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Gadgadsbogen Get Away?

by jjbeard926


AWAY FROM MYSTERY ISLAND - What to do on Gadgadsbogen day. A guide for those that don’t wish to celebrate.

Ah Gadgadsbogen. What a fine festival of fruit, frolicking in the sun and fresh luau fashions. It seems that everywhere you look on this fine day there is something going on related to this festival. But for some Neopians, that’s a problem. See for the fructose intolerant or the just plain grumpy, Gadgadsbogen is not a time to celebrate; it’s a time to hide out. Gadgadsbogen in fact can be a nightmare for some who want nothing to do with the celebrating and the overdose of fruit induced sugar crazies.

So what do you do if you need to get away from the all fruit festival of fun? Our adventurous writers have scoured Neopia to answer just that question. Here is a top 5 list of the answers they have found:

5) Gadgadsbogen originated on Mystery Island, a sunny haven of surf, sand and other tropical delights. So where do you go to get away from the party? The very opposite end of the world of course. To cold, snowy, Terror Mountain. It’s hard to imagine a luau or hula skirt here where the average temperature seldom reaches above a cool 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That may be one of the main reasons why Martha and Todd Kacheekey have made this their choice get away for the past 2 years running.

“Oh, it’s wonderful here. So cold, so different from home. You see, I’m allergic to many of the fruits served at Gadgadsbogen, so with the traffic and the crowds that flood the island every year we decided that if we couldn’t celebrate we’d get away,” says Martha. “We especially like the Slushie Shop and Ice Skating Rink. We don’t have anything like them back on the island.”

On average, Gadgadsbogen time is one of the lowest seasons for tourism here on Terror Mountain so you can get some great deals. Look for half price weekdays at the famous Slushie Shop during this season and great deals on Ice Cave tours. Watch out for the Snowager though, he just might be hungry.

4) While Gadgadsbogen goes on in the Neopia mainland, Faerieland has a lot of other celebrating going on. This is a season between Jhudora Day and Illusen Day. And while most Neopians only celebrate these days separately, here in Faerieland the one holiday tends to flow right into the other.

As many already know, the population of faeries have pledged allegiance to either of these two great leaders. And so each side tries to out do the other with their celebrating each year. Says Lindsey Chia, “Oh it’s just beautiful. All the faeries have decorations up proclaiming who’s side they are on. Parades are frequent, parties too; there’s just so much to see and do here at this time. I come here every year.”

Rumors say that the tradition of the faerie competition started when Jhudora supporters pushed their celebrating on for a whole month after Jhudora’s day to spite Illusen’s supporters and to overshadow her holiday. The next year Illusen’s followers started their parties early to try and do the same. Ever since the two sides have put on a pageantry of color and party going that you won’t want to miss.

Faerieland vacations tend to be a bit pricey due to high demand year round, but most say that they are worth the extra price.

3) Uni Day Festivities officially begin after Gadgadsbogen is over. But in one corner of Meridell you can enjoy this diversion a bit early. “Every year we seem to get a bigger crowd”, says farmer Joe. “They come out here to watch or help with the Uni Day festival but they stop by to guess the size of the marrow. My neighbors all say they get more guests this time of year too. Why over at Pick Your Own farm across the way, they had to turn some folks away last year.”

For a full week before Uni Day preparations are made here on a nearby farm where many of the kingdoms most famous Unis call home. Some come to help decorate or prepare the upcoming feasts. One guest here, who asked that we not share her name, said that she would rather spend a day close to her beloved Uni friends then a whole month at some party on the beach.

2) For those who feel like they need a little more pampering from their vacations there is another local in Meridell that might suit you. King Skarl has decided to allow visitors into his palace both for tours and private audiences with his majesty. It is rumored that his royal highness has soft spot for jest and might reward those that please his sense of humor. Many guests combine a palace tour with the Uni day festivities, or take in a horse back ride of the countryside including stops at Brightvalle and the landing of the Darigan invasion.

For the more daring you might try visiting Darigan Citadel. Some even take in a Petpet tournament at the world famous Petpet Battledome.

Meridell vacations tend to be inexpensive year round. However trips to Brightvalle and Darigan can be more costly. A tour of the palace usually runs around 1000 NP per person.

1) And the very best place to go to escape Gadgadsbogen is:

Virtupets Space Station! If the whole world is celebrating Gadgadsbogen, then leave it. Leave the whole world behind and view it from above in weightless splendor. Probably one of the most adventurous vacations one could take, the space station offers so much for so many visitors. The station gets guests year round, however due to the popularity of the tropical holiday this may be the best time to visit SS Virtupets.

Take in the view of all Neopia from the sun room. Play Splat a Sloth, Zurroball and Frumball in the games room. Watch an intergalactic movie: Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars! In the space age hologram theater. Or visit the legendary Florg. Of course no trip to the station is complete without sampling some of the delicacies at Grundos Café. We recommend the Cherries Jubalee, Iceberg Sundae or Spiced Apple Pie.

Tickets on a shuttle to Virtupets Space Station can run from a few hundred NP to over 1000 depending on the season and current tourist conditions. Grundos runs a few hundred NP for a full meal but most entertainment on the station is reasonably priced.

Honorable mentions:

Take in a concert at the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

Swim Kiko Lake.

Visit Roo island.

Tour the Kreludor mines and visit with local Grundo natives.

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