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The Faerie of Books and Such

by animephreak15


LIBRARY - You've all heard of Jhudora, Fyora, and Illusen, but have you ever wondered about the poor faerie who works at the bookshop? Possibly one of the most unknown faeries known to all of Neopia is probably the lonely library faerie. This faerie has last been seen working at the Faerie Bookshop and helping Faerieland hand out with their daily crossword puzzles. But, besides this, no one knows much more about her and what she does. There is a lot more to the Library Faerie than meets the eye.

Since probably many of you would want to know more about this so called forgotten faerie, I have decided to interview her and shed some light to some of those "always wondered" questions you may have. My Interview will be broken down into two restock days because the library faerie did not have enough time to talk.

Interview One:

animephreak15 - So, miss Library Faerie, can you tell us about yourself?

Library Faerie - Sure! I haven't answered any questions about myself for awhile, but I'll give it a try. There isn't much to say about me except that I am the only faerie of my kind, which does get lonely from time to time, but I eventually get over it. I like to read books very much as you can tell by my collection.*points to shelves*

animephreak15 - Quite a collection. So, back to the interview, do you like your job and what you're doing as of currently?

Library Faerie - Well, I do like my job but I wouldn't call it "glamorous."It is fun to talk to my customers, learn new things, and have new experiences but this wasn't my first choice for an ideal job.

animephreak15 - What was your first choice for a job?

Library Faerie - My dream job was to be a secretary for Fyora, but instead, the Employment Agency decided to make me a librarian, and now I'm stuck selling books and writing a new crossword puzzle every single day.

animephreak15 - How do you get the ideas for these crosswords?

Library Faerie - I get most of my ideas from the books I read but I do get some ideas from the Neopian Times once in awhile when I see an interesting and creative idea that's to my liking.

animephreak15- Don't we all just love the N-times. Ermm...Back once again to the questions. Since you write your own crossword puzzles, do you sometimes write your own books?

Library Faerie - Well, unfortunately, I'm not a really good writer as I'm good in reading, but I am working on an autobiography of myself right now and it well be available at next year's Faerie Festival.

animephreak15 - Great! I'll be first in line to buy the book.

Library Faerie - I hope you'll enjoy it.


Library Faerie - Oops! I've been talking too long. Its time for restocks! Come back tomorrow!

Interview Two:

I came back at an earlier time the next day right after the new restocks.

animephreak15 - Nice to see you again!

Library Faerie - Vice versa.

animephreak15 - Okay, back to where I left off. Er..Hmm..I know that you like being a librarian of Faerieland but have you ever wondered if being owner of the library ruined your "image" as a faerie?

Library Faerie - Not at all. I do notice I'm not very well known, but I really do like the peace and quiet. I wouldn't

want too much publicity disturbing me and my dedicated to learning Neopians.

animephreak15 - Did you ever want more collectable items of yourself?

Library Faerie - Not really. I have always wanted to be on a collectable card but I'm happy now that I got a new avatar just of the "brainy" me. *chuckles*

animephreak15 - Hmmm...When you're not thinking of any crossword puzzles or selling books, what do you like

to do in your spare time?

Library Faerie - Isn't it obvious...^^In my spare time, I like to read the books I have and pass on my knowledge to fact seeking Neopians and Neopets alike.

animephreak15 - How noble. So, how were you able to collect all these wonderful books and which ones do you personally like?

Library Faerie - Once in awhile, Queen Fyora allows me to travel around Neopia to find interesting books to bring back to Faerieland and sell. I do end up keeping some of the books I find interesting and keep them in my personal library. The books that really interest me are the stories about the Lost Desert so I like to visit the scrollery the most.

animephreak15 - Interesting. Any suggestions to our learning Neopians or book ideas?

Library Faerie - I don't have much left to say but to always think of everything as a book in which you want to know every little detail about and find what interests you the most. I don't have much book suggestions as I like them all very much.

animephreak15 - Last Question. Do you think reading is important?

Library Faerie - Oh, definitely yes. Reading can help you gain knowledge and help you learn new things you never thought of...I think without reading, the whole of Neopia will crumble and fall to illiteracy.

animephreak15 - Okay....By the way, thanks for that great interview. I hope to see you again in future magazines, collectable cards, and such.

Library Faerie - You're are most welcome. Remember, tell people to buy some books and read!

So as you see, the Library Faerie is pretty much an average faerie who loves very much to learn new things and does not like a lot of attention like other faeries.. If you want to learn more the Library Faerie, look out for her outcoming book coming out next Faerie Festival. You can also visit the Library Faerie at Faerieland bookshop and buy some wonderful books or ask her some unstated questions you have also wondered.

Until then, I hope you learned something about the ever kind Library Faerie.

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