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Good Goals Get Grins

by _cutie_pie_12321


NEOPIA CENTRAL - Have you ever thought about why you are on Neopets? What you want out of it? How about why people are so obsessed in obtaining a certain item? Or getting a high score in a game? Or a very common one, earning the newest avatar? Well these are all goals. Besides being on Neopets for fun, many people have made goals, and some don’t even know it. For most people, having a goal makes their visit on Neopets more fun and worth while. I have noticed some common goals that many users have made:

Neopoint goals:

This is a very frequent and good one. A lot of people make Neopoint goals which are goals to earn a certain amount of Neopoints. Rather it’s 100 or 1,000,000 NPs, a goal is a goal. They might want to do this to be able to buy a certain thing, to help others in need, or to just be able to say they have that much. Sometimes having Neopoint goals are hard work, but they are worth it. Ways to earn NPs so you reach your goal are to play games, restock, and get lucky with random events. :)

Item goals:

Item goals are goals where you want to buy or obtain a certain item. Some common item goals include: Draik eggs or Krawk petpets, maps (original, spooky, underwater, lab, space), or avatar items like faerie queen dolls. Having item goals can sometimes be extremely hard, but they can also be very rewarding.

Game goals:

Some people think game goals are for those who have parents that let them sit online all day or those without lives, but that’s not true. Having a game goal means you want a very high score in a certain game, and you can do that and still have a life. You do not have to be obsessed with a game and sit online all day trying to win it, but that is one way how to do it. A better one for me is to try out many games and see what ones you are good at so they won’t be hard to get good scores in. My favorite games are: Hasee Bounce, Turmac Roll, Whack-A-Kass, Usuki Frenzy, Trouble at the National Neopian, and Castle Battles :) Everyone has different games that they like and are good at, so go out and try some!

Avatar goals:

Avatar goals are one of the most common ones. This is where someone wants to either earn a certain avatar, or earn as many as they can. Avatar goals can be both easy and hard depending on what one. Most avatars are gotten by: games, items, Battledome, pet/petpets, or random events/luck. Some people have avatar collecting as there #1 thing which means they spend all of their NPs on it, and some (like me) have it as an on-the-side thing where we do it as a once in a while thing, or a hobby.

Neofriends goals:

There are some people who have goals that are to just make as many Neofriends as they can. There are two types of these goals. (One I like and one I don’t) 1. People who have their goal to just make tons of Neofriends, but don’t actually know any of them. They go and randomly ask everyone on the boards to be their friend because they are just “collecting” friends. 2. People who have a goal to make many friends because they actually want friends to talk and have fun with. (Can you guess what one I like? :D )


These goals are to get a trophy or award for doing something on Neopets. This is one of the hardest I think because you have to be very good or the best at something. Some things you can get trophies or awards in are: games, spotlights, and contests.

Creation goals:

Creation goals are simply that. Goals to create something great!

• Game

Game creation goals are goals to create an amazing game for others to try. Some of those might be Hannah caves, castles, faerie caves, or mini golf courses!

• Guild

Guild creation goals are goals to make guilds for others to join and enjoy.

• Neopian Adventure

Neopian Adventure creation goals are when you want to create a great and exciting adventure that many would actually want to try. Making adventures can sometimes be hard, so have patience!

• Neopian Times

Neopian Times creation goals are goals to create and get published an article, comic, series, or short story in the Neopian Times. This is a very good goal that some try really hard for and deserve it :) hint hint me! Tehehe.

• Shop/Gallery

Shop or gallery creation goals are when you create a worthwhile shop or gallery. Ones that people would actually want to visit would be good. :)

Those were some of the most common goals I have seen. I hope that helps you guys without goals to find one. Well I better get going. Um bye. You can leave now. Uh, adios. I said see ya. Ttyl. Why aren’t you gone?

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