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Celebrating the Neopian Times

by raghbin10


DEEP CATACOMBS - I would like pay contribution the Neopian Times and the Neopians that have made it happen. This article is dedicated to all their hard work and effort they put into the Neopian Times to make it the best it can be. So when you read my article, if you do read the rest, which I urge you to do, please think of all the people that made the Neopian Times what it is today.

Have you ever wondered what Neopia would be like without the Neopian Times? Would we be as well informed? Would Neopia be the same? Could we live without a Neopian Times? I don't think we could.. And this is why I thought it would be impossible to live in Neopia without the Neopian Times.

1. It would be hard to stay informed about what is going on in Neopia. For instance, rebuilding Maraqua. There have been quite a few articles about that.

2. Also, it is kind of a contest. And, some people, are really good at writing, but not good at much else. So, they use their writing skills to see if they can have their article, story, series, or comic entered in the Neopian Times.

3. The Editorial. The Editorial is a recourse where we can ask questions about Neopets/Neopia. It is a great thing for newbies and younger members to go to if they have a question that they want to be answered.


Articles are the main source of information for Neopians. Often, the first place I go is the articles because I want to know what is going on in Neopia from other Neopians point of view. They are also nice because it is not the Neopets staff always writing it out, it really is the Neopians, the staff just chooses it.

Short Stories

Short Stories are the stories that you can just read once and don't have to stay hooked on for 5 or 6 more stories. That is why I like them. They can be about anything, as long as it is neo-related. In fact, everything, including articles, short stories, series, comics, and the editorial questions have to be Neo-related somehow. In Neopian Times issue 179, I saw stories titled from An Echo on the Wind to The Case of the Derelict Jelly Neohome. And, of course, as it always is in the Neopian Times, their stories were as interesting as their titles.

New Series and Continued Series

The series are also one of my favorite things in the Neopian Times. I love the way they break off at just the perfect point to keep you hooked. Today I was reading the titled, Hold-up at the Robo-Jello-Snow Convention: Part one. It was very interesting. It was about a jelly Usul and a robot Grundo who were forced to take their JubJub baby brother to the convention. It sounds like there is going to be trouble. So, you can get all sorts of stories in Neopia.


Comics are the kind of thing to just make you giggle. I love the comics. It is the first thing I turn to to in the newspaper and the first thing I turn to in The Neopian Times, usually. I highly respect the artists drawings and how they use them to make others laugh. I wish I could enter comics but I am just not an artist. I'm not really a writer either. But, you do what you want to do.


The editorial is the evidence that people care about Maraqua and want it to be rebuilt. In issue 179, 20 out of 21 questions were about Maraqua. 20 out of 21!! Wow. That is about 98 percent!! Good thing Neopians have the editorial to ask questions to, otherwise I think they would explode because their questions aren't getting answered. One of the other two questions was, "Can you please put a stop to the rumors that Slugawoo is going to be the next petpet-turned-into-a-pet a la Krawk?" The answer was, "Sure. Slugawoos are not going to be the next Petpet to turn into a neopet." We are so lucky to have that good ol' editorial.

Overall Neopian Times

Overall, the Neopian Times helps us all in many ways. I think the most important one is keeping Neopians informed about what is going on Neopia, especially rebuilding Maraqua and Maraquan related things. My favorite things about the Neopian Times are the game tips and the comics. I like the game tips because I definitely need as much help as I can on games, especially the action ones. The only action games I am good at are Usuki Frenzy and Freaky Factory... so I need a lot of help on those type of games. I like the comics because they make me giggle and laugh, which makes you live longer. You know what they say, "Laughter is the world's best medicine!!" And I definitely want to live as long as I can.

What about you? What is your favorite thing about the Neopian Times? When you have time, please think about what the Neopian Times means to you.

I would have to say my least favorite thing about the Neopian Times is that it takes a long time to get put on the site. By the time the next week comes out, I have read everything twice!! But, I guess they take so long because they want to make it they best it can possibly be.

So, as I conclude my article I will tell you the main reasons I wrote this salute to the Neopian Times. I wrote this because the Neopian Times is such an important part of Neopia and how Neopians get informed. Sure, we could just go to the news button on the sidebar, but that news just isn't the same. That news is just the stuff that everyone already knows, like today is Grey Day. Today is Krawk day. That is pretty boring if you ask me.

If someone asked me if the Neopian Times were even worth writing and publishing I would say yes. I mean, who couldn't say yes? The Neopian Times is the glue that holds Neopia and all its Neopians together.

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