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Darkness Binding 2: Part Four

by nomad2


Sorry for the delay and mix-up. Here is the final part of Darkness Binding 2. To read this story from the beginning go here.

NT Editor

Yorvick woke up the next morning from his shoulder being shook. He slowly opened his eyes to see Cray next to his bed. Since Yorvick was awake at that time, Cray then walked out the room, into the living room. Yorvick yawned while still laying down before he got up and walked to follow behind Cray.

      After Yorvick entered his living room, he said, "And where have you been?"

     Cray sat in Yorvick's chair with the fireplace lit. Staring into the flames, he said, "A place of shadow. I learned what we needed from the people who know the most about darkness. You won't like what the solution is, though."

     Yorvick spoke with frustration, "After the last two days, I'll be happy with any solution. Just say it so we can save him already."

     "Fine," Cray said bluntly, "we need to kill it."

     Yorvick sighed, "I figured we might have to destroy it. How to kill it is the answer you needed to get."

     Cray looked to the ground and then up at Yorvick. Softly, Cray told him, "Kill the vessel."

     Yorvick paused for a moment. His eyes widened at what he heard and he found himself unable to speak. That moment felt like an eternity as they stared at each other. Cray's expression what that of despair while Yorvick's was horror.

     Cray looked away without another word. Still silent, Yorvick walked over and sat down on the couch, not looking anywhere in particular. His jaw was slightly open, still trying to get words out. Slowly, Yorvick asked, "Is there no other way?"

     Cray shook his head, "I'm afraid not. I begged for another way, but none were given. The problem, however, comes with attaining its weakness. It's..."

     Yorvick interrupted with, "The blood of a shadow imbued with light." Cray was speechless for a few seconds. "Not quite what I was going to say, but certainly close enough. I guess you did some homework while I was away."

     Yorvick shook his head. "No, I managed to get some of his blood onto my sword. After that, I sent light energy into it and wounded him. Nearly killed him, too."

     Cray's eyes widened and he said nothing. There was nothing he could think to say. From the look on Yorvick's face, he knew there was nothing he could say.

     Yorvick got up and walked back into his bedroom and came out with the sword in his hands. He kept his eyes on it as he went to Cray's side and said, "This is the only means of killing him. We have it, but now it's just you who has it." He handed the sword to Cray as he stated, "I will have no part in his death."

     Cray looked at the sword in dread and jumped up from the chair to keep away from the weapon. He boldly said, "I will not use it. I don't want to kill him any more than you do, even to save him."

     Yorvick slides forward to bring himself close to Cray. As he looked straight into Cray's eyes with a hard gaze, he said to him with a deep whisper, "I let him go when I had the chance to give him this mercy killing before. I refused to get blood on my hands then, and I refuse now."

     Cray leaned forward, which caused Yorvick to lean back. As Cray gazed with rage in his eyes, he told Yorvick, "Don't think I want to do this because you can't. I made a promise to Skotados that everything would be as it was before, and now that promise has to be broken. If you think that doesn't tear me up inside, you're sadly mistaken."

     The two quickly turned away from each other. After a few minutes, the two finally calmed themselves down to talk. Yorvick walked to his chair and sat down while Cray remained standing. Yorvick's sword was laid across his lap with a loose grip kept on the hilt.

     "I can't use the sword if I wanted," Cray stated as he turned towards the fire. "I can't feed light energy into sword; it's not my specialty. I'm useless in this fight."

     Yorvick gripped the hilt tight and stood up. He walked over to Cray, put a hand on his shoulder, and said, "No, you're the key to facing him. When you're around, he always goes straight for you. You lure him out, and I'll see about handling things. I still think there's a chance of saving him if we get the right opportunity, and we have to take it."

     Cray turned to Yorvick with a doubtful look on his face. Rather than respond with words, he took in a deep breath and headed for the door. As Yorvick followed behind, the two walked outside with as much confidence and courage as they could muster.

     The two stood outside the house, expecting Skotados to come for them right away. Instead, the two of them stood alone on Yorvick's front porch cluelessly.

     "I don't get it," said Yorvick, "the shadow never passes up a chance to mess with us."

     Cray walked several meters into the open and looked around, trying to see any signs of Skotados around. All he could see was other houses, an occasional pedestrian in the distance, and open grass with some trees. No area seemed disturbed by anything.


     Noon came, and the two of them were sitting outside. Neither one had a clue as to what to do, or even where to look. Each minute was spent doing nothing, as they had nothing to do at the moment. They knew Skotados wouldn't be seen unless the shadow wanted to be seen. Options of what actions to take were few.

     Out of boredom, Cray got up and started to walk off towards the empty grass in front of them. As he walked, Yorvick examined the blade for sharpness and balance while still leaning against his house. As Cray walked through the grass, he stopped suddenly and turned to Yorvick with a worried look on his face.

      In an instant, a tendril of shadow jumped from the ground and picked up Cray by his leg. After holding him upside down a few feet above the ground, it threw him halfway between its position and Yorvick's spot. During that, Yorvick jumped up from the ground and held his sword ready.

     The tendril swiftly formed itself into Skotados, who seemed to be smiling at them. "Welcome back, Cray. Miss me," he asked in a mocking tone of voice.

      Cray pushed himself up and brushed off some dirt on his shoulders rather calmly. He then looked up at Skotados and asked, "What happened, forgot your sunblock? We were expecting you to come earlier in the day."

     Skotados snickered and stated back, "Needed time to adapt. Now I can brush the both of you aside as easily as you alone, Cray."

     Yorvick took to the sky with his wings. Once he was flying overhead, the sword lit up with gray flames. The flames trailed through the air as he flew, and with two quick swipes, the flames shot off in two waves at Skotados. However, they were far enough away for Skotados to jump out of their path.

     It was clear that a close proximity would be needed to defeat Skotados, so Yorvick dived straight for him. Skotados pounced straight under Yorvick while he was still several feet in the air, giving him time to react. Yorvick spun around, rolling on the ground on impact smoothly while sending off a stream of fire straight at Skotados's back. Skotados growled as the fire scattered some of the shadows along his backside.

      Yorvick stood and turned around to face Skotados, who was moving slower than before. Skotados's eyes flared and two tendrils of shadow spawned from his back. The two of them expanded out to sweep through they air on both sides of Yorvick. Yorvick pushed his wings back to give himself a boost as he jumped forward. With one swing, he severed the tendrils, causing them to vanish into nothing. With a second swing, he slashed Skotados's chest as Skotados attempted to leap back. Skotados was left on the ground, kicking to try and get back up as Yorvick once again stood over him with his sword gripped in his hands.

      Cray stood to the side, heart racing as he watched the two. His thoughts were of what he wanted, and what needed to be done. Sight of Yorvick holding the sword above Skotados caused him to slowly close his eyes until tight together. Anticipating the worst, he started to cry for them all.

     Yorvick brought the sword down hard, not even trying to think about it this time. A sharp growl came from Skotados as he burst into shadow from the hit taken on his chest. A second later, he reformed in the same spot under the blade. He desperately gasped for breath. His eyes were shut tight in pain, and his forelegs grasped his chest in agony. Between breaths, Skotados quietly said, "Yes, I will finally be free."

     Yorvick kept the sword pointed at Skotados with the flame almost touching him. As much as he tried, he found himself taking a few steps back. Skotados continued to fight to breathe without knowing what was going on around him. He fought himself to strike, but found himself unable to fight while his friend was in control.

     Skotados arched his back and screamed out as shadows stitched themselves over his wounded chest. Seeing this, Skotados thought only of the shadow and shot off the full power of the blade. Gray flames expanded as they flew from the blade to Skotados, who was a couple meters away. The fire engulfed his entire body, tearing the shadows off his form and breaking them apart. A scream echoed through the ears of Yorvick and Cray. The blade grew bright until the blade shattered, leaving an empty hilt in Yorvick's hands. The flames cleared from the spot Skotados rested, and only a streak of burnt grass was left.

     Yorvick's hand shook and loosened until the hilt dropped from his hands. He fell to his knees and tears streamed from his eyes. Cray slowly approached Yorvick, but rather than comfort him, he left Yorvick to cry. There was nothing more to do, so Cray left the area to grieve on his own. Never again did they mention their friend.

The End

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