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Taking Advantage of the Stock Market

by ghengisreborn


STOCK MARKET - Earning six percent, eight percent, or even eleven percent annually on your hard earned money isn't very rewarding. No one that I know has gotten wealthy with all of their monetary assets sitting in the bank; it’s time to let your money work for you, not you working for your money. With an enormous amount of patience, in about five to seven months, your portfolio should be well over 1 million NP, and your average weekly income above 100,000 NP. During the first five to seven months you will have to spend more than half an hour each day, depending on how soon you can make 15,000 NP. After that, it will take less than 15 minutes each day.

Before reading any further, you need to ask yourself this, “Am I patient?” Suppose some random event or other lucky chance gives you a codestone. What would you do with it? If you would sell it for 3500 NP when the lowest price on the Shop Wizard is 4000 NP just to hurry up and get the NP, then I ask you to stop reading this article, and go find another source of income, this method will not benefit you.

I assume that you have read the help sections and that you understand fully how the Neopian Stock Market works, if you don’t ask around on the stock market chat, there are quite a few friendly people there.

You will need at least 500,000 NP to start off. If you don’t have that much NP then I suggest that you play Plushie Tycoon, sell all of the stuff in your Safety Deposit Box, try restocking, auctions, or something.

Buying Shares: Start buying 1000 shares of stock at 15 NP every day. Should there be two or more companies that sell for 15 NP a share, buy from whatever company that you own the least of. Whatever you do, don’t buy above 15 NP, even though other people say it’s okay, that could mean 1000 NP taken away from your profit, and I don’t think any of you would like that.

Setting a Target Price: While you’re expanding your stock portfolio, you may want to set a target price. If any stock you own is selling at or above your target price sell 1000 shares for that day. I have used 30 as my target price with pretty good results. Keep buying 1000 shares of stock at 15 NP a share every day for maybe two to three months or until you are selling 1000 shares of stock at your target price every day.

Selling Shares: After a stock reaches or bypasses your target, sell 1000 shares for every day that stock is above your target price, this will help boost your daily income. You also might be thanking yourself later once you see that the price rises even more from say 30 to 50. Also, save 15,000 NP. from each sale of stock so that you can buy 1000 more shares the next day.

Your goal is to increase your portfolio so that you are selling at your target price every day. Once you achieve that, you have the potential to make close to 5.5 million NP in one year.

There are a couple of things that look bad, but really aren't. The first thing you'll probably notice is that the stock you’re holding in your portfolio isn't worth what you paid for. Several of the stocks are probably at 6 a share. Don't worry about it. This happens because all of the stocks that balance those out have been sold. Most of the stock in your portfolio was purchased with profits from other stocks, anyway. Lastly, the only way you lose NP on those stocks is if you sell them. Neopian stocks are like roller coasters... up, down, up, down, up, down. The goal here is to keep the income coming in, so you won't ever sell them until they reach you target price. Over the course of time, you will have more and more stock in your portfolio. At any given time, if you sold everything, you would average about 12 NP per share, so don't do it.

So, in review

- Buy 1000 shares of stock at 15 NP every day for about two to three months, or until you are selling 1000 shares of stock every day at your target price.

- Set a target price, I have used 30 with pretty good results.

- For every day that the stock is above your target price, sell no more than 1000 shares of that stock. You might be thanking yourself later once you see that the price rises even more.

- Every time you sell your stock, put 15,000 NP. in the bank so that you can buy 1000 shares the next day.

- If your portfolio is mostly losses, don’t worry, this is normal.

After this entire process, with your target price at 30 NP, you should be making a minimum 105,000 NP. every week. I personally have gone as high as 200,000 NP. in one week. Remember to put 15,000 in the bank every time you sell so that you can buy more shares.

During the five to seven months you played games to buy stock, you worked for and invested about 700,000 NP. Your portfolio, even at it's reduced value, should be worth significantly more than that and will keep getting bigger for a while. You should be getting that 700,000 NP back as income every 6-8 weeks (that's close to 5.5 million NP per year.)

A complete summary:

- Set a target price

- Buy 1000 shares at 15 NP each

- Sell your shares at your target price.

- For every time you sell, take 15,000 NP. and put it in the bank.

This guide is not for everyone. I am not responsible for any losses you may incur while attempting to get most of your income from the Neopian stock market. Otherwise, if you have any questions, feel free to Neomail me (ghengisreborn).

Enjoy your profits! But most of all enjoy the game.

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