash the reservoir in half in a matter of seconds. With an increasing number of these hoodlums about, a serious challenge faces the National Neopian. It is, therefore, a heavy task to maintain the peace and order situation.

Civilian Patrol

How exactly does the administration keep our valuables from being stolen? The establishment is equipped with the latest security devices from different parts of the world. Surveillance cameras are installed to monitor each wing in case of suspicious characters. The only problem would be lack of operators. What’s the use of having the newest gizmos if there is a few numbers of people who are willing to work in security? The answer is obvious. The National Neopian would collapse if that were to happen. So what are the measures that it employs to generate enough volunteers? The National Neopian offers a generous Neopoint reward to anyone who would be kind enough to help out. The machinery is easy enough to maneuver and Neopian citizens are generally wise so there would be no problem in training. The program has gained more and more popularity over time. An average of about two hundred thousand city dwellers volunteer in a day. This still doesn’t include numerous travelers and merchants.

The system is still currently in use. Defense committee positions are open to every one. The bank could only afford to pay them up to their third time in a per day basis. This entitles every citizen three working slots. After that, they have the option to work unpaid.


What keeps the numbers up? “The reward!” a bright red Techo replied with a grand amount of certainty right after he was asked. “I keep on coming back for the reward. It’s just too bad I can only avail of it thrice a day or I would’ve been a gazzilionaire by now,” he added. There was also a five-month-old JubJub who was running when we caught him. He told us that he just received 500 NP from just pushing buttons. “It’s just like when I play in the arcade, only this time I get paid,” he exclaimed. Aisha assistants thank their friends for updating them of this extra income opportunity. Blumaroo babysitters bring along the kids to earn double pay. While it is true that the bank offers a handsome reward to those who help maintain peace, can it be also true that it is the only reason for helping out? How do you explain simple statements as this? “I saw a couple of sinister looking Meercas once and whacked them with my umbrella.” As a retired Lenny librarian recounts. “ That should be enough to teach those youngsters a lesson.”

Better than Gold

The cheerful green Quiggle tells us of his experience. “ I am a regular client at the National Neopian. I go there a lot to replenish my funds. I have a lot of experiments, you see. Therefore, I have observed a lot of the things that happen there each day,” he finishes. We asked him if he agrees with the system. “Well, as long as it remains efficient, yes.” We asked him what he thinks make people take the job. “I can’t help but observe how the people act around the place. As I enter the room there would at least be a hundred eyes watching, but it doesn’t scare you, because you know they’re there to protect you. It is lovely to stay there for a while and watch the battalion of justice, as I have always called them, fight away evil in the place,” he paused for a while seeming to recall something important. “Oh, and as I look in their eyes, I see the spark that, as I would like to believe, comes from the very sense of honor in what they’re doing.” How sure are you that they don’t do it just for the money? (We were sorry to have asked this last question.) “I wouldn’t think shallowly of these citizens if I were you. I’ve been here most of the time since it took effect as I have stated earlier. I’ve been here enough times to observe their ways. I see their faces, most of them. They come here not just once. Most of them return. They are devoted to what they do. I see them guarding us even if the Neopoints are all gone. These citizens are true warriors indeed.” Silence followed.

Remember the JubJub who was happy of his 500 NP reward? Well, he came back. We told him that he couldn’t get more NP because he has used all his slots. We were happy to hear what he had to say. “I knew that. When I went home, my mom asked where I got the Neopoints I brought and I told her what happened. She explained to me why they were giving away the reward and why they needed volunteers so much. Then I asked her if I can go back and she said that I couldn’t--- because I haven’t finished my homework. So, when I have done everything I had to do I went here immediately. My friends are coming over as well.” So you’re not doing it to earn Neopoints? “ Neopoints are cool, but being a hero is way cooler! Oh, I think I see them now, got to go.”

Altruism is the unselfish act in the aspiration to help others out. If you can’t find it anywhere else it’s because it is right here in the hearts of Neopians. And for as long as the citizens continue to watch out for each other, the National Neopian shall always be there to serve.

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