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A - Z for Newbies

by ripplina


A is for Avatars. Avatars are little images that are displayed underneath your username when you post on any Neopets Board. There are default ones and secret ones. You collect them all around the Neopets site; some need the use of pets, some need a specific item and some need you to play games. There are others too. You can ask for avatar help on the Avatars/Neosignatures NeoBoard or search a site on Google that lists how to get avatars.

B is for Battledome. The Battledome, also known as “BD” is a place where your pet can battle other pets or have a 1-player challenge; you can choose a 1-player-challenge or 2-player-challenge. The 1-player challenge is a battle against an enemy that Neopets has set up for you. You can find this if you click 1-Player in the Battledome. A 2-player challenge is a battle against another Neopian’s pet. You can challenge them by clicking “Challenge this pet” on their pet lookup.

C is for Create-A-Pet. Of course, every Neopian has to create a pet. This will get you started in Neopia. When you create a pet, you can choose a species, gender and name. This name cannot be altered throughout the game – once you choose one, it sticks. You can create up to four pets per account but make sure you can look after them! You have to be able to feed them and play with them. Start off with one or two pets and once you’re confident, you can create some more.

D is for desires. If you have a desire for your pet, whether you want it to be painted or strong, make sure you earn it. Your desires will not be fulfilled by begging! It won’t work, and you’re likely to be called an n00b. If you have a desire which could be costly, then make sure you play some games or restock to try to earn it!

E is for Evil. In Neopia, there is of course evil; evil characters. These include the Pant Devil, Dr Frank Sloth, the Tax Beast and a range of other enemies. Some take your items, some take your NPs and some give your pets diseases. These usually come as random events. Dr. Sloth can tax you and take away 20% of your NPs that are out of the bank! So make sure you don’t keep a lot out of the bank unless you need it!

F is for Food. Your Neopets do need your care and food is priority! If you don’t feed them, their Hunger goes low – even dying! But, Neopets don’t die so don’t fear. However, if your pet does become unhappy – and starvation equals unhappiness – then your pet will become blue (the colour) and then red. If your pet was painted, it will permanently become the basic colours which show sadness and anger! The only way to get your pet back to its original colour is to repaint it which could be costly. Therefore, make sure your pet is well-fed and happy! You can go to the Omelette in Tyrannia to get three free meals a day which comes as a tasty omelette. Some pets like certain foods though – be warned ;) To see your pet’s hunger, you can go to the Quick Reference page by clicking your pet’s name at the top bar of the Neopets page.

G is for Games. Games are a vital way to earn Neopoints. This is linked to in the Neopets sidebar. It couldn’t get any easier – Neopets reward you for enjoying yourself! The best thing to do is find game guides if you’re particularly bad at a game and the Wheel Of Knowledge in Brightvale give out Game tips which let you advance at the game! Also, if you’re on the High Score Boards for a game, you get a nice trophy to add to your collection which is shown off at your user-lookup. Practice hard at a game and you’ll be earning NPs in no time.

H is for Help. Every Neopian is new at one point and even the most experienced Neopians need help. If you’re ever confused on something Neo-related or you’re lost and looking for guidance, then there are many things that Neopets has set up for you so you can find guidance! There is the NeoBoards. There is a Help Board there which you can post in at any time and one of the other Neopians might be able to give you a hand there. There is also the help section of Neopets which is linked to in the Neopets sidebar. You can search up anything and hopefully, the helpful Zafara will find what you’re looking for!

I is for illness. Sometimes, your pet may come down with an illness. This could be the result of a nasty random event or an unlucky spin on the Wheel of Excitement. It can be costly for some cures so the best thing to do is go to the Healing Springs in Faerieland. The Water Faerie there will heal your pet each time you visit BUT the way she heals is random. She might not cure the disease – she might just increase your hitpoints or even give you a potion. But, if you go there every half an hour, it’s likely that your pet will be cured soon enough for free. If only one pet is sick, then make that pet your active pet and visit the Healing Springs in case the Water Faerie decides to heal just your active pet.

J is for Jhudora. Jhudora, as well as Illusen are special faeries that seemingly have gotten a lot of attention. They have quests which aren’t random and you can complete their quests in return for a high score or even an avatar (Quest 20). There are also special items for specific levels that you complete of a quest. Jhudora’s quest is located in Faerieland and Illusen is located in Meridell.

L is for learning. On Neopets, there is always something to learn. You can learn how to restock, play a game great or become a great Battle Warrior. Remember, always use the NeoBoards to ask questions. As long as you’re not rude, you will be answered. You have to be determined, but it’s not too much to ask. The result is amazing. You can feel proud you’ve achieved something you might not have if you didn’t give it a go. So make sure you try everything!

M is for Morphing. Pets can be morphed by Morphing Potions (MP). They can be bought at the Magic Shop in Neopia Central and of course, you can use the Auctions, Trades and shop wizard. If you morph a pet using a morphing potion, it will change into whatever that potion was. A yellow Buzz morphing potion will change your pet into a Yellow Buzz; simple. This will also get you a nice avatar! Morphing potions are usually cheaper than buying a paint brush but they are limited and sometimes you can’t get the specific one you want because Kauvara (who makes them) hasn’t brewed one yet ^^ This is usually used when you want to keep the same stats and pet name but want to change the colour. A Green Uni Morphing Potion is usually the cheapest one to buy if you want the avatar.

N is for “noob/n00b”. Heh, you wouldn’t quite expect that to be listed here but it’s fairly common. Noob is a… not particularly nice name. It is commonly used on the NeoBoards and has several varied definitions. Remember, there is a difference between newbie and noob. Newbie is the status of the account; it’s the status that everyone is when they join. If you’re a newbie which means you’ve recently joined (usually, around the first month) then it’s likely you have a lot of questions. If you ask very silly questions or do something like begging, then you’re likely to be called a noob. Funnily enough, a one-week-old can be called a noob, but a one-year-old (although unlikely) has exactly the same chance to be a noob. Acting Noobish is a behaviour that you act if you’re being incredibly childish or not particularly nice. If you post a topic in any board asking for a free paint brush or NPs, it’s likely you’ll be called a noob. Why? Most normal Neopians expect everyone to earn their pets/ items/ possessions in the same way and not beg for it. Everyone does have the same chance – everyone does have the games link and the chance to earn NPs so you might as well.

O is for Orphan. Heh, there is a Neopian pound in the Pet Central where pets can be adopted (so I guess they’re orphans for that while). Here, you can find pets that are strong, painted or just themselves that have been abandoned by their previous owners. Remember, you cannot buy or sell a pet so don’t advertise it on the Neoboards. The only thing you’ll have to pay is the amount automatically calculated by Neopets. To find out more, see the pound.

P is for Petpets. Once you earn some NPs, you might want to buy a petpet. Petpets are pets that your Neopet can have. It is your pet’s pet. There is a long list of petpets and some can be used to gain avatars if you keep them on your pet for duration of time. Your pet can even talk to your petpet! They are basically, your pet’s friend. You can also get petpetpets. This is your Pet’s Pet’s Pet. Petpetpets can look similar to insects or bugs and can range from 50,000 NPs – 700,000 NPs. Petpetpets can be bought or some can randomly attach to your pet. To attach one, refresh with it in your inventory until it attaches.

Q is for Quests. Quests are given by faeries randomly. It will appear in a table-box and the faerie will appear asking for an item. Certain faeries do different things as a reward; the Fire Faerie increases strength and the Earth Faerie gives your pets food. Special, rare faeries include the Space Faerie, Faerie Queen and Fountain Faerie. If you’re lucky enough to get a Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ) then you’ll be able to use her Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland to paint your active pet any colour you like (with some exceptions). Item prices vary from 100 NPs – an Unbuyable (information down there). When you get a quest, you cannot use the Shop Wizard so you can post a request for your item at the Quest Help Board in the NeoBoards. Most people will post the username of someone who sells that item in their shop so you can go straight to their shop to buy the item! When you’re done, you go to Faerieland, in Faerie City to give your item to the faerie.

R is for Rarity. The rarity of an item is how rare it is, of course. This is usually stated with the item whether it be in your inventory, trades or safety deposit box. If the item is really rare, then it is unlikely to be stocked in an average Neopian Shop. If it’s not too rare, then it will be cheap and regularly stocked in a shop. If it’s retired, then it won’t ever be stocked in a shop and is likely to be unbuyable.

S is for Safety Deposit Box. Here, you can store your precious items to prevent evil characters such as the Pant Devil from stealing your item! Safety Deposit Boxes (SDB) can hold more than 1000 items – if you ever get to 1000 different items, then you’ll get an avatar! So make sure you store your items in the SDB to stop those sticky paws :P

T is for Time. The time on Neopets could possibly be different from your current time. The time is known as Neopian Standard Time (NST) and is displayed under the Logout button in your sidebar! This can be useful when adopting a pet or restocking so make sure you can compare your time with NST so you know the when do what (eg. Deadly Dice – only open at 12:00 AM NST).

U is for Unbuyable. Some items are too expensive to be bought in Neopian User Shops. Shops owned by Neopian Users can only be bought if they are 99,000 NPs or below. If it is 100,000 NPs or above in cost, then it is unbuyable. The Fountain faerie usually asks for unbuyables in her quests. To buy an unbuyable, you can use the Trades or Auctions.

V is for Variety. Every pet on Neopets is usually unique. Some are coloured to make them look pretty or evil and some are stronger or weaker than others. If you want them to have a different look, you need a Paint Brush. You can buy cheap ones or use expensive ones. Buy these in the Shop Wizard (unlikely), trading post or auctions. To find good deals on paint brushes, check the Trading/Auctions board.

W is for winning. There are lots of things you can win on Neopets. You can win trophies, spotlights and items – you can even win the Neopian Lottery! Make sure you look at Pet Central to see what contests you can participate in which vary from using your pets to making a funky user-lookup.

Y is for year. Every Neopian Year, there are events that occur on certain days. There can be pet days or faerie days but it all varies. Each Neopian Year, the events repeat from the last. To find out the events that will occur, be sure to check the Calendar in the Pet Central.

Well, that’s it for the A – Z for newbies. I hope you were able to learn something from this guide!

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to Neomail Ripplina (the author of this article).

Please note: Some letters were excluded from this list.

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